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Philanderer's heartless love

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{Male lead} ETHAN KINGSTON... Son of a billionaire but a total jerk , a playboy . Studying in the biggest and best university of UK...He is know as the scholar and heartthrob of the university, girls and sometimes even boys drool over his handsome face and luxurious physique. No one know except his friends that he is the CEO of one of the top business company around the world. Ethan started his own company when he entered first year of his university.. ' THE Èmerveiller co-operation' well known as T.E Co-operation... Now he is in his final (fourth year) of university and his company is already among the tops with a mysterious CEO. {Female lead} IRIS HARPER... Came from a well doing family of UK Iris lived a life of princess until her dad passed away when she was 8yrs old. After her father's dismiss her mother started treating her like an outsider better like a trash, her twin sister Alina was allowed to do whatever she wanted and live like a princess being loved by her mother dearly and Iris was treated like nothing. After her father her elder brother Wyatt was the only one who treated her like a princess , loving her dearly and saved her from their mother but after he moved to the neighbouring country to set-up his own business with his friend she was prey to her Mom again. Like some fairy tale Ethan fell for Iris at first sight and had eyes only for her... he turned himself from a jerk philanderer to Iris's lover boy but suddenly everything changed and he became a monstor after their strange type of wedding..!! Let's find out together what happened to Ethan that he turned from Iris's dream man to her nightmare.

Chapter 1 PROLOGUE: Philanderer's heartless love

✥ First part ✥

Iris's pov, ;

"Listen to me once.. "

He said staring at my eyes... I didn't want to listen to any of his bullshits , I just wanted to go away but my foot were glued to the ground and my eyes were held by his magnetic eyes.

" I used to be a playboy , a moron and a totally jerk... I know you had heard many nasty things about me and I am not denying any of it... I never cared about any of those girls except for.... their body. " he said and I jerked away a little from him... that uncomfortable feeling was taking over my heart , I hate the feeling of him being with someone else...

" Please... " he held my hands in his both hands and we stared at each other's eyes, I don't know why I was listening to him knowing it was all lie...he is fake his emotions are fake... but i... I.. couldn't tear myself away from him.

" Everything changed... I changed since the day I saw you, I fell in love with you the day I saw you for the first time... and with time with each and every second I fell even harder for you..." He continued speaking those sweet words and I almost fell for them until he said further...

" You became my world Iris , I love u...I love you so much sweetheart... I have my eyes my heart my everything only for you... I can't think of anything anyone except you. "

That was it…

" I had enough of your b*llsh*t Mr Ethan kingston... what do you think of yourself you jerk.. " I pushed him away...

" You are a playboy and a Moron.. you still are one. What's with all this b*llsh*t, did all your sluts disappear... that you want me to be one. " I was spatting venom at me.... pouring all the anger and pain I bottled up.

He looked up at me with shock..

" What nonsense are you sprouting Iris.. " he yelled back with raging eyes...

" Chuck it..!! just stop your drama... You were a WOMANIZER and you still are... listen to me carefully I am not gonna be your sl*t so better find someone else to f*ck.. " With that I stormed away from there living him behind..

✥ Second part ✥

" Ple...ase don't... don't do... this... to.. me... Ethan. " Iris begged joining her hands and Ethan charged angrily at her, holding her hair in a fist he smashed his lips on her... He was kissing her like a maniac..

Iris's pov, ;

I lied on the cold floor naked with blood oozing from the deep cut on my leg...his deep and merciless thrusts were sucking the life out of me...

I can't believe the first day of our marriage and the first night will become a nightmare to me..

He left my body on the ground in pain... I wasn't scared of him now, nothing in the world can hurt me anymore and nothing in the world can heal my invisible yet deep wounds...

I wanted to get away from him but my body was exhausted... I was exhausted, my soul was exhausted after enduring the emotional and physical damage he had caused me...

He sat infront of me and gripped my hair making me look into his alcoholic eyes...he kissed my lips harshly and went towards his bed with unstable steps and slept as soon as he laid down...

How did you become a monster Ethan... just to take revenge of my rejection you stoop so low...were you always so proud of your status, I don't recognise you could you force yourself on me...

I cried in frustration..pain..betrayal...!!!

Due to exhaustion and continuous crying I fell asleep on the cold hard floor not minding my naked state…

➷ Tune in too find out… why did Iris's dream man turned into her biggest nightmare. Was it just because of the rejection or their is something more to duck in..!!! ➹

Chapter 2 Intro: Ethan Kingston

Chapter 1: 

Ethan's pov

After checking our results we sat in the canteen for lunch…

" Guys let's celebrate..!! " Jake said

" For what..? because you passed and topped the list from behind..! " Rihana spoke and we all laughed.

Hello there, let me introduce you to my friends…

Jake and Grayson have been my best friends since childhood, we three grew up together and yeah Denny too…

Don't be confused her name is Denist but for us she is Denny and Grayson's younger sister...well twin.

Rihana is Jake's girlfriend and they really love each other and have been sweethearts since middle school.

" Stop making fun of me guys..!! " Jake whined and we composed ourselves.

" Let's celebrate for Ethan, he topped the university again " Denny said with heart eyes and Grayson glared at her ,though he is my best friend but hates the idea of me and Denny being together and I don't blame him because nobody would want his sister to be with a guy wh


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