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Pamela Miss Popular (She's Everyone choice)

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Pamela Lane. the most popular and beautiful lady in the college. She's d*mn arrogant. But was loved by everyone despite her brutal behaviour. Romeo Emery who was transferred to the same college Pamela was like a goddess. He's a very cool, handsome, and talented guy, only his smile can make you go gangan. JEHOVAH!!! He's d*mn adorable, I mean a charming prince. Kiles Corey a student in Pamela's school. He had long being crushing on Pamela before Romeo shows up. He's cute in his way but can be very cunning and always goes extra mile for whatever he wants.

Chapter 1


Pamela POV

It was a beautiful Friday morning. The sun rays directly into my eyes from my window glass

I opened my eyes my body ache so badly, due to the dance I had at the party yesternight.

I managed to get up and went to my wardrobe to pick up my towel. My phone beep. I forget about the towel I wanted to take and went to pick up my phone.

It's was a message from Joyce. I scrolled down. "Morning loves don't forget our show tonight, I love you a lot" I read the message.

"This girl is so silly, I thought is something more important. "Don't f*cking sh*t disturb my life, is too early" I replied to her in the message.

I went back to my wardrobe and picked up my towel. I will have to introduce myself now.

I don't like to talk too much, but I just need to, because, I know you guys are waiting to know how special I am.

Okay, I go by this name Pamela Lane the first daughter of Mrs lane.

My mum is a single mom because according to her, my father dies when I and my little sissy Vicky are still very young.

Enough of my mother now, I am studious, brilliant talented. Yes I am talented because I know how to play a lot of games, am a musician, am also a good dancer. 

I have a band we were just three and am their leader.

So we go by this named PAJ, do I have to explain, oohhhh! am getting tired of all this talk.  

PAJ means PAMELA, ANNIE, and lastly JOYCE. Am very famous and the richest girl in my college, and to the crown, I am the most outstanding and beautiful girl in my school every word In this world that defines perfect, define me.

I think I should stop here because am tired now. Okay one more thing, am just 20years, enough of this introduction now.

I walked to my bathroom which was tiled white all through, I don't want to insult anyone but I will like to say this.

"My bathroom is whitish than you guys' teeth. BYE. I said and slammed my bathroom door.

Minute later

Authoress POV

"Pamela Pamela Vicky called coming into her room. but Pamela didn't answer. 

Where are you, because am not here for hiding and seek this morning, am ready for school.

"Hey girl you can go, we aren't attending the same school, so, why are you disturbing my beautiful life," Pamela said coming out of the bathroom.

"So you just want to start dressing?" Vicky asked.

"Has you can see" Pamela replied.

"Don't always be mannerless am not an outsider so keep those acts to yourself" Vicky said with an eye roll.

"Better start going to your school," Pamela said.

"See this fool, do you forget we do have breakfast together," Vicky said.

"I don't feel like having breakfast today, I will have something in the school canteen," Pamela said dressing.

"You are disgusting MEME," Vicky said and went out.

"You should have waited and seen what am going to do to you. why would you be calling me that disgusting name" Pamela said angrily?

"I got you, I won't stop calling you MEME," Vicky said and went back to pull her tongue at Pamela.

"Crazy is, I hate you," Pamela said. "I hate and love you too" Vicky shouted.


Romeo POV

"Mum, dad am not going to leave my school, do you get that," I said angrily.

"I am the one to decide not you, and if you refused, I promised I will send you out of Korean," My dad said.

"Why do you want me to leave the school has been attending for the past three years now, what I have done wrong?" I asked because I don't know the reason why my parent has decided to transfer me to another college without asking me first.

"You did nothing wrong, I just wanted to transfer you from that school, so you won't get distracted," Dad said.

 "REALLY!!! DISTRACTED, you said and why do think I will get distracted hmm. I have been there for three years without any distraction, and you just came up with this idea all of a sudden" I said angrily.

"Calm down and listen to your father, we can never mislead you," My Mum said.

"Mum why don't you ask dad to listen to me, I know what's good for me," I said to my mum.

"Either you like it or not, I have made my decision, so get ready to join them In your new school next week," My father said and walked to his room angrily.

Mum followed him. I angrily sat down on the sofa.

"Hi, junior" My sister Cindy said walking towards me.

"What do you want this time, because, I know every time you show up, you are up to no good," I said angrily.

"Calm down dude why are you stressing yourself, you see what you will always get for hating me.

I love the scene that just happened here, I felt like I was watching a live movie" Cindy smiled wickedly and sat down.

"Cindy don't tell me you are the one, that told our parents to change my school?" I asked.

"Yes darling at least I will have a breathing space, you suffocate me in that school, even at home.

I think I will have to tell Dad to let you stay in your new school hostel.

Why is it always you here and there, they praise you everywhere and am f*cking tired of that, just stay away from me and am going to do anything to keep a distance between you and our, no not our, my parent" Cindy said evilly.

"Oh, my goodness can't you see how you are displaying madness here. you are my sister for goodness sake but you hate me more than anyone else, why are you like this remember am your brother" I said feeling frustrated with her attitude.

"But you aren't behaving like one l, and I don't need a brother. Me Cinderella Emery the only daughter, the first child and bonafide owner of the Emery company" She said boastfully adjusting her dress.

"Do you now see why you s*ck, that's because your sense of thinking is very low" I said and took my earphone.

I went straight to my room and lock my door from behind. "We've just started" I heard her say.


Authoress POV

St Patrick's college.

Pamela drove into the school compound in her latest car Bugatti La Voiture Notre worth of 19million dollars.  

All eyes were on her. The student starts screaming her name. She walked past them without uttering a word.

Her friends were waiting patiently for her in Infront of the school library.

"What took you so long, you know we might miss a class, "Joyce said.

"At least a here now, why all the queries?" Pamela asked.

"Don't mind her, she always likes to give you a headache" Annie said.

"Let go to class now, you know I don't joke with my studies," Pamela said.

In the class

On getting to the class there's no lecturer in there. "Pamela you are here" Her classmate shouted.

Calling her name has become their normal routine, but they always got embarrassed every day.

"Why are you all shouting my name early this morning, can't you all stop giving me headaches and settle down before the lecturer's arrival," Pamela said and went to her seat.

"Do you hear that?" Annie said? "I know you will support her, they were just trying to be her friend" Joyce whispered to Annie.

"Get lost," Annie said and walk majestically. She sat beside Pamela.

Joyce also went to her seat.

"Pamela what's up" Kiles whispered from behind. "Hey guy, I have warned you several times to stop whispering to me, or don't you have ears" Pamela yelled.

"Ouch" this is bad luck for me today" Kiles muttered but it was loud enough to be heard.

"Mitcheeew" Pamela hissed.

"How was that?" Annie asked Kiles.

"Painful" Joyce replied in a tiny voice and winked at Kiles.

"Take heart," Annie said. She and Joyce burst into laughter, due to the way kiles frowned at them.


Chapter 2


After class

Pamela POV

"Am famish, let go and have something in the cafeteria" I said and stand up from my seat.

"Didn't you have your breakfast from home?" Joyce asked.

"Yes, I didn't have breakfast, because I knew I will be late if I stay back to eat" I  replied and huffed.

"Okay let's go, am also starving," Annie said and drag Joyce up.

On our way to the cafeteria.  A girl from my class stepped on my shoe.

"How dare you step on my shoe" I yelled angrily feeling like pounding her life of her.

Authoress POV

"How dare you step on my shoe" Pamela yelled at a girl of her agent.

"Am sorry I don't mean to do that" The girl named Angela pleaded with her heart in her mouth.

"You are disgusting, clean it right now" she thundered with so much anger in her voice. "You mean I should clean it with anything I like?" Angela asked smiling.

She's was scared a few minutes ago but now she's smiling?


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