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Kathleen believes that being single is sufficient. She does not require a man in her life. That is what she has always believed. But one day, she meets the man who would convince her that everything she thinks is a lie. A man who can fill her stomach with butterflies. Not only butterflies, but hunger, need, and insatiable pleasure. Their fate appears to be playing them alone. Now she was smitten by his charisma. Falling into a pit where there is no point of turning back. She's trapped and can't even escape her own feelings. Worse yet, she discovered that the man she most desired was already married. Will she be able to fight for him? Will she be able to do anything just to please her own desire? Will she be able to bear the pain? Or will she be able end up getting every bit of him, by hook or by crook.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

KATHLEEN was very tipsy at this moment. She wants to get lost in the club and forget what she and his father talked about yesterday about this marriage set up plan. Yes! She got him! Maybe he got tired of saying that she will get married at the right age and shoot! She's now twenty-nine years old and no man ever touches her virgin body! Can her father blame her? Sorry but she was too picky choosing for her forever! Gross! Her belief in life is that it is good to live as a single person.

She laughed looking at Nica cursing Sheena. They were arguing about who first owned the man named Rolando.

"Why fight for a man when you can have those men out there?" She even pointed to the men at the other table. Edralyn sat beside her.

"You won't understand those two if you don't try to have a boyfriend," Edralyn said and giggled. It seems that she is right as well as her other two friends. She slouched her weight onto the couch.

"All of you know me. I can only flirt but give it up, hell no!" she answered. Bella, who had just come from the dance floor, stood next to her.

"You know what my friend! Flirting is okay but it's even better when you have a settled relationship, right?" said Bella.

"Don't settle for less Bella. We don't know what's gonna happen next," she answered.

"Exactly! Don't settle for being single for life!" Bella replied back to him.

"Have you contacted Vy? She's not answering her phone," she changed the conversation.

"She texted me! She said she was okay," Riza replied.

"Kath! Is your father a member of the intelligent service? There are a lot of them in tuxedos!" Farrah said while eating potato chips. It refers to the bodyguards who have been following her.

"They're guarding my diamond necklace," she answered with a laugh. Her friends also laughed.

"No wonder you're known by the name Ms. Brandy," Bella commented.

"I'm used to it," she simply answered.

Honestly, she never knew where that came from but to be honest? She's not like what people used to see her. Yes, she is very rich and used to branded luxuries but she is not a spoiled brat and especially not impoverished. She was known to be generous, that's all.

"Kath, let's go home after these two get sober," said Bella and she didn't seem to like the noise made by Nica and Sheena, who had been swearing. She nodded then stood up.

"Wrap up guys! We're leaving!" Kathleen said to her friends. They stood up.

"Kath, we're settled at the resort, right?" Edralyn suddenly asked.

"Yes. I fixed that already. Why? Is there a problem?"

"We girls don't have, but that man, it looks like there is," said Nica and pointed to a man while talking to some of his bodyguards. She frowned and looked at what Nica pointed out. They're right. There's a man standing at the corner, talking to her bodyguards and they're quite serious.

"He's been looking at you for a while now," said Riza.

"Kath, are you in trouble?" Farrah suddenly asked her.

"I'm not," she answered because she really had no idea what was going on.

"Don't mind them. Let's go ladies."

She was the first to leave the club when suddenly someone grabbed her right arm. His grip on her was not that painful but there was still a little pressure. When she looked at him, she immediately frowned. He is the man who's talking to her bodyguards a while ago.

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked him. She was tilting her head. He's too tall.

"We have to go."

"We're leaving? What do you mean?"

He didn't move and he pulled her straight out of the club. Her friends were confused too why she's dragged out by this man.

"What!? Let me go!" She squigles her body to make him let go of her.

"Don't wait for me to pick you up and throw you into the car." She was stunned by what he said. His voice was full of authority. He quickly took her into an orange Toyota Vios vehicle parked right near the entrance of the club. She's sitting in the front seat while this man is sitting at the other seat, facing the steering wheel. She quickly grabbed her cell phone from her bag.

"I swear! I'll make sure my father will fire you!" she said and dialed some numbers on her phone. The man was speechless. She called Riza.

"Kath, where are you? Why are you in another car? Why are these bodyguards of yours watching over us? Are you okay?" Riza asked her one after another after she answered her call.

"Riza, calm down! I'm still finding out what's going on. I'm fine, don't worry. Just enjoy, okay? Expenses are on me."

"Okay, be careful." She dropped the call. She turned to the man who's still acting so serious while driving.

"Now explain to me what was happening?" She crossed her arms.

"Tomorrow, your father will call you."

"What? You could just tell me, right?" she said with raised eyebrows. He suddenly stopped the car and took her bag.

"What the hell are you doing!?" her eyes widened in shock. He just stared at her. He took her cell phone and quickly turned it off.

"No phone calls," he said and threw her bag on the backseat. Her lips parted.

"Are you crazy!? How am I supposed to run my business without my phone!"

"Email," he answered frugally and started the car again.

"This is so stupid!" she said angrily and unbuckled her seatbelt. The car suddenly stopped causing her face to almost sink into the dashboard of the car.

"Are you out of your mind!?" she hysterically blurted.

"Oh yes my lady, in fact, the thing I hate most of all is that you are so loud," he said and took a handkerchief from his bag. He suddenly covered her mouth and she almost struggled to it. Oh sh*t! She felt so dizzy until she blacked out.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

WHEN she woke up, her whole body was almost numb. Maybe because of her position during the whole trip. She yawned and stretched her arms. All she felt was body pain. When she suddenly realized that she's been dragged to be with this jerk. She quickly got out of the car. She's in the middle of nowhere for Pete's sake!

"That stupid jerk! Where did that guy take me!" she said, annoyed to herself.

She looked at her surroundings. He was in a secluded place. She also sees a banana farm in the distance while in her other direction is the vast farm. Now where the hell is she at this moment!? The man was not with her and she did not know where he had gone. She opened the backseat door and took her bag. She reached for his cell phone but was very disappointed because her cell phone was not there. It must be taken by him!

"Ugh! This is not happening to me!" she shouted in his absence.

Because of her frustrations, she


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