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My Substitute Husband

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Since a teenager, Angela has loved Erish wholeheartedly and dreamed of marrying him, when they turn adults. Destiny also followed her dream and one day he proposed to her in front of all her colleagues. They dated each other for three years and the wedding finally took place. After tying the knot with him she felt like she had achieved everything and now she needs nothing from this world. However, the reality is crueler than she thought. Her life did not go the way she imagined and her fantasies turned into the biggest nightmare in front of her eyes. When she found out her spouse's real identity. The fake identity with whom she is living every day. ............................ She arrives in the bedroom ravishingly and throws the divorce papers on his face. The man looked at her with mixed gazes which were unreadable. "Sign this paper! I want a divorce now!" Hearing her words, he gazed at the divorce papers. His brows twisted and he angrily frowned at her before announcing his response. "No, I will never divorce you in this life because…" He paused and moved closer to her and met her gaze to finish his words, "You are the only one I want in this life… " Angela's eyes burned up to hear him.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Angela's POV.

Today is a big day of my life. Because today my childhood dream is going to be fulfilled.

This is the day when I am going to be a bride. My love, My Erish's bride.

From Angela Brown to Mrs. Angela Brooks. Only taking this name from my lips, I couldn't hold my happiness.

Finally, after spending our half-life together we are officially getting married. This is the last day of my single life after taking a vow with him, I will become his wife.

Only thinking about that my lips curled up to smile widely.

I was already dressed in my beautiful white bridal gown and could see my beautiful reflection in the front of the mirror clearly.

My heart is jumping like a child to see myself in a beautiful gown.

At least thousands of times, from childhood to the present day, I have imagined myself in a bridal dress. But after seeing myself in real bridal clothes today, I am unable to describe my own feelings.

I moved closer to the mirror and touched my own reflection with my hands while my eyes turned moist with joy which felt deep inside mine.

If I say that today I am not nervous at all then this would be the biggest lie.

Because right now, I'm nervous as hell!

And with every passing second, my heart beats turned faster. Moreover, I don't know how to control this emotion that is going through inside me right now. But It feels like I should dig a hole and hide myself there. Not to be caught by anyone.

I don't know why I'm feeling like this? Regardless, a few days ago, I'm just the opposite of this. I was excited! and I don't have any worries at all.

At that time I felt that I knew Erish and his family since childhood and that is why I had not even thought that I would be nervous on my wedding day. And everyone loves me dearly. So, there is nothing to be feared at all. It's not like going to a new home but just moving to my second home.

Yet everything is different now from my beliefs. I'm just feeling nervous as hell and it makes me feel more like my heart is going to jump out of my chest.

I am circling around the room in a panic when the door opening sound comes from behind. And I turned my head to look behind me to find my mother standing in front of me with awe on her face.

"Oh my gosh!"

"Look at you sweetheart. You look so gorgeous and beautiful my daughter," she exclaimed in an excited tone. While I smiled at her simply and thanked her in a warm tone, "Thank you, Mom."

Seeing my normal reaction, she arched her brows and questioned me in a teasing tone, "So how are you feeling today? "

Hearing her question, I just smiled slightly and mumbled, "Not so good."

Hearing me, she softly chuckled and I frustratingly raised my brows "Mom!" I sound angry.

"Sorry, Sweetie. But seeing your expression, Mom couldn't control her laugh." My mother explained in a gentle voice.

While I pouted my lips angrily and asserted " Mom, how can you laugh at your own daughter, When she is so nervous?"

However, hearing me she sighed and added.

"Silly girl! It is normal to be nervous. This is your big day, how can you not be nervous?"

"Every single bride feels like you!" My mother explained in a soft tone, holding my hands.

"But Mom, I feel like I should just run away or hide myself!"

"And…I don't know. Why? Am I thinking like that?" I sighed in an upset tone.

She held my hand and squeezed it tightly before saying emotionally "Sweetie, don't be upset. This is really normal for a woman to become nervous on her wedding day."

"From today your whole life is going to be changed. You will now belong to your husband, not to us anymore. You will get new responsibility with your new relations. So, a Wedding not only comes with one person but with big responsibilities. So this is why feeling anxious is normal. " she explained in an emotional tone. While her eyes looked at me tenderly.

On the other side, hearing her, I mumbled in a scolding tone while hugging her tightly, "Mom! Don't say those things again! I will always belong to you and Dad. No one can snatch me from you and Dad. Even not Erish. "

Hearing this she chuckled softly and added, "You silly girl! " Hearing her, my lips curled up.

"Now let's go, it's already time for you to go to the stage! "

"Let's move," she was hurrying up.

While I got nervous again hearing her sudden announcement. But she soon tapped my shoulder and mumbled sweetly, "Sweetheart, don't be nervous! just relax and enjoy your biggest day. "

I don't know, How?

But hearing my mom's words, I became calm and soon took a long breath, before finally smiling at her and nodding my head lightly.

I went out with Mom only to see my Dad standing in front of me in his perfect suit looking handsome.

"Dad!" I called out to him. While he looked at me with a big joyous smile and there were tears in his eyes which he shortly wiped out and then walked towards me with a big smile on his face.

He gently smiled and exclaimed to me, "My angel is looking so gorgeous and beautiful today!"

Hearing him, I smiled sweetly and thanked him, " Thank you, dad!"

Dad smiled back, moving one arm towards me while I interconnected my arm around his.

"Let's go! " Dad asserted in a gentle voice.

I just nodded my head shyly, feeling nervous. But dad tapped on my hand giving me strength.

We finally walked towards the hall door which was shortly opened by two men and I entered the main hall with Dad. While the whole hall was filled with everyone's clapping and cheering.

I slowly started walking towards the stage where my childhood love, my life, my Erish, my future husband were waiting for me. I know he is standing in front of me on the stage. But I don't know why I feel so shy to look at him. So all the time my head is down and I'm looking at the red carpet beneath my feet only.

After a few more steps finally, I came over to the stage, in front of him and my dad let go of my arms only to hold my palm in his and then put it on Erish's hand.

"Please take care of her! " Dad's voice filled with a gentle tone while the next moment I heard Erish's voice respond to him, "I will, Uncle".

Only then did my dad smile warmly and left the stage with joyous tears.

Erish held my hand gently. His hands feel so warm to me. I smiled sweetly and slowly raised my head to look at his handsome face.

As soon as I raised my head, my eyes met his sparkling glorious eyes which looked at me dearly.

He didn't smile but there is something different in his expression from other days.

I can feel his love only by seeing his stares. The way he is looking at me. The way his eyes never left my face. I can feel all his love just through his eyes. His gentle eyes and his warm touch give me that protective feeling.

A few seconds later, the rituals began and we both made promises to each other to never leave each other's side and always be together no matter what happens..!

"Now, You can kiss the bride." Father (Priest) finally told Erish to kiss me.

Listening to father, for the first few minutes he didn't make any move but after some time, he finally came closer to me and opened my veil. I could clearly see his handsome face which I admired from childhood and now I will admire him for the rest of my life.

Finally, after today, I can claim this handsome man as my husband.

With this thought, I could not help but blush deeply.

His eyes didn't leave my face even for one second after he opened my veil. In another second he cupped my face under his hand and his face started leaning towards me.

Seeing him getting near, I shyly closed my eyes and started waiting passionately for his kiss.

He didn't know how much I waited for our first kiss. Yes, this is our first lip kiss. As he is a gentleman who promised me that he will give me my first kiss on our wedding day. So, in these whole years, he always kisses my forehead and cheeks and now I feel like finally, the day comes when I get my first kiss. And just thinking about our first kiss, I feel so delighted.

But all the excitement soon vanished by him, when I felt a warm sensation on my forehead and I opened my eyes confusedly, only to see him kissing my forehead and not my lips.

That time somehow I felt upset and disappointed deep inside my heart.

I had imagined our wedding kiss many times in my dream. However, seeing his awkward little red face, my whole disappointment vanished and I chuckled softly.

I thought in my heart, how silly am I?

How can I forget that it was also his first kiss? And kissing me in front of everyone, especially in front of our parents. He should feel somehow shy and awkward just like me and that's why he kissed me on my forehead.

After realized that it didn't matter to me anymore if he didn't kiss my lips. Moreover, I already belong to him.

As soon as he kissed me, everyone started clapping and cheering for us.

Erish and my parents happily smiled, clapped, and finally congratulated us for our new life.

This entire thing just feels like a beautiful dream for me that I want to never end.

Chapter 2

Eric's POV.

I have a wedding with Angela today. But I don't know how to feel about this? I have loved her dearly since childhood but I don't feel fair at all about this wedding. It makes me feel like I'm cheating on her and cheating with her true emotions.

She is just a pure-hearted girl and I don't want to hurt her anyway. But I don't have any other choice in my hand.

I don't know! How I'm going to handle all the situations from today? And I do not know at all how long I will be able to hide this deep secret from her that the person she is going to marry today is not Erish, but me Eric.

I'm feeling so guilty deep inside my heart that I don't know how I'm going to face her today.

I'm feeling nervous to face her.

What if she realized who I am?

That I'm not the one she loves. What if she realized that I'm Eric?

I have been thinking about all these possibilities in my h


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