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My Strange Neighbour

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It is a fun and exciting story revolving around two strangers who bumps into each other. Riya Verma is a young, sweet, and helpful doctor, but she is hiding something from everyone... even her parents. She comes to another city to do her internship so that she can get away from her problems. She tries to hide behind her fake exterior. Till one day... Parth is a very hardworking Doctor. Dr Parth comes to her place all of a sudden and sees her being her usual self. He gets intrigued by her. He also sees her getting flabbergasted/terrified when her phone starts buzzing. He tries to find out the truth. So sit back and buckle up for this Joy ride. They are single but not too ready to mingle in the most obvious way, which makes their unassuming ice-breaking movements watchable, like eavesdropping on a cute encounter, blushing with them, wincing at the little misgivings.

Chapter 1

Riya's POV

After parking my car, I was going to the hypermarket in the mall. And just then my phone started buzzing. My heartbeat increased and I got scared as usual.

Then I realised that I was in Chandigarh and this number was a new one. No one had this number except for my parents and my best friend here. I looked at the screen of my phone was my mom, so I took the call.

" Hello, mom!! "

" How are you, baby?? "

" Mom, I am a young lady, a doctor now... Please stop calling me baby. " I said. Actually, I have been saying this for years, but it was of no use.

" You will always be my baby, no matter, how old you get. Anyway, have you packed everything?? All set to move to your apartment? " My mom asked.

" I am doing it. Will have to vacate before 6 in the morning and reach the hospital by 10 AM."

" Oh, beta you should be a bit more organised. " My mom was quite aware of my unorganised way of living.

" I know mom... I am going to the market to get a few things, I will need them in my apartment, got to go, will call you later. " I said.

" Have food first... " She said.

" Yes, Maaa!! Bye. " I said and disconnected the call before she could say anything more.

I shifted to Chandigarh after completing my MBBS in my hometown.

I missed my parents and home but I had to come here to do my internship because I could not bear to live there anymore and at the same time could not even tell my parents.

So coming here for an internship was a perfect way to get out of my hometown. Life was getting normal and I could breathe again.

Once the internship would be over I intended to do my Masters's from here.

For the last 25 days, I was staying with a friend as her roommate had gone to her home for vacation.

My parents objected to my coming here all the way from Meerut. Dad asked me why can't I do my internship and Masters's from my hometown. But I had my own very strong reasons... I didn't feel safe there.

My parents have been very liberal with me but I didn't know how to tell the reason to my father... He would have become paranoid and would not have allowed me to come.

Anyway, I persuaded them that it would be better for me if they allow me this exposure. My mom persuaded my dad as well. I had thought many times that at least my mom should know something about my reasons but I didn't dare to tell her.

I knew they would not have taken the risk of sending their daughter to another city. But I knew, I was not safe there in Meerut.

I could feel his eyes on me all the time. Whenever my phone used to ring, I used to get scared, I felt that he was always watching me.

He kept calling me and sending messages and leaving gifts for me which I never touched. I was really scared.

Finally, my dad allowed me to come, provided I lived in a well-protected environment. They sought a service apartment for me to live in. But it was to be vacated in a few weeks at that time.

I persuaded them that it would be better if I stayed with a friend of mine for a few days so that I get used to the new city before living on my own in the service apartment.

They came to drop me here and saw the apartment and the place where I was living with my friend in the meanwhile. She was my friend since childhood and we studied in the same school but then she got admission here to the medical college while I got in Meerut.

But now we were going to be working and studying in the same medical college. Her cousin also joined this medical college a few months back.

My friend had gone out to party with her new friends but I was too tired to go as I already had too many things to do.

I was excited as tomorrow would be our first day as an intern in the hospital but was stressed and tired as I had to vacate tonight itself or the very first thing in the morning before her roommate comes back.

Uffff!! I had so many things to do.

I thought of grabbing something to eat first as it was evening and I was feeling very hungry. I had been packing all my stuff and missed the lunch, so I thought of going to the food court to have something nice and hot but then thought against it. I knew myself... I would not be able to work after eating.

There were so many things to be bought as from tomorrow, I would have to manage everything on my own, needed to stock my kitchen and fridge.

I had a long, to-do list and a list of the groceries that I had to buy before going to the apartment. So I added a few things to the lists on my phone and rushed to get all the things. After about an hour, I kept everything in the boot of my car and took a deep breath.

I was tired and very hungry. All I wanted to do just now was to dig in my hot comfort food. So I ordered double cheese pasta and garlic bread and was so hungry that I ate the food with gusto.

The time was running fast and I could not waste time sitting here eating food leisurely as I had to do a lot of packing and leave her room spic and span.

I had to run or would not be able to vacate the room and go to my service apartment before going to the hospital to attend my first day as an intern.

I was worried about the internship as well. I didn't know, in which department, I will get to do my duty first.

I wished that my friend and I get the same senior but it was a very rare chance of that.

The food was awesome and I was almost full, so now just a hot Latte and my dinner would be complete.

So I went to the counter and ordered one, paid for it, and waited while still looking at the list making a mental plan to get all the things done from my to-do list.

The girl gave me my coffee and I thanked her with a smile and started going out thinking about what shall I do first from my list.

I took a sip of my favourite coffee and had barely stepped out of the mall when I thought that I should get something for the morning breakfast as well then I would not have to think about preparing something for myself. A few doughnuts would be fine, I must buy them.

It was a good idea and I turned back immediately before it could escape my mind and I bumped into a wall.

Oh sh*t!! My coffee splashed on it. Oh no!! My favourite coffee !!

A wall?? Where did it come from?? It was not here just a few moments back.

" Ouch!!! What the hell ?? Can't you see you, stupid girl? " The wall shouted at me.

Chapter 2

Riya's POV

I opened my eyes and saw a tall man wincing. And the big spot on his pristine white shirt implied that my coffee was splashed on this human wall.

He really looked like a wall. But a good-looking one.

" Hello !! I am talking to you, are you in your senses??" He yelled at me.

" Oh, I am so sorry," I said with embarrassment.

" Sorry? That's it?? " He yelled.

" So what do you expect? " I was already tired and frustrated.

" You just burnt my skin with your super hot coffee and spoilt my whole schedule for the day. You can't get away with a simple sorry. "

" See, I didn't do it intentionally, I was thinking of something and then I realised..."

" How can you say, that you didn't do it intentionally?? Who does that intentionally?? But can't you walk properly? I was supposed to go to work after having an earl


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