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(CAUTION: MATURE CONTENT.) PLEASS DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE STEAMY CONTENT (IT CONTAINS MULTIPLE EROTIC SCENES).   "Who thought I could find my lover on Facebook, of all places?" Joyce thought to herself with a brightened smile after just saying goodnight at 4:30 AM to her naughty Facebook lover in the early hours of Monday. Joyce is a 23-year old young woman and a student at Darlington University. Due to the stress and boring life that she faces on campus, she wanted a distraction from it all once in a while. Now she had gotten addicted to s*x chatting with her Facebook lover every single day at any given time, and she didn't quite know how she got wet easily by the romantic words of Finn, whom she only had a picture of.   Would they eventually meet up in person and take things from there? Would they leave things as they are on Facebook and continue s*x chatting? Or would they break up sooner than we thought? Find out in this novel called My Naughty Facebook Lover. (Warning: Mature content)

Chapter 1 (Who is Joyce?)


(Joyce S*x Chatting)

"Let me turn you inside out with my tongue on your hot, dripping body, yeah?"

"Omg you do know my weakness, Finn! Do whatever you want with me while you're at it!! "

"If only he knew how wet he makes me feel with his words." Oh gosh, we are just s*x chatting on Face book and I already want him this much. "

Oh Finn! Am I in love? Or is this just an addiction? I can't seem to get through the day without speaking with you. "

I sank deep into thought as I rested my phone on my chest, recalling the texts Finn, my Face book lover, had sent to me that night and imagining him practising it with my body.

I'm not sure how I got so attached to him that I'd happily forego a goodnight's sleep for an unforgettable chatting session with Finn, my Face book Lover.

We talked all night, until 4:30 a.m. on Monday. I would only spare about 1:30 mins of sleep to wake up at 6 am sharp to get ready for my early morning weather forecast at 7:30 am at my school, the University of Darlington (located in Darlington Town).

Who is Joyce, you may ask? Well, Joyce is a 23-year old young woman studying at Darlington University trying to figure out her life after college. She is studying mass communication at the University of Darlington and is also the weather reporter for the school's 7:30 AM weather forecast. Though the pay isn't much ($7 a day), Joyce takes her weather forecast job seriously as that is where she gets her meals for the day.


(Joyce's POV)

(Ring ring!!) It's 6 a.m. sharp and my alarm clock has let off a loud noise in the sitting room. I had slept on the couch without knowing it after chatting seductively with Finn on Face book the night before.

"Why does 6 am have to arrive so quickly? I still need more sleep." I utter to myself, nagging while trying to find the strength to get up from my couch that suddenly became so comfortable.

Finally, I found a bit of strength in me and stood up slowly like a drunkard, with my eyes feeling a bit painful as I blinked them continuously. I could feel the couch calling my name to come back as I walked slowly to the bathroom with my hands on my eyes.

I needed something cold to snap the sleep away from my eyes. This wasn't my first time pulling through such a tormenting situation of me fighting my sleep. In fact, it has been going on for some weeks now, though not consecutively all the time, only when I haven't chatted with Finn early in the day.

"I can do this." I encourage myself as I reach with my left hand to turn on the shower in the bathroom while still covering my eyes with my right hand to prevent the bathroom lights from penetrating my painful eyes.

I took off my pyjamas and stepped into the cold shower slowly. My breath became heavy as the cold shower dropped on the surface of my skin. I could feel the sleep washing away with the shower on my body as I folded my hands against my boobs with uneasiness.

I shivered as I stepped out of the cold shower, grabbing a towel to embrace warmth. Though my teeth chattered, slamming on each other uncomfortably, my eyes were less painful and I could see the lights clearly now.

I rushed ahead to my toothbrush like I had come back to my senses. My reflection in the mirror could be seen brushing fast and concentrated to get it over with.

While I waited for my bread to get warmed in the oven, I went straight to my room to grab my clothes for the day. I reminisced on what I had worn last Friday and quickly realised I needed something fresh this week.

At that moment, as I scrolled through my closet of average dresses, my eyes flashed through a dress that speaks Monday.

It was my long black bodycon dress that my mom got for me as a present on my 23rd birthday. I grabbed it without a flinch.

I took off my towel and put it on before I heard the beeping of my oven as a sign that the bread was already warmed.

I got to the sitting room to get my breakfast, which was bread with peanut butter. I had run out of jelly earlier. I also made sure to pack some for later in school.

My phone beeped a notification message in the middle of me eating my sandwich.

"Hope you won't break your punctuality like you almost did before (adds a Smirking Face emoji)."

It was my manager, Peter, teasing me about how I've almost come late to work the past few weeks, especially on Mondays.

It was partly due to how much fun I had chatting with Finn on weekends that I was almost late to work today. I rolled my eyes as I saw the message and carefully put my phone in my handbag afterwards.

All done, I took a deep breath and let out an exhale to calm my nerves. The morning was still fresh and not so sunny as I stepped out my door and waved for a taxi. I suspected it was quite cozy, so I grabbed my old jacket along with me. Seeing a taxi finally coming my way, I smiled and hurriedly jumped in.

"To Darlington University, sir." I said to the taxi driver while simultaneously bringing out my phone from my bag to check what time it was. I had no worries because I knew it was only a 10-minute drive from my apartment to the school.


I spotted Peter standing by the entrance of the school when I stepped out of the taxi. He had not noticed me immediately until I was fully out of the taxi, then he gave me a wave towards me.

"Aww, you managed to save yourself from slipping away from punctuality today too." Peter said to me with an evil smile as I walked up to the entrance of the school.

"And I did that while not wearing the same cardigan I wore last Friday!" I said with a sarcastic smile while poking Peter's school cardigan, which he was always fond of wearing.

Peter stared back at me, raising a finger at me with his nerdy glasses and third grade haircut with an exclamation, "Oh I see what you did there, I see what you did there!"

"You know this is the school cardigan you just made fun of. I could report you to the principal, Joyce!" he said, he did not want to accept defeat.

"Oh yeah? When you change that haircut, I'll take you seriously. " I said with a fulfilling smile to Peter.

Peter and I engage in banter like this every morning, and I effortlessly win every time, although sometimes I let Peter take the win just so he wouldn't cry at his loss.

The bottom line is that there were so many things I could make fun of Peter with. He was an average-height, pale-looking, nerdy guy and I was one of his very few friends he spent the entire day with. To be honest, I think his weather forecast crew are the only friends he has in the university, and we just consist of about 4 or so (Jimmy the camera man, Nancy the make-up artist, Peter the manager/director, and I the weather forecaster).

But Peter was more than a manager to me, he was a friend. I recall he gave me a chance at being the weather presenter before I was accepted. He had no girlfriends or crushes that I might know about and was always with his weather forecast crew.

"We start in 30 seconds. Joyce, take your place!" Peter shouted as we entered the weather forecast room, while Nancy used the last 25 seconds to add some make-up to my face.

And 3, 2, 1..

Chapter 2 (SCREAM TV)

(Joyce's POV)

"And that's it for today's weather forecast." I concluded the morning weather report.

"And cut!" Peter said while signaling the crew with an axe sign.

"Joyce, we need to talk." I somehow felt this urgency and seriousness in Peter's tone. His facial expression wore a somewhat defeated look as we took a walk outside the weather forecast room.

"Hey, uhmm.. I sort of have good news and bad news for you." Peter said hesitatingly to me as we took a walk down the mall.

My eyebrows rose in worry and I tightened my fist to brace for impact against what was coming my way. My attention was totally focused on the bad news as I even forgot there was good news right away.

I worrisomely stare at Peter for a moment before asking the inevitable, "What is the bad news?"

"We are closing the morning weather forecast till further notice."

Peter finally dropped the bombshell on my ears. I suddenly stopped walking as I stood in the middle of


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