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My husband's mistress

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Nate just stared at the gentle face of his sleeping wife. It's like an angel in his eyes, especially when she smiles. It was on his chest and he hugged her tightly like he always does every night, as if he was afraid that at any moment he would disappear. They had just finished doing the couple thing. His wife is undeniably beautiful. Include the beautiful shape of her body, no matter what clothes she wears, it suits her and makes her body curve appear even more. Its naturally red cheeks and lips that are soft to kiss. And his eyes he loves to look at because he remembers someone there. He has also gotten used to always seeing this scene every night when he lies down, next to his wife who snuggles up to his side and hugs him tightly. It always turns him on. And in the morning when he wakes up, his wife's gentle face is the first thing he sees. And the food that will be prepared and the tying of his tie properly that he still can't get it. "Babe...." His wife called softly. So he immediately panicked that he might catch her staring at him. "Hmm." He answered. He is not sure if he is awake, because his eyes are still closed. "I love you." He took a deep breath. If only it were that easy for him to say. That phrase he made a long time ago. It's not hard to love a husband especially since he already has all the qualities one looks for in a husband. But the only problem is that his heart has been owned for a long time. He gave it to the only woman he loved a long time ago. The girl he has been waiting for until now to return. So he doesn't want to tie the knot with any woman, but things have gotten so bad it slipped that he didn't even notice it. He never planned it this way. He doesn't want to hurt women. He doesn't want Ellesa to depend on him. Especially since he knows how much he loves her. What if the girl he's been waiting for a long time comes back? What will happen to Ellesa? Is he going to leave her? He does not know the answer to that question. Will the girl he loves come back? 'I'll be back. Do not worry.' That was the last word left by the girl he loved, before she left. He didn't even know which part of the world he went to. But he waited for it. That's how expensive it is. That's why he was so angry when he married Kay Ellesa, he avoided this woman for a long time but here she is and still very close. But when he met and spent time with Ellesa, it seemed that she gradually became special to him.

Chapter 1

 "Hey, little sis, where are you? Is there a noise there?" Big sister Kelly asked me on the other line. Hello, big sister; call me later. I'm just going to check on something, I answered while looking around the outside of the exclusive club. Wait, don't tell me you're at a bar or club right now. "She asked again. No. I mean, yeah. But I didn't come here for anything; I just wanted to see something." What! And who are you looking at there? Is this the guy you keep telling me about? You better go home now; maybe something else will happen to you there. That guy doesn't deserve you. He always ignored you, right? So please, Elle, just this time don't be so hard-headed, She said with overflowing pleas in her voice. I rolled my eyes and almost laughed at what my big sister had told me earlier. Really, big sis? I'm not a five-year-old kid. I know what I'm doing. So please stop worrying about me. Don't worry; I won't do anything that will harm me. I always think before I do the job. I'm a smart woman, right? "I assure her. Yeah, you're smart, but sometimes—" I cut her off. "Ok, goodbye, big sis. Take care. I love you. Have a good day." I said in a very sweet voice, then ended the call. That's my big sister, Kelly Gibb Grosvenor. And I am Ellesa Peregrine. We are siblings, but not on the mother's side. Yeah, we're just half sisters, but we love each other like real sisters. Out of all the members of my family, she is the only one who truly loves and accepts me, except my mom. My dad doesn't accept me because he says that my mom is the reason why he and his wife broke up. Urgghhh, that old-hag sonsuva b*tch, people who don't accept their own children. How come my mom is the only one to blame? the two of them enjoyed themselves and made a miracle? But even though our father doesn't accept me, as long as my big sister Kelly is with me, I can do anything. She loves me, and I know she can't hurt me. And I love her so much. And by the way, she already has a family. They are now living in Spain, but we never lost contact. So.... Where were we?    Oh! Yeah, I almost forgot. I was in the club, finding someone I owned. As I entered the club, pulsating lights and ear-splitting music welcomed me, and a barely-dressed crowd filled all over the club. Shitty place; if it weren't for the man I love the most, I wouldn't be here. It's not that I've never been to this place. I've been there many times. I'm a party girl, to be exact, but because of the work that I've been managing, it's been a long time since I've been in this kind of place. As I looked around, I saw the man I was looking for; he was kissing a woman. The girl turned her back to me, so I couldn't see what she looked like. Because of the ungrateful view that I've seen, my blood has boiled to the highest range. I was rushing towards the hussy woman who was now sitting on Nate's lap. When I got there, I immediately grabbed her hair, which made her scream. and throw her on the center table. I don't know where I got my strength from, as long as I was able to throw the poor girl effortlessly. The music stopped after they noticed that something was happening in the club. The haggard woman got up and looked at me evilly. And she thinks I'm scared? Hell no! What's your problem, b*tch? "She screamed. All attention was on us because the music stopped. "Problem? Nothing. I thought you were some kind of garbage; that's why I threw you. Does it hurt?" I taunted. Then blood started to come out of her nose. Everyone nearby who knew our whereabouts was shocked. The hell do I care? She touched her nose, and her eyes became wide after she saw blood coating her fingers."You shameless witch. How dare you. I'm going to kill you! she screamed. And she was about to run towards me when the bouncers blocked her. "What's happening here?" A man who I think is Nate's friend and the owner of the club asked authoritatively. "That f*ck*ng b*tch suddenly hurt me! Screamed the woman. They all looked at me. I just raised my eyebrows. Then asked why. "Hey, it's not my fault. Well, if you hadn't kissed Nate, do you think I would have punched you? And don't you dare call me a b*tch because you're the real b*tch. No. You're a wh*r*." I sneered. Boo, what lame excuses! Dude, sorry, hah. But can you, if you come here, make sure your girls don't fight? Yes, we are friends, but if my business is going to be affected, let's just be patient. I don't want trouble. So please take your girls out first." Nate's friend made a serious promise. My eyes immediately flew to Nate. When I saw the burning in his angry face, I just wished that the earth would open up and eat me alive. His dark brown eyes were sharply staring at me. He suddenly stood up and held out my arm. I can smell the mixed scent of cigarettes and alcohol. My arm hurts because of the tightness of his grip. What the hell, Nate, I'm hurting." I'm complaining. I don't care," he said with emphasis. As I was being dragged out of the bar, almost everyone inside was looking at us. If he walks happily, it's a sign that he's really drunk. When we were in the parking lot, he pushed me hard into a car that was there, and my back hurt. "Ouch!" I screamed. But he doesn't seem to care. "What is your problem, you woman? Why are you following me?" He screamed silently.I immediately came to him and hugged him.Babe, I just miss you. It's been a week since I last saw you, I said gently to him. He immediately pushed me."Can you f*cking stay away from me? You ruin my night. You're not my f*cking girlfriend in the first place, so don't act like I'm your boyfriend because you're not, and it will never happen." He snorted. Staying away from you? I will never do that, babe. Even if you throw me away and say hurtful words, I will not leave you until you love me back. Remember that, I said while looking directly at his dark brown eyes. He grinned and looked at me from head to toe. Well, let's see." And with that, he kissed me roughly and pinned me to the car. I was stunned for a moment because it was the first time he kissed me, but I kissed back.

Chapter 2

When he stopped, our kiss grew even hotter. "Get in the car," he yelled. then enter the vehicle that was immediately behind me. "What?" I don't comprehend his justification. He shouted angrily, "I said get inside my f*cking car." I immediately moved into the passenger seat as a result. He started the car as soon as I walked into the room. Our experiences seem to be very average. After a little drive, we eventually arrived at my condo complex. The question "


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