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My Dominating Apollo

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"D...Don't...Ah!!" I moaned even though I tried hard not to. He has something in him that always makes a woman moan his name as he touches them. "You know very well that you can't resist the temptation then why try..." He was pushing it deeper while brushing his lips over my earlobe. "Say the word..." He whispered. "Daddy," *** Clarissa Green, a sweet, beautiful, hot-headed and stubborn woman who hates it when someone disrespects or speak low of her. She has faced many obstacles in life which made her a strong and amazing woman. Apollo Villin, He's calm and collective, smart, manipulative, cold, notorious multi-billionaire who's famous for his looks and his mysterious personality. *** Secrets will be revealed, hearts will get broken and relationships get destroyed.


Nishtha Gohil

Review after the novel completion

Your sure know your storyvm omg just ultimate fans no vanilla full pure amazing, can not get enough of the twist and turn and the DID disorder was new for me but the story was very related to me I know how abused physically and mentally, but for God grase i have learn how to control my depression but still I am new to my anxiety attack still learn that's but ready this story I know for sure love can fight, but the person I love are the person because I am suffering, if u are going through something or have gone through shit like that's I am sorry you have to suffer like that's but I hope u have some one who love you , nice story keep up with the good health take care 💓

April 25, 2024

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