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My Blind Husband

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Book 1 of My Blind Husband Series My Blind Husband: I want her to be mine forever The story of Chloe and Brian. Talk about wealth, he has it. Talk about good looks, he also has it. But he lacks one thing, “True Love.” Brian Lincoln, a handsome, cool and friendly 28 year old successful businessman. All he ever wanted was true love but all the women he came across were only after his wealth which made him lose the hope of searching again. But the moment he saw Chloe, a dazzling beautiful lady for the first time, his heart whispered to him, “She’s the one” but to believe so he decided to disguise himself as a blind man and try her out. Chloe West, a beautiful, free-spirited and a loving lady of 23 year old who promised herself never to have anything to do with any man after her heart was broken by her ex-boyfriend and refused to move on with her life. ***** What happens when her father forced her into marrying Brian to forget her past and move on? Will she accept her fate and get married to him? And what's in store for them after that?

Chapter 1

Brain's Pov

“Do you think this plan is gonna work buddy?" Aaron, my childhood friend, little brother and business manager asked.

“Aaron, it's my only way to find out if she's the perfect lady for me, ever since I saw her at the orphanage, the goofy smile on her face which holds a lot of childish optimism in her sea blue eyes and her blonde hair shinning like diamond in the sun made me feel a connection with her that very day." I said, remembering the exact day which felt like yesterday. I just can't get her outta my head.

“Whoa! Bro, you've really fallen for that lady." He said and chuckled.

“Yeah man, I wanna make her mine so badly." I admitted.

“She's gonna be yours soon, I'm always with you on anything and this plan is gonna work.”

“Thanks man!" I replied and gave him a buddy hug.

“Forget it man, what are friends for without giving each other advice?" He asked jokingly as always.

“Bro, have you done your findings on her identity and all?" He added curiously.

“Sorry I didn't tell you about that earlier. The interesting part is, she happens to be dad best friend's daughter, Mr. West, the owner of West Corp Group of Companies." I announced.

“D*mn!!! It's fate man, it really want you both to be together or something, don't you think?" He exclaimed.

“I feel that Aaron, I was so shocked and happy when my private investigator gave me the details." I stated.

“You're really lucky Brian." He commented.

“I think so. I wanna ask for a favour from you, bro." I stated.

“Tell me, If it something you want me to do then it no big deal to me and you don't have to ask me on anything because I sure will do it for you."

“I trust you on that Aaron. I want you to take over the company for a while so as to make my plan work out perfectly." I explained smiling.

“Is that all Brian? Then consider it done." He assured.

“I know I could count on you. Tha---" I was saying when he cut me short.

“Don't mention bro.”

“Okay man." I said and we both laughed but just then a knock diverted us.

"Come in." I give in access to whoever was at the door.

“Good morning sirs.” My secretary, Kara greeted.

“Good morning beautiful. How was your night?” Aaron replied instantly smiling.

"What's wrong with him?" I thought glaring at him with suspicion.

“Good sir.” She answered shyly and he winked at her.

I get it now, Aaron and Kara are a thing. Wow! I should have knew she was the one he was always talking about saying she's a good girlfriend.

They kept staring at each other like they were gonna devour each other any minute.

“Errhhmm…” I uttered getting their attention back.

“Oh! sorry sir, here are the files you need to sign.” She said with the files still on her hands.

“Okay, you can drop them and go, I’ll go through them later." I ordered and she dropped them on my desk heading out not without giving Aaron a smile.

“Uhmm…bro I wanna go do something now.” He said and stood up straight.

“So fast and why now?” I furrowed my brows and cross my hands together waiting for him to spill the beans. He knows whenever I cross my hands together; it means I know his little secret.

“Fine buddy, she’s my babe.” He said and rushed out not wanting me to ask him questions.

“What a funny guy I got as a little brother.” I said and chuckled.

I’m Brian. Real name: Brian Lincoln Alex. A successful businessman who have everything but lacks one thing, 'True love' which is my desire but the ladies I came across were only after my wealth and that made me lose hope of searching for anyone again.

But five days ago, I went to a particular orphanage like always to donate part of my shares for two days to orphans when I saw a beautiful lady whose appearance was the definition of what I wanted in a woman, playing and laughing with the kids.

That very moment, I felt a connection with her and fell madly in love with her, even my heart whispered to me, “She’s the one” and to go in with my heart I did my findings on her which I found out she's one of my father's friend daughter, Mr. West Sean.

But the only way to make her mine is by asking for her hand in marriage and also pretending to be blind to see if she's gonna love me after some time as wedded couple.

Why do I wanna do this? Well to find pure and undying love in this world now isn't an easy thing even if you’ve the good looks. Ladies troop over me, I agree with that but their exact aim is money not commitment but the way I saw that lady called Chloe, she looks different from all those ladies that’s why I wanna try my luck maybe she’s my true love and soulmate.

I had talked to my parents about it which they’d support me and now I just have to come up with a story to make the whole world think I have gone blind which I happen to know one now with the words of Aaron because I'm a country man, loved and cherished by everyone.

Aaron and I have been best buddy right from kids and since he lost his parents in a plane crash, my parents welcomed him by adopting him as part of the family making him my little brother. I was three years older than him making me his big bro and best buddy. I love him like a real brother plus he's truly a good buddy indeed.


“The handsome and wealthy successful businessman, Brian Lincoln met with an accident last night and we’re yet to know his current situation. I’m Maria Frank, live reporting from Lincoln’s Private Hospital.” A reporter broadcasted on the TV.

Everything I planned last night went according to the plan. After I left my company in the evening, I'd hired someone who would run over my car with a truck to make it look real and hopefully it went perfect, I only sustained little injury on my head and few bruises on my face and hands which in no time will heal up.

I switched off the TV set in the private ward in my hospital and rest my head back on the pillow when the door opened with Aaron walking in.

“What's up bro, have you seen the news? The world is just going wild about you.” He chuckled and took a sit beside me.

“Hey buddy!” I replied and sat up resting my back on the pillow closer to the bed ring.

“Cheer up guy, your plan is gonna pay off, okay?” He said lighting up my mood.

“Sure man! I wanna get this media busy so...” I stated not finishing up the statement because he knows what I am trying to say.

“Yeah, Dad is gonna announce it to the media you lost your eye sight right now.” He uttered.

“Okay.” I responded and turned back the TV set on to see the news being displayed live.

“I’m so disheartened to tell you all that my son, Brian Lincoln has lost his eye sight.” Dad said live in the news and they all yelled out.

“OMG!!! This is so shocking and painful to New York City. We just pray and hope the country man, Mr. Brian Lincoln gets his eyes sight back." A male reporter said making me switch off the TV not wanting to see or hear more of the talks.

“I need to do this for myself.” I murmured silently.

“Baby, are you ready to go home?” Mum asked as she walks into the ward along with dad right behind ber.

“Yeah mom, thanks dad!” I answered.

“Mention not, so I've arranged for everything. Tomorrow your mum and I are gonna execute our part in the plan and hopefully my friend will agree to give in.” He explained.

“He’s gonna accept honey, always be positive.” Mum uttered firmly.

“Are you all set?" Aaron asked cutting in.

"Yeah," I replied.

"Let get going home then." He said and gave me a helping hand while dad and mom trail behind us.

We went through the back door leading outside the hospital not to make the media ask questions about my health but we misjudged them as they begin to rush towards us but luckily my bodyguards were quick to surround us against them before they could get any closer to us as we head into different cars.

Aaron and I hopped into the limousine while my parents got into the next one before the driver took off going directly to my parent’s mansion.

"Let see how tomorrow’s plan is gonna end up." I thought resting my head on the car sit and off we head to the mansion in total silence.

Chapter 2

Chloe's Pov

“Chloe, you can’t keep doing this to yourself all the time. It been four months baby, why can’t you move on without him.” My mum uttered outside my room.

“You know I love you so much and I want the best for you dear, why can’t you understand?" She added.

I was mute on my bed with my legs folded together and my head bowed crying. The pain still hurts like hell as if it all happened just yesterday.

“Breakfast is ready, please come downstairs; I made your favorite: French fries, buttermilk pancakes and caesar salad.” She said.

But when she didn’t hear any response from me like always she heaved a long sigh and left my room door silently.

I’m so sorry mum for making you feel hurt and unhappy with me. I also wish to forget what that jerk did to me after all this years that I thought he loved and cared about me but all was just a plain lie to use me.

I got up from my bed moving slowly to the bathroom due to


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