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Muffled Moans: Milked By My Stepbrother

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"Your body wants this, you are just stubborn. Allow me to bring you mind-blowing orgasms that will make you undergo spasms." I said, sliding another finger into her V-Opening in a bit to locate her G-spot. *** Isabel and Mavis nursed a secret crush for each other at high school, but they never expected to be forced into such close quarters as step siblings. They suddenly find themselves sharing a roof, and try to navigate the complex emotions they've been trying to suppress for years. They must decide to give in to their feelings or fight to resist them. Can they keep their relationship a secret, or will it be exposed for the world to see? And what will happen when their parents find out? WARNING!!! ️ This story contains explicit and mature content. R18+

Chapter 1: Back To Los Angeles

WARNING!!! 🔞️ This story contains explicit and mature content; smut scenes, incest, violence, and BDSM. Reader discretion is advised. However, readers who are willing to explore the boundaries of fiction, and desire an immersive reading experience are invited to continue.

Please note that the author does not endorse or condone any of the actions or behaviors depicted in the story.


When Isabel moved to Los Angeles, she had no idea that her life was about to change forever. Her new family was perfect, but there was a destructive secret lurking beneath the surface.

After her flight had landed, she made it toward the airport's exit to claim her baggage. Just then, her phone began to beep. She pulled it out, tapped on the answer button, and placed it over her ear.

"Hello, Mom,"

"Hello darling, welcome back to Los Angeles," Matilda said over the phone with such excitement.

"Thanks mom, it'll be a pleasure to meet our new family for the first time." She chuckled.

"I can imagine. Well, before you get to meet the entire family, you'll get acquainted with Mavis first. He's already on his way to pick you up."

"Mavis? Who's Mavis?" Isabel asked, her eyes rolling from side to side as she wondered. She was astonished that someone named Mavis would CARE to pick her up.

"Mavis is my husband's first son. Your stepbrother who has been anticipating your return."

Isabel had known a certain Mavis at high school. He was a tall and handsome young man with a strong jaw and piercing blue eyes. He always seemed to carry himself with confidence, and he had a way of making people feel comfortable in his presence. He had a kind heart and a quick wit, but he was also a heartbreaker and a popular playboy.

In high school, he was wanted by many girls including Isabel because of his sweet looks. Isabel didn't stand a chance and was never noticed by him even until their graduation, or, so she thought.

Toward the end of their final academic year, she asked her best friend to help her get a prom night ticket where she would set her eyes on Mavis for the last time, forever.

Her friend ended up breaking her heart when she brought the devastating News that Mavis and his favorite girlfriend, Estelle, had the highest votes among the nominees and were likely to win the title of prom king and queen. Out of frustration and jealousy, Isabel missed the prom.

She heaved and feigned a smile before Matilda hung up the call. She briefly walked up to the baggage claim area to pick up her traveling box. This Mavis shouldn't be the Mavis from high school, please God! She begged.

Briskly, she searched her handbag for her sunglasses, wore it, and rolled her box away. As she went, she held a bag close to her side as though she had a million dollars in it.

Matilda, Isabel's Mom, had been a little lonely after her husband passed. She remarried a year after to a man who was said to rule the city. Isabel's stepfather had so much money. Enough to buy thrice the goods contained in the Erewhon market for each family in Los Angeles.

Mavis, the zillionaire's first son, had a striking testimony too. He wasn't dependent on his father's establishment like Isabel.

Rather, he was working toward setting up multi-billion dollar businesses in California's most famous cities.

For Isabel, she had no other choice than to take over her late father's adult shop. Most times, she would see little or no income since she was trying to pay off his accumulated debts.

"Ouch!" A young man exclaimed, reaching out almost immediately to sustain Isabel.

Isabel, who was lost in thoughts, just bumped into someone and spilled the contents of the bag she held so dearly. She was upheld in the air by powerful arms as the contents of her bag rolled in different directions.

Among the goods were a thin-sized dildo, strap-ons, many packets of sweet-scenting condoms, vibrators, tubes, and bottles of water-based lubricant.

She stared at the items now open to the public unbelievably in shame. She heaved and walked out of the man's grip. She was resolved to pick the items, of course, she wouldn't leave them there. That was her line of business, something that fetched her the money she used to board the plane

"I think I know what you might need," The young man said and began to unbuckle his belt.

Was he going to beat her with it or was he going to shove his member into her body in public? Why would he think that she needed his help? She wondered.

He took off his belt and went on a knee to pick up the rest of the items. When he was done, he got the bag from her and tied the opening with his belt.

"Your treasure bag is loose at this point. Else, your dildos and vibrators wouldn't spill open for all to see." He said, now looking into her face. "Now, I'll have to excuse myself and go after my stepsister who has just returned to the country."

Then she looked carefully at the features of his face. To her greatest surprise, it was Mavis, the playboy from the high school she attended.

Having said that, he made to move when Isabel took off her glasses, "You must be Mavis Mulan," She extended a hand.

He fumbled with his breast pocket and took out a photograph, "Goodness me," He shook her hand and gave her a side hug. "I should have known better, pardon me."

She smiled and held her bag closely again. "It's all fine and thanks for that," she was referring to the assistance he proffered a while ago.

"Yeah, I was moved by your simplicity. I mean, you could have abused and insulted me but you didn't."

"Isabel? Matilda's daughter?" The young man asked seeming bewildered.

Isabel nodded at him shyly as she tried to understand what fate had in store for her by making Mavis of all people, her stepbrother.

"So, now we are, step-siblings?" She asked in disbelief. She made sure to control the movement of her eyes so they wouldn't settle on his face. No, she couldn't withstand his gaze.

Mavis let out a brief laugh, "You can say that again." He reached out for her traveling box, "So, shall we? Everyone's waiting at home." Mavis said pointing toward a certain direction.

Isabel gave a noticeable gap between them as they walked to where he'd parked his Lambo.

Suddenly, a tough man stopped Isabel and began to harass her. "You thought you'd run forever, I'm glad to meet you again." He said blocking her way.

"I beg you, don't embarrass me before Mavis Mulan, we can sort this out later. I promise to pay up,"

"It's funny how you think so highly of yourself. Mavis Mulan? You are not worthy to wipe his shoes, he wouldn't even hire you as a cleaner."

Isabel nodded indisputably. "Yeah, you are right but he's coming right behind me. Can we move further from here?" Isabel pleaded with her late father's creditor but he wouldn't heed.

"I strongly insist! Pay my money, here and now or you have other choices."

"And that is?"

"Be my mistress, you look like you'll know how to handle a man like me." He gave her a teasing smile that she found boring. He wasn't the man her heart was missing.

"May I know why you stopped?" Mavis asked as soon he walked up to where she was.

Chapter 2: My New Home


"Huh?" I popped out surprised eyes at him. "Be my bed warmer, we can discuss the details later. You look like you'll know how to handle a man like me." He gave me a teasing smile that I found boring. He wasn't the man my heart was missing, it was Jason, the man who left me for another woman.

"May I know why you stopped?" Mavis asked as soon he walked up to where we were. He's asking me to be his mistress, I meant to say but rather, I only smiled.

My stepbrother had a pair of glasses on to protect his eyes from the rising sun. He rested his hand on my shoulder as he waited for my response.  "Umm, how about you get to the car and I'll join you as soon as I'm done with him?" I asked feigning a smile that informed him that I wanted to get rid of him to face the man before me. 

"Her father owes me up to eight thousand and seven hundred dollars. She's not willing to pay back." The creditor said instantly distracting Mavis. 

"Do you know him?" Mavis


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