• Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Pauliny Nunes
  • Chapters: 32
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.5
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A marriage that had everything to work out, this is that of Dalia Penedo who did everything to win the heart of Carlos Salazar and have his "Happily Ever". But as time goes on, things change... and so do feelings. Although Dahlia loves her husband, her curiosity makes her embark on the dangerous virtual world, where she meets Mr.X, a man who will snatch the young woman’s heart. Dahlia is now divided: She loves her husband, but is madly in love with X. This is a real story , where the choices she makes, can change her future for the better... or for the worse.

My beginning

Barcelona, 31 December 2005.

Of all the beginnings I thought, this is my favorite: my first new year in Barcelona after two years in England. Two years of cold people, cold climate and much study. Until I convinced my parents that it was in Barcelona that I should finish my high school, my home. So that year-end was the embodiment of my happiness. The only thing I needed was Edward, my English boyfriend.

To all who have not yet spent the new year in Barcelona, take some time and come, do not know what they are missing. The streets are all decorated, besides the human warmth that I did not find anywhere. But returning to that wonderful night...

I remember being in my room playing entertained that I do not even notice my younger sister, Valeria, entering the room. I get a fright when she touches my arm ,drawing my attention. She says something, but I’m on the phone and I don’t understand what she’s talking about, so I take off my headphones and stare at her. I bet she wanted to use the computer to play, too.

—Will you go? - Asks Valeria with those almond eyes wider than usual. — They said I can only go if you go with me. I’ve been waiting for months for this party, and everyone will be there.

— What party? What are you talking about ? - I ask without understanding what she’s talking about.

— Júlio’s party! - Valéria says, snapping her fingers in my face. She kneels , dramatizing as always and asks. — Please, go with me! It’s going to be so much fun!

— I do not know... – I answer with all sincerity. The feast of Julius is the kind that you only come home with the day dawning.

—Please, please, please !!! - Beg my sister, almost kneeling at my feet.—I even lend my white dress with sequins...—You love that dress. - I say staring at my sister’s squinting eyes. For Valerie to use her dress as a bargaining chip is because she really wants me to go. I take a deep breath and answer. — All right, I’ll go with you. But we’ll be back when I say it, okay?

—Sure! - Replies Valeria, hugging me. She runs to our closet, takes her white dress and puts it on my bed. Take another red one and go to the bathroom, bouncy, change.

It seems a silly decision, to go or not to a party. However, today, I see that decision triggered everything that will happen from now on. One thing I’m sure: if I went back in time, I would make that same choice.

After a few minutes, we are ready to go to Julio’s party. My parents are also dressed , they will spend the turn at the house of some friends and would be ready for when I call them. We get in the car and sit at the window. I love watching the night of Barcelona. It does not take long and my father already parks in front of the huge house of the Castillo's, Julio’s home.

—Happy holidays! - Says my father, kissing my sister and then me.

—Until next year. - Plays my mother, giving a kiss on my cheek.

— Bye dad, Bye mom. - I say goodbye, getting out of the car.

As soon as we get out of the car and my sister grabs my arm to get us into the party. My sister’s joy is almost suspect, being justified when I enter the house: It was as if all the prettiest young people in the city had booked to be at that party. We smiled at each other and walked towards the owner of the party, Julio Castillo, heir to the Castillo's hotel chain. And also one of my best friends.

— Dália Penedo. - Says Julio, coming out of the circle of friends that is approaching. He hugs me ,affectionate, then turns to my sister Valeria, curious. — And who is this, beauty?

—My sister, Valeria. - May I present my sister, who does not hide her interest in Julio.

—Ah , yes, Valerie. - Says Julius showing a slight lack of interest in recognizing my sister. He smiles at me and continues: — I’m glad he’s back with mere mortals, my dear. Come and meet my new friends...

— I need to update my contacts. - I say, smiling at him.

I look at my sister, who is wide-eyed towards the circle of boys where Julius is going. Then my heart races... There in the middle of them, a boy with the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen catches my attention. Her brown eyes stare at mine, briefly invading my mind, as if we were meant to be together. I walk towards him, bewitched by his face , which for many, was simple, but for me was what I always dreamed of. He’s my soul mate.

—I’m going to marry him. - I say, smiling at my sister, who stares at me, confused.

—With whom? - My sister asks, looking at the wheel.

—With that. - I point to him in disguise.

— All right, then I’ll marry the one next door. - My sister says jokingly. She holds my arm and pulls me: — Let’s go meet our future husbands.

As soon as we get to the wheel, all the boys look at us. Including him, who stares at me intently, making us shiver.

— Boys, these are the Penedo sisters: Dalia. - Presents Julio, pointing to me and then to my sister:—And Valeria Penedo.

— Hello. - Says my sister with the biggest smile in the world.

— These are: Eduardo. - Says Julio, pointing to a blond boy. — Pierre. - My sister’s suitor. — Elson. - To another boy. — And Carlos. - Point last to my suitor.

Carlos, that’s his name. The conversation starts in the circle , but I don’t take part in it, I prefer to face my suitor who corresponds to me. His eyes are expressive , more than any word I could say. I feel my face on fire, then smile, averting my gaze. But not for long, and I look at him again.I could live just to look at him. Suddenly I hear screams , time passed so fast that people were already on the countdown to the new year.

—Happy New Year!!! - everyone shouts. My sister hugs me, and then hugs everyone.

Julio gives me a light kiss on the cheek, as do most of those present. But I do not leave the place, as does Carlos, who gradually approaches. He passes his arms around my waist, his touch gives me a chill in my belly. I feel the warmth of his hands on my back. Your face approaches mine, your cheeks stick to mine. I feel every part of your body glued to mine. His lips almost touch my ear and his breath denounces that his words are to come:

—Happy new year. - whispers Carlos. He squeezes me slowly. My body fits perfectly in his.

Then my future husband walks away with his beautiful smile and walks towards the other people of the party. I still embrace a few more than I try to follow Carlos with my eyes. I notice he talks, excited, with someone on his phone.

— Dalia, why are you still standing here? - asks Julio , oblivious to my situation. — Are you okay?

—I’m fine. And I’ll be great if you tell me more about Carlos.

—Which Carlos? - asks Julio, staring at me as if he did not know Carlos.

—The boy who introduced me.- I remember, taking a sip of champagne that was served to me.

— Ah... He is a friend of Elson's. – says Julio, following my gaze that is still on Carlos, who smiles about something that a boy tells him: — But you can take his rain horse, Dalia.

— Why? - I ask , scared, facing my friend.

— First of all, he’s a poor bastard. He just joined a local fish company... a proletariat. Not to mention that the heart is already owned. He’s engaged to be married.

— I don’t care about his social class and... Groom is not married. – I respond promptly.

—And your English boy? - asks Julio, remembering Edward, as if that would change something: — The beautiful, rich and powerful English.

—You know... more of the same.- I reply, enigmatic.

— You will not give up on him, are you? - Julio asks, referring to Carlos.

—You know me so well, Julio. - I reply by kissing my friend on the cheek. Then I whisper in his ear: — I need his phone, before leaving, I want it in my hands. It will be mine.

—Are you talking about his phone or his owner? - Julio asks in the same tone of voice.

—Both. – I answer, leaving Julio. I approach my sister , without taking my eyes off Carlos, who is now on the other side of the room, carefree.

— Do not tell me you already want to leave... – complains my sister.

—No... I’m just seeing how it is. – I explain, smiling.

—That smile of yours does not deceive me. What are you up to?- asks my sister staring at me.

—Nothing... yet. – I answer, smiling to my sister.

— Dinner is served. - Julio says loud and clear to all his guests.

Sitting at the table, I noticed my friend is already moving his pieces. Carlos sits on my right side, but avoids any contact with me. We spent the whole dinner just with glances or glimpses. Timid looks from him and is intensely from me. The dinner is very cheerful, when he gets up and says:

—Thank you all, but I need to go. I have another commitment.

He smiles in my direction, then to the guests, and leaves the table. My entire body shakes to the point of making me get up and go after him. I do not control my steps, just as I can not control my hand that holds the shoulder of Carlos, who turns, surprised. I smile at him without grace, without having the slightest idea of what to say.

—Sorry... but don’t you think it’s a little early to leave? - I ask. what the hell is that?— I mean... I think you should stay a little longer...

—I appreciate your solidarity with my absence, but I need to meet my fiancée. - replies Carlos. — And I’m already very late.

—All right. - I say, a little disappointed.

—Happy new year... - he says, putting on his coat, while he forces his memory to remember my name.

—Dalia. - I reply promptly. I go towards her face and give her a kiss on the cheek saying:— Happy New Year, Carlos.

— I’ll see you around. - says Carlos without grace, opening the door.

—No doubt. - I answer with my best smile.

I take my cell phone and call my parents to pick me up. I do not want to stay at the party where Carlos would not be. I need to stay home and think about how I would conquer it. I go back to the table and warn my sister and everyone that we are also going. Valeria doesn’t even care much, because the party had been a fiasco for her who was looking for a great new year’s love. We are already at the door with Julio, when my friend gives me a hug and then holds my hand , giving a kiss lightly. I feel like he put something in my hand, but he prevents me from opening it.

—New year’s gift. Only open when you get home. - orders Julio, enigmatic.

I smile and get in the car with my sister. I hoped to open my hand right there, but I did not know what it could be and if it was, everything was possible. I don’t even get into the house and I run to the bedroom and throw myself in my bed. I decide to open my hand , when my sister enters the room like a tornado and lies next to me, curious.

—What did he give you? - asks Valeria.

—I’ll find out now. - I say raising my hand.

Gradually a white paper with a phone number will appear. But what makes me happy is the name that comes below: Carlos Salazar.

— Whose number is that? - asks my sister with wide eyes.

—From my future husband. - I reply with a sly smile on my lips.

One thing I know for sure: Now the hunt begins.


Having Carlos' number at the same time is a bonus, is also a burden. What excuse would I used to talk to him? No doubt Carlos was going to ask how I got his number... After many days of thinking, the only plan that seemed workable could only happen after the return of classes. So I spent another fifteen days with the phone in my hands while I realized the idea. Carlos seems to be the man who helps damsels in distress, and that’s what I’ll be about to conquer him, even though I don’t enjoy being a helpless little girl.

Then on a beautiful, hot afternoon, I sit with my cell phone in my hands. It’s time to put my plan into practice. I dial Carlos’s number and with every touch, my heart races. It passes a thousand things in my mind, from listening to your voice to the fact that it forwards the call to the message box. Then the touches cease, and that space between the end of the touch and the expectation of hearing your voice makes me nervous. I take a deep breath with my eye


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