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Mr. CEO’s Devious Wife

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"You're the witch and I'm known as the Dark Lord. Aren't we a match?" Her eyes met his, which were as dark as the night, his gaze as cold as the frozen winter. She dared to ignore his words, roll her eyes and instead ask him... "What do you want to do tonight?" "World domination." He said with a straight face. She chuckled and shook her head. "Hubby, that's a little ambitious, don't you think?" "But you are my world." He grinned. "..." From a very young age, the fairy tales that Kerri read had always indicated that witches were the enemy of the heroines and that there's always a happily ever after, but who would have thought that when she grew up, she would become the witch in another woman's love story? Kerri Summers was engaged to the wealthiest man in Silver Cross City and was in love with him for a long time. However, when Seith Charles fell head over heels for his poor assistant, Isabel Spencer, he cut ties with Kerry and married Isabel behind her back. Left with nothing but her shattered reputation and her family business on the brink of bankruptcy, Kerri entered a contract marriage with the incredibly wealthy and powerful, yet ruthlessly cold Ethan Blair. Ethan Blair was a man to be feared and there was not a single person that dared to offend him. As Kerri played her role as his 'wife', she realized that this farce marriage was far from what she had bargained for.

Chapter 1 - Spellbound (1)

Kerri tipped back her vodka mixer in one go before ordering another one, ignoring the bartender’s attempt to flirt with her. Thank goodness for the loud music being played to tune him out, because she didn’t think she would be able to stand his poor attempts to get her attention.

It wasn’t like she was looking down on him or anything, but she wasn’t in the best mood right now. Who would be when the man you loved and had been betrothed to for the past seven years declared his undying love to another woman, right in your face, on your twenty fifth birthday?

As if that wasn’t enough, Seith Charles announced that he was now a happily married man and that he and Isabel had eloped behind everyone’s back. Not only did Seith humiliate her, but her whole family had to bear this shame as well.

And what did he say when she confronted him?

“I would have still married you if you Summers were not facing bankruptcy. Do you expect me to jump on a sinking ship, lose everything and be miserable with you? At least with Isabel, I can be happy.”

Kerri wasn’t in the mood to socialize right now, or to wallow in self-pity over the fact that Seith had chosen his poor assistant over her. Although it was true that their engagement only happened as an arrangement between their families, Kerri truly did care about Seith.

She downed her next drink and slammed her glass on the counter, effectively making the bartender shut up. Kerri gave him an apologetic smile. She knew that liquor wouldn’t be able to numb the emptiness she was feeling right then, but she needed some distraction from thinking of Seith’s betrayal.

Kerri took another glass and made way to the crowd to find the girls she came with. They knew each other since high school and no matter how busy their lives were, Kerri and her friends made sure to make time to meet up with each other.

Celebrating her birthday was obviously part of their agenda tonight, though Kerri would like to think they brought her here to make her forget about Seith and Isabel, even for just a moment.

Kerri initially didn’t want to go out tonight, but the girls insisted that she join them. She knew she should decline their invitation, because there were times when she felt out of place when they started talking about their lovers. Amongst them, she was the only one who hadn’t dated anyone because she was engaged to Seith before she turned eighteen.

The bar occupied a four storey building. Most patrons spend their time partying and drinking at the ground floor, but VIP guests like Kerri and her friends would usually stay on the upper floors where they could have some privacy.

However, tonight, the girls wanted to party on the ground floor, but Kerri didn’t think she had any energy left to do that. She made her way up to the rooftop where she knew she could enjoy her drink in silence and in private.

When she arrived at her usual spot, Kerri scowled when she found two people had already occupied it. The three men had broad shoulders and were wearing expensive tailored suits that made them ooze with masculine charm. They were the type of men her friends would surely appreciate.

As if they sensed her staring, the three dashing, handsome men turned their heads to look at Kerri, one of them recognizing who she was.

“Kerri? What are you doing here?”

Kerri blinked and a smile bloomed on her face.

“Hey, Alex. Didn’t know you were back.” She gave him a friendly peck on the cheek. “And you brought some friends with you.”

Alexander Dmitri was a schoolmate she befriended during middle school. However, once they graduated, Alex told Kerri that he was moving with his family overseas, where he planned to continue his education.

Alex nodded and placed a hand on her back gently, giving her an appreciative look.

“My, you have grown beautifully over the years. I’m glad that you’ve decided to ditch those thick glasses of yours and those horrendous bangs.”

Kelly laughed at that and nudged her head. “Hey, you make it sound like I was a nerd.”

The man gently nodded and hummed.

“That you were.” He grinned teasingly. “By the way, I want you to meet my friends. This is Hunter Gray.”

Kerri gave the man a polite nod and smiled. She remembered seeing Hunter’s name on a recent business and finance news.

“Hey, why introduce Hunter alone, Alex? How about me?”

Alex raised a single brow at his other friend and snorted.

“Since when did you start caring about the opposite s*x, Ethan? I thought they creeped you out?” Alex asked.

The man in question smirked. His eyes met Kerri’s for the first time and she couldn’t help but be stunned at how handsome this man was. Her eyes took in his sharp cheekbones, his thick black hair and those green eyes that effectively put her in a trance — no, more like she’s spellbound.

“This beauty is different though.” His friend responded before turning his attention back to Kerri.  “May I have the honor of knowing your name, Miss? Alex seems to be hesitant to introduce me to you.”

“Don’t say that, Ethan. Kerri is my friend.” Alex scoffed and placed a hand on Kerri’s head, implying what kind of relationship they had.

“Kerri, you might have probably heard of this jerk’s name.” He gestured at Ethan. “This is Ethan Blair.”

Just when Kerri thought nothing could surprise her anymore than what Seith did earlier, she found herself speechless.

“Ethan Blair?” She turned her head to question Alex. “You mean, the Ethan Blair? You aren’t trying to pull a prank on me, are you?”

It’s impossible for anyone who was living in Silver Cross City to not hear about Ethan Blair, the heir to one of the world’s biggest conglomerates. It was rumored that the man had decided to settle down in their city, but no one was able to prove this.

Alex and Hunter laughed at her reaction while Ethan merely hid his amused smile behind his drink.

Chapter 2 - Spellbound (2)

“You wound me, Alex. I could have introduced myself to your beautiful friend instead of ratting me out too soon. You put me at a disadvantage, Brother.”

“Were you planning to pretend as another person then?” Kerri didn’t know where she got the courage to question Ethan Blair. Heck, didn’t people say that he’s quite unpredictable? He was ruthless to his enemies and he never gave them a chance to get back on their feet.

What’s there to ruin, Kerri? It’s not like you have anything left for Ethan Blair to destroy.’ Kerri mocked herself inwardly.

Ethan looked perplexed for a moment before laughing much to Kerri’s relief. But hearing his laugh stirred something in her and sent butterflies to her stomach. She couldn’t help but return his smile too.

“Kerri Summers.” She extended a hand, willing herself to calm down. She found it silly that she was reacting like this to a man other than Seith. “It’s an honor to meet you, Mr. Blair.”

Ethan accepted her


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