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Mommy is back! The Substitute Wife

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Chantelle Collins was once living a life of opulence and privilege, with everything she could ever desire within her grasp. She possessed not only remarkable beauty but also an array of talents that set her apart from the rest. However, fate had a different plan in store for her, and her world came crashing down when her family's fortune vanished overnight, leaving them destitute. The weight of her parents' insurmountable debt burdened her, leaving her feeling lost and unsure of how to repay such a colossal amount. The relentless debt collector demanded that she settle every outstanding penny owed by the Collins family. Little did she know that amidst her struggles, her long-lost childhood sweetheart would resurface, bringing with him a glimmer of hope. But unbeknownst to her, his intentions were far from noble, as he aimed to possess her as his own. Jax Rogers, the formidable and tyrannical billionaire behind the Rogers Group, had a hold on Chantelle like no other. Their relationship had been a cruel fairytale, filled with betrayal and manipulation. Despite her best efforts, Chantelle found it impossible to fill the void left by Jax's late wife, yet she remained by his side, determined to make their love work. How long could she endure his oppressive beliefs about love? How far was she willing to go to prove her worth as a replacement wife?

Chapter 1 Chained To A Heartless Monster

Chantelle found herself utterly bewildered, completely losing track of time in what was meant to be her sanctuary, but felt more like a prison cell.

The dimly lit room reverberated with an eerie echo, every sound bouncing off its cold, unforgiving walls. She couldn't even remember how she had ended up here, bound to a heartless, merciless monster who showed no ounce of mercy. This man seemed to have been chiseled from a block of ice, with a heart as bitter and unfeeling as the stone floor beneath them.

Despite being deeply in love with him, she knew better than to underestimate his dangerous predator instincts and yearned to wake up from this horrifying nightmare.

"Chantelle," he called out to her in a hushed voice from behind the closed door, his words dripping with a velvety and slick whisper that sliced through the silence of the room, "open the door."

Her heart raced as she cautiously approached the door, her trembling fingers reaching for the handle.

It felt as if time had frozen, trapping her in this moment with just two individuals – her and the heartless billionaire on the other side.

With a slow and deliberate motion, she opened the door, the creaking sound piercing through the stillness, her breath held in anticipation.

A shiver ran down her spine the instant their eyes locked, and she felt her throat constrict. His stony expression oozed with such disdain that it made her feel as insignificant as a grain of sand beneath his feet.

She dropped her head and asked in a quivering voice, "I-Is there anything you need?"

Gripping the edge of her sleeveless shirt tightly, she anxiously awaited his response, feeling a mix of fear and anxiety filling the room. However, he remained silent, causing her anticipation to grow.

As the seconds ticked by, her mind raced and her nose twitched at the metallic scent in the air.

Suddenly, her eyes widened in horror as she noticed faint bloodstains on his elegant suit.

In that moment, she felt frozen like a statue, overwhelmed by fear and shock. But then, reality crashed down on her like an avalanche, prompting her to exclaim, "You're bleeding!"

Timidly, she reached out to touch his side, but before her hand could make contact, he forcefully pushed her away.

"I never gave you permission," he growled, slowly lifting his head and wiping the sweat from his forehead. "Remove your hands from me."

His disgust was evident in every word he spoke.

Terrified by his actions, she was unable to form the words she wanted. Instead, she responded to him with a soft voice. "But your wound—"

"No matter what I do, it is none of your concern!" He cruelly cut her off, making it clear that her feelings meant nothing to him.

Clutching the hem of her shirt, she fought back tears.

"Then why did you bring me here?" she whispered, already knowing the answer deep down. Her fear slowly turned into apprehension as she looked up at him. "If this was the same thing I was running away from, why bother helping me? You could have just let them take me again. Just give me to the debt collector again."

With a heavy sigh, he turned his gaze towards her and spoke in a low, ominous voice. "Chantelle, you mustn't think like that."

Anger surged through her as she stood before him, trembling.

"I can't take it anymore!" she shouted, desperately stepping away from him. "Every day I'm here, I'm just abused and tormented. What have I done to deserve this? How much more can I take?"

He looked at her with a mixture of anger and sadness in his eyes. "Chantelle—"

"GO! Just GO!" Her voice quivered, but he continued to advance towards her.

As she thought he would really leave, she realized she was wrong...

He forcefully grabbed her head, their lips colliding in a tumultuous kiss that made her feel like the world was collapsing around her.

She fought against him, desperately trying to break free from his grasp. Finally, with a cry of anguish, she managed to pull away from him.

Tears streamed down her face as her heart raced in her chest.

As she took a step back, her foot collided with something hard on the ground, causing her to stumble. Before she could regain her balance, his strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her towards him, and they both crashed onto the floor.

His weight pressed down on her, pinning her wrists as she trembled beneath him. Her lips quivered, and she could only manage a faint, unsteady voice, "Please... I'm begging you..."

Despite her desperate pleas, he continued his relentless advances. His lips on hers felt like an invasion she couldn't stop. No matter how hard she fought, she was losing the battle.

She felt defeated and powerless until suddenly, he stopped.

Her hand instinctively reached for the shattered vase nearby, and she grasped a piece of jagged glass between her fingers. In one final attempt to escape his touch, she forcefully drove the sharp edge of the glass into his skin and defiantly yelled, "I said STOP!!!"

Their eyes locked, and she couldn't help but notice the wounds on his face caused by her actions. A lump formed in her throat, and she held her breath, waiting for his reaction. His eyes, filled with intoxication, briefly softened as if forgiving her. But soon after, his gaze hardened, revealing his true emotions.

He stood up, avoiding her gaze, and made his way towards the door. Just before leaving the room, he reminded her, "Remember to tend to your wound."

As she observed intently, his jaw tightened and a flicker of anger emerged in his eyes. Just as a wave of relief washed over her, thinking he was finally leaving, he abruptly slammed the door shut and vanished. Instead of finding solace, a stronger sense of guilt engulfed her.

Confusion and overwhelm consumed her as she grappled with her emotions.

Was she trapped in a never-ending nightmare, or would she eventually wake up from this dreadful dream?

Her parents had borrowed money from the unscrupulous Dwayne Salvador, only to find themselves sinking deeper into debt as their company crumbled.

When the day arrived for them to take her as payment for their debts, something unexpected occurred. Out of nowhere, Jax Rogers—the man she had believed to be her savior—appeared.

Was he truly here to rescue her and her family?

She desperately wanted to believe it, but deep down, she knew there was more to his story. He had the means to pay off her parents' debts, yet he chose to eliminate Dwayne Salvador instead.

Initially, she thought his anger stemmed from a desire to protect her. However, she soon realized that wasn't his true motivation...

Because he had something need from her.

Chapter 2 The Substitute Wife

Chantelle's eyes snapped open, and she immediately threw off the covers and jumped out of bed. The events of the previous night with Jax had left her restless, unable to sleep. She was still concerned about his well-being, especially after seeing the blood on his body.

Each step she took towards the kitchen felt heavier than usual, burdened by the image of his pale face right in front of her. It haunted her, reminding her of what could have been.

As she arrived downstairs, she noticed the eerie silence in the living room. Furrowing her brow, she realized that he might have already left for work or even gone to the hospital.

The thought struck her that she was alone.

Her gaze shifted to Jax's bedroom door, curiosity growing within her. She wondered if he was still inside, if he hadn't left yet. Despite their recent disagreements, she knew deep down that he still cared for her and wouldn't harm her physically.

Despite their daily argum


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