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Missing Husband

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Left with two children, the brave woman tries to create a better life for herself. He made one crucial decision that changed her whole life. Dive into the book to learn more!

Chapter 1

A heavy bulk man entered a dark room with lifted curtains. The room was filled with negative emotions, a girl was crying badly while two people were cursing her, and one woman was standing quietly feeling bad for the little girl. The room was filled with chaos and pain. Three more people were standing around the girl, looking down upon her. She was crying and pleading for her innocence. The angry middle-aged man came around her and threatened to beat her while the man who was standing behind her pushed her towards the wall. The girl kept on crying, saying:

"I didn't do it. Listen to me, at least listen to me once."

Thunder can be heard inside the room, while the darkroom was periodically lightened up with lightning. The blonde boy with a malicious look who was standing behind her pushed her and said: "How dare you do this to me!? I love you. Is it insufficient?" The bulky man looked at her menacingly and told her that she would also suffer from immense pain and despair for what she did. Everyone in the room except one woman shouted at her.

"Get out of here, get out of here. You are a disgrace to us. Get out of here." The girl pleaded, but no one listened to her. A man started to drag her while she was begging for help.

"Please don't do it." No one listened to her. Two women who were standing quietly at the back silently watched her and did nothing. They tried to tell her that they were with her but all in vain. She screamed for help, but no one in the room listened to her. The blonde boy kept shouting.

"You betrayed me.”

“I am innocent," Girl kept on saying, but no one listened to her.


Daphne woke up from the dream while breathing heavily, and her body was drenched in sweat. She looked around and found herself alone in the room. She started crying and remembered her mother. She cried in pain, her heart was broken, and she kept on saying:

"Why did you leave me alone, mother? I do not have anyone. Even Aunt left us. I am alone after you both left us."

She kept on repeating it while crying. She took some tissue paper to wipe the tears while murmuring it again and again:

"For how long, for how long, will you keep coming back?" she cried and shouted while trembling. Daphne's cousin, who was standing behind the door, heard everything Daphne was saying. Her cousin, Ira, walked into the room.

"Are you alright, Daphne? Were you having nightmares again?" Daphne looked up to her cousin and nodded in despair. Ira handed a glass of water to Daphne and asked her to go back to sleep.

"Hush, it is alright, you will wake up your twins. Please go to sleep now. You are going to have a hard day tomorrow. Try to relax." Daphne looked at her twins, who were lying in front of her in their crib. She stared at them and then smiled while saying:

"You give me power. Ira, if these two angels were not with me, then I don't know what would happen to me. I would be jeopardized. Please, Ira, promise me that you will never leave me alone. You always take care of my babies whenever I am not available. Our Father, our holy spirit, has bestowed you as a blessing, and I will always be very thankful to him for you and the twins."

"I am with you, and your babies are fine. Everything will be fine, now please go to sleep. If the twins woke up, you wouldn't get any sleep. Lie down." Daphne laid down. She looked at her twins while thinking about different phases of her life.

"Good night, my children. Your mother loves you a lot, just the way your grandmother loves us up above in heaven." Daphne said goodnight to Ira as well. Ira switched off the light while Daphne went back to sleep. Ira left the room quietly.

The next morning the twins Isabell and Maria woke up their mommy with their screams. She looked at her twins and went to them. She took both of them out and went to the fridge to take out the formula milk. She prepared two bottles and fed the twins. She sat on the sofa in the lounge while feeding the twins on her lap. She looked at them. Both of them had golden blonde hair, just like their mother.

"You both have gotten my hair, eyes of your grandfather, and slightly different but lips of your grandmother. I wonder what you have taken from your father if only I could remember his face." Her cousin Ira entered the room.

"You have an interview today, hurry up. You are going to be late!" Ira told Daphne while looking for eggs.

Daphne was looking at her twins while feeding them. She smiled and looked at Ira to answer her.

"No, I will be ready in 5 minutes. I couldn't go out without feeding them in the morning all by myself. I know you will take care of them for the rest of the day, and it makes me feel good." Ira rolled her eyes at Daphne.

"Please, Daphne, you are my sister. I can never forget how you took care of me after my mother passed away. You were always there for me, and now it is my duty to play my part. I try to do my best, luckily, my work is remote, and I can easily check on the twins the whole time, even during work. Now come on, get up and have your eggs. You shouldn't go to your first interview with an empty stomach" Daphne put the twins back into the crib. She ate the eggs and drank coffee. She was done with breakfast in 10 minutes, changed her nightshirt to a casual t-shirt, jeans, combed her hair into a bun, picked up her stuff and left for work.

Daphne reached the bus station, but the bus had left. She could not afford to take a cab, and she ran after the bus but all in vain. She took the next bus from the next stop and was now half an hour late for her first job interview.

"Hello, my name is Daphne. I had an interview scheduled."

"You are half an hour late for the interview. Please, sit down and wait for your turn", the receptionist answered her while smiling. Daphne sat down and waited for 2 hours.

"Miss Daphne, please come to the office." She heard her name and entered the room. Daphne got inside and asked if she should sit. A young girl of the same age, Diana, was sitting there.

"I assume that you were late because of something very important. Otherwise, no one would be late for their first interview." Daphne cleared her throat while looking at her, confused.

"Yeah, actually, I am a single mother. I live with my sister, who is a freelancer. I had to take care of my twins before coming here, which is why I missed my bus and eventually got late."

"So, you are a single mother. How do you think you will be able to commit to your responsibilities here then?" Daphne seemed a little nervous. She reached out for the glass of water and drank it.

"My children are my power, and I am ready to commit to my responsibilities to give us shelter and good food on our plate. I have brought my resume." Diana thoroughly looked through the resume.After looking at the resume, Daina said: "I find you capable of doing some great shots. I do not think that you need any more interviews. You are passionate both about work and your family, and I was looking for someone just as responsible and passionate as you are. Welcome on board. So, when are you hoping to join us?" Daphne felt shocked by the words of the new boss. She cleared her throat and smiled.

"I am available immediately."

"Great, then be here at 10 o'clock in the morning. My secretary will explain the tasks, and do not be late this time." Daphne and Diana smiled while looking at each other. Daphne stood up, greeted her boss, and went to the secretary to discuss the details. She was too happy to get her first job that she did not even discuss her salary.

"My secretary will explain to you the work and your salary. You did not even ask about it…"

"I'm even ready to do work with low salary, as I was in immense need of it," Daphne said while portraying her urge for work.

"Do not sell out yourself for low. I like your passion. My secretary will explain everything to you, value your talent and keep working hard. I really hope that you will find a brighter future for yourself and your children."

Daphne went to complete her shift at the café nearby her house. She kept smiling throughout the day. At the end of the shift, Daphne entered the room of her boss and handed in a resignation letter.

"Sir, I resign. I have sent you an email already."

"What is the reason behind resigning?" his boss inquired from her due to the deep shock. This whole situation made him stunned.

"I have gotten a new job as a photographer. It is a contract-based job for one year with salary and bonus."

"Poor kid. Why do you think that you can survive such a job? You are so young. No one will let you get successful. This job suited you the most."

He looked at her with disgrace. Daphne felt insulted. She threw her resignation letter and walked out of the room. Daphne took the bus and reached home. Ira asked her if she had gotten the job.

"Yes, my job will start tomorrow."

"Whoo-hoo" Ira hugged her and brought champagne for celebration.

"I knew that you would get this job. I have already made a good dinner." Daphne seemed happy, but she had tears in her eyes.

"Hey, why are these tears rolling down from your cheeks?" Daphne took a quiet sigh as she seemed quite disturbed. She looked at Ira and started gibbering.

"My boss said that I am not worthy of anything, and I will not succeed at a new job." Ira looked into her eyes and asked her to relax,

"You will do your best, and I know that. Forget that old man and focus on your new work tomorrow." Daphne and Ira smiled and celebrated her first job as a photographer. Ira brought spaghetti with meatballs, which was Daphne's favorite meal. She looked at it and said with a smile on her face:

"Wow, you did it." Both of them sit down for the food. While Daphne and Ira were eating, the twins woke up, and Daphne went to the bedroom to see them.

"Hey, my babies, look, mommy is back, and I have great news for you." She held them in her arms and said,

"My first day starts tomorrow. Everything will change from now on. You will not have to worry about anything. I will make you proud." She brought both babies to the kitchen and made them sit in their baby chairs. She put little spaghetti in front of them, and they tried to pick it up. Ira and Daphne smiled, looking at the twins, forgetting about the embodiment of evil in their lives. They had a nice dinner.

"Look at Isabell and Maria. They are eating spaghetti just like their mother. They are a real copy of you." Ira laughed while talking to Daphne. After dinner, Daphne cleared the kitchen and ironed the T-shirt for tomorrow. Ira came to Daphanie's bedroom and knocked on the door.

"Come inside, Ira. You do not need to knock. What do you want?" Ira was holding a gift-wrapped beautifully with a card on it stating a beautiful message: "Best of luck on your first day at a new job Daphne." Ira looked at Daphne with her vivid eyes.

"Open it. It's a gift for your first day at work."

Daphne felt emotional, and she cried while smiling at her. She took the gift and opened it gently. "Wow, look at it, this is so beautiful." Daphne took a beautiful pink dress out of the box.

"You will wear it tomorrow, after that, you can wear any T-shirt that you want. You must look pretty and confident tomorrow." Daphne smiled and nodded.

"Yes, I will definitely wear it. Thank you so much, Ira." Daphne started crying out of emotions. Ira hugged her and wished her the best of luck. She reminded her how much strength she had for facing the cruel realities of life and who was fighting with the world like a brave warrior.

"Do not forget those tough times when you were all alone when you gave birth to twins. Thank God I visited your house, and your nanny gave me your address. Otherwise, who knows where you would still be and what could have happened. Remember, that time has made you stronger, and now look forward to a bright and better future waiting ahead for you."

Daphne thanked Ira and agreed to wear the dress tomorrow morning. Ira looked again at Daphne and smiled while saying.

"Do not worry about twins, tomorrow I have a day off. I'll take care of them. We'll watch a movie together. Just go to your work and do your best."

"I will definitely do that…" said Daphne. Ira greeted her and left the room saying good night.

Daphne hung the T-shirt and the dress. She sat down on the bed and started praying.

"I know you were always with me. You have always been helping me. I still cannot forget how James did not trust me, how my father disowned me, no one gave me a chance to prove my innocence. It was not my fault. I will do my best so that one day I can tell that they were wrong, and I survived everything because the Holy Spirit was with me. Thank you, Father, for everything and please do not leave me alone in this new part of my life." She got up, gave good night kisses to the twins, switched off the lights and went to sleep.

Chapter 2

One and half years ago, everything was very different. Daphne was a bright student at Saint. Catholic school in New York. She belonged to a strict catholic household. Her family would never miss any Sunday prayer at the church. They would wake up at 7 o'clock and would be at the church at 8 am sharp. When Daphne was 16 years old, her mother passed away due to cancer. When the mother was close to death, Daphne would sit near her sleeping mother. She would pray with her little brother James, who was only 6 years old. They would cry and pray to God that he may take a few years from their lives and add to their mother's life. Their father heard them praying one day and burst into tears.

He called his children and sat down to talk to them. He held the children's hands while they were sitting next to him. He looked into their eyes and read a verse from the Bible.

"You know why our father created us. Our prayers can help us with difficulties in life but remember we all have to


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