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Marrying My Twin's CEO Daddy

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One morning, Piper Smith woke up to find herself naked with clothes scattered on the floor and kiss marks on several parts of her body. She had no memory and no idea with whom she had spent a passionate night. The incident led to her being evicted from her grandma’s mansion. Eight months later, she gave birth and became a single parent to her son. Until one day, an offer to become a private tutor for a girl from a wealthy family came to her. Piper, who was struggling financially, did not hesitate to accept the job offer. And from there, Piper finally discovered a shocking fact that had been hidden from her all this time. What was the shocking fact? Who was the man she had spent the night with? Will Piper and her son be happy?

CH 1: Lustful Night

Piper’s POV

I felt a hand caressing my face, continued down to my breast, which were still covered by a pink t-shirt. Then, he gently kissed my lips while taking off my clothing, bra, and panties.

I kept on muttering and trying to push his body away from me, but he didn’t budge at all. Then he whispered in my ear, “You have been paid, so enjoy it.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I replied. My vision became blurry and all I could see was he was wearing a black suit, about 175 cm tall, blue eyes and dark brown hair.

What I felt next was a hand that traced every curve of my body and touched every sensitive spot until a long moan came out of my lips covered by pink lipstick.

“Please. Stop it!” I begged, but he didn’t listen.

Not long after, I felt something entering me. Something big kept trying to get into me, so it cause a pain but gave me a pleasure as well.

“Please stop!” I said and sobbed. Tears ran out of my eyes.

He kept moving on top of my body while continuously moaning. Occasionally, his lips forcibly kissed my lips, and his wet tongue surfaced the entire of my lips.

Few minutes later, he c*m then he lay beside me. After that, I fainted and didn’t know what happened next.

Jay Lee’s POV

After locking the hotel room door, I stood in front of a girl who was lying on the bed and seemed to endure the dizziness and heat in her body while sending a message to Nick, my assistant.

“I’m already in the room,” I said.

“Ok, sir. She is the girl I specially ordered for you. She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Nick replied.

“Yes, she is beautiful.”

“Ok. Good night, sir. Have a good time. I’ll be waiting for you at the office tomorrow morning,” he said.


To repay the kindness and curiosity of my mom, who had booked a woman for me tonight, it would not be good if I stalled for too long. I hurriedly took off all my clothes and crawled up to her.

I caressed her face and continued down to her chest, which was still covered by the pink t-shirt. Then I gently kissed her lips as I unbuttoned her shirt one by one and took off her jeans, bra, and panties.

She moved restlessly beneath me as she kept mumbling and trying to push my body away from her. A question arose in my mind.

Hadn’t she been paid to do this with me? Why was she asking me to stay away from her?

I leaned close to her ear and whispered, “You have been paid, so enjoy it.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she replied with a blush on her face. She was so cute.

Her skin was smooth and fragrant. Her curves were beautiful, with sizable breasts and light brown n*ppl*s. How tempting! Her vagina was fragrant and covered in a few fine hairs. It was so soft and tight that it massaged my c*ck firmly and made me moan continuously. It felt so amazing, like my body was being carried high into the clouds.

Not long after, I c*m and fell asleep. The next morning, after taking a shower and getting dressed, I accidentally saw bloodstains on the bedsheet. I was shocked and wondering.

Could a prostitute still be a virgin? Could there be a mistake? Ah, I’d better ask my assistant later at the office. Then, I hurriedly left the hotel.

Piper’s POV

The next morning, I suddenly woke up when I heard a door being kicked loudly. My eyes flew wide open and my brain ordered all my limbs to sit and find out what was going on.

However, the moment I tried to sit, I realized I was on a bed that didn’t belong to me and I glanced around the room. Everything was different. I was in a strange place. But where was this? Why was I here?

I tried to think hard and clearly remember the details of the last night, but the more I tried to remember, the more I winced in pain while holding my head. And it wasn’t just my head that hurt, but my body as well. It felt like I had walked miles without resting.

Before I could clearly remember the last night’s events, I suddenly saw Megan, my cousin, coming along with our grandma, Helen Smith, and my fiancé, Ethan Coles. But what made my heart skip a beat was not their arrival but the look of anger and disgust on their faces.

Why did they look angry and disgusted with me?

“Look, Grandma. Look at her. Our little wh*r*. You see?” Megan said as she folded her arms across her chest. She smiled slyly.

“Enough, Megan,” Grandma said firmly. Megan immediately stopped smiling.

I saw her approaching me while gripping her wand. The look on her face differed from Megan and Ethan’s. There was a glint of fire in her eyes, like a hunter about to burn her quarry. I had never seen such an expression on my grandma’s face.

I tried my best to sit and was surprised to find myself naked with my clothes scattered on the floor and kiss marks on several parts of my body. But even worse were the bloodstains on the bedsheets. That means what I felt last night wasn’t a dream. It meant I had made love to someone, but who? And why did I end up here? I grabbed the blanket as quickly as possible to cover my body that wasn’t covered by a single thread.

“Grandma, I-I can explain this. It’s not what you think,” I stammered. My body was trembling, and I realized that my voice sounded hoarse. It must have been the alcohol. Even my head was still throbbing with pain, like dozens of thorns piercing every part.

Grandma’s eyes gazed at me. I bowed my head and tried my best to hold back my tears so that I wouldn’t look ridiculous in their eyes. I didn’t know or remember what happened to me last night. All I could remember were small snippets of what happened when Megan took me to a bar for a drink and we chatted at the bartender’s table while listening to live music. Then, Megan said that the singer was very s*xy. That’s all I remember.

Grandma banged her wand on the floor and it felt like my heart jumped from its place inside me. Her voice was loud and echoed throughout the room. She was still staring at me like she was going to swallow me alive, and I didn’t even dare to move the hair that was blocking my view. My palms broke out in a cold sweat.

“Piper Smith,” Grandma said in a loud, stern voice.

“Y-yes,” I replied quietly.

“Look me in the eye when I’m talking to you!” she exclaimed, banging her wand on the floor again.

I looked up and tried my hardest to look into her eyes.

“What I see before my eyes right now is an undeniable fact. I will not let my descendants tarnish the family’s good name. After this, I don’t want to see your face again,” she said. Then, she walked away to the door of the room and exited without turning around or giving me a chance to explain what had happened.

Tears streamed down my face. My chest felt sore. The grandma I had loved all this time didn’t want to see my face anymore. After my father died, I thought of her as a strict figure who could protect me from anything. But, the reality wasn’t as beautiful and kind as I’d imagined.

“See you at home, Piper,” Megan said as she waved goodbye to me and walked toward Ethan, and caressed his face. Ethan didn’t even resist, smiling gently at Megan. And I finally realized the mastermind behind this mess.

“Ethan, please. I-I can explain all this,” I said as I pulled the blanket over my body and got out of bed. I held his hand, looked into his eyes, and hoped he would stand by my side and help me through this mess.

However, he brushed off my hand and walked backward away from me. I could only stand there staring at him with tears streaming down my face. My feelings hurt like a knife sliced through them. It hurt, but didn’t bleed.

“E-Ethan, please. Haven’t we been in a relationship for eight years? Please listen to me just once,” I pleaded as I approached and touched his hand again. However, he brushed her hand away and walked towards the exit.

Before he walked out of the hotel room, he turned around and said, “Our engagement ends here and we have nothing more to do.”

“No, Ethan. Please listen to me.” Too late, he is gone and never looked back.

CH 2: Pregnant and Gave Birth

Piper’s POV

“Karen! Piper! Come here quick!” Erin Smith, Megan’s mom, yelled.

Mom and I rushed to the living room. After returning from the hotel, I immediately told mom everything, and she cried while saying that this incident was a trap that would make both of our lives suffer and I would lose my right as the heir to my grandma’s wealth.

Since I saw Megan’s body language in the hotel room this morning, I finally realized that all of this was just a trap set by Megan.

When I arrived in the living room, I saw Aunt Erin standing with her arms folded across her chests. A smile of happiness was on her lips. Meanwhile, grandma sat on the sofa with Megan. She put her arm around her as if she was the only grandchild who had done nothing wrong.

“Yes, mom,” Karen, my mother, said.

“Grandma,” I said.

“Leave the mansion this instant and never appear before me again. I’m disappointed in both of you. Now tidy up your things. The maids w


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