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Married To The Conqueror

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Amelia seems to have it all - beauty, wealth, and a handsome boyfriend from an influential family. But her gilded life shatters when she learns her boyfriend Alexander has been cheating with her own stepsister. Devastated, things go from bad to worse when Amelia's parents announce they are marrying her off to Harrison, the son of a disgraced billionaire family, while giving control of the family company to her backstabbing stepsister. Amelia is distraught, feeling utterly betrayed by those closest to her. The only person she has left is Martha, the kind maid who is more of a mother to Amelia than her own ever was. But Martha falls gravely ill, leaving Amelia desperate to get the funds for her medical treatment. Forced to go through with the engagement for Martha's sake, Amelia steels herself to marry Harrison. Yet upon meeting Harrison, Amelia is surprised to find herself intrigued by this handsome, down-to-earth stranger. As they continue to connect, she realizes there may be more to him than just his family name and reputation. But Amelia remains wary, focused on securing her independence and caring for Martha. As the wedding looms closer, a whirlwind of shocking revelations and twists will turn Amelia's world upside down once more. Will she find an unexpected saving grace in her marriage to Harrison? Or will sinister secrets beneath the surface threaten to destroy her world yet again? Little did she know, she was going to get married to the conqueror, the one who had conquered everything.

Chapter 1

Amelia sat by the hospital bed, tears welling up in her eyes as she looked at Martha, her beloved maid who had been with the family for decades.

Martha was like a second mother to Amelia, having cared for her since she was a little girl.

Now in her mid fifties, Martha had been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, the treatment for which would cost a fortune.

Amelia grasped Martha's frail hand in hers.

"Don't you worry about a thing. We'll pay for whatever treatment you need, money is no object. You've been part of our family for so long, we'll make sure you get the absolute best care."

Martha smiled weakly, gratitude shining in her eyes.

"You're too kind, dear. But don't go spending all your money on an old woman like me. As long as I get to see your smiling face, I'll be at peace."

Amelia shook her head firmly. "Nonsense. We're going to fight this, and you'll be back to bossing me around in no time." They both laughed softly at the long running joke about Martha's mothering.

"There's something I wanted to share with you," Amelia continued excitedly.

"I've met someone special, and I'm going to introduce him to Mother and Father tonight. His family is quite prominent too, so I don't foresee any objections."

Martha nodded approvingly. "I'm so happy for you, dear. You deserve all the joy in the world. But even if things don't work out, you know this old woman will always be here for you."

Amelia had to choke back a sob. "Oh Martha. Even if...even if the worst should happen, I promise I'll be here with you till the end. Your love means everything to me."

Martha patted Amelia's hand gently. "You're a good girl. Now go on, let me rest. We'll talk more tomorrow."

Amelia leaned down and kissed Martha's forehead before quietly slipping out of the private hospital room.

She dabbed at her eyes, composing herself before heading down to the parking garage.

As she drove home, Amelia thought about the man she planned to introduce to her parents that evening.

Alexander came from a well established family of real estate developers.

He was handsome, charming, and clearly smitten with Amelia. For the first time, she felt like she had met someone she could imagine a future with.


The Davidson estate sprawled across acres of manicured lawns and gardens.

Their palatial mansion was ablaze with light as Amelia pulled up the long driveway. She felt a quiver of excitement, eager to share her joyous news with her family.

Stepping into the house, she made her way to the formal dining room.

As she entered, Amelia stopped short, shock rooting her in place.

There was Alexander, sitting at the table - but he was holding hands with her stepsister Isabelle!

They were chatting cozily with her parents, seeming not to notice Amelia's stunned presence.

"What is going on here?" Amelia finally managed to choke out.

Her mother turned, looking annoyed at the interruption.

"Oh Amelia, there you are. We were just getting to know Isabelle's new boyfriend Alexander."

Amelia stared at them in utter disbelief. Alexander wouldn't even meet her gaze, staring down at his plate sheepishly.

She felt as if the ground had dropped away beneath her feet.

Her father cleared his throat importantly. "Now that you're here, we have an announcement."

"Your sister Isabelle will be taking over as CEO of Davidson Enterprises starting next month. Your mother and I feel she is better prepared to lead the company into the future."

Amelia listened numbly to her father's words, unable to process this betrayal by her own family. And there was even more.

"As for you," her father continued, "we've arranged an engagement to Harrison Caldwell, eldest son of the Caldwell Group. It's high time you settled down."

Harrison Caldwell?! His family had fallen into ruin after a series of bad investments. All of society knew of their bankruptcy.

Yet her parents wanted to marry her off to save their failing social status?

Amelia felt the room tilt around her unsteadily.

In the span of a few minutes, she had lost the man she loved, her hopes of running the family business, and her freedom to choose her own partner.

Her picture perfect world had shattered completely.

She turned and ran from the room, ignoring her mother's shrill voice calling her back.

Amelia fled to her suite, slamming the door and collapsing onto the bed in heaving sobs.

She cried until no more tears would come, feeling more alone than ever.

Martha's illness, her family's betrayal, the dire prospect of a loveless marriage - it was all too much.

Amelia sat up slowly, realizing she had no choice but to be strong.

She refused to be a pawn in her family's machinations.

Wiping her eyes, she stood and began packing a suitcase methodically. She would not stay here a moment longer.

Amelia knew Martha was the only one who truly cared for her.

She had to see her one last time before she disappeared from the Davidson's lives forever.

She slipped out into the night, driving to the hospital under the cover of darkness.

Martha seemed to be sleeping when Amelia entered her room.

She sat by the bedside, taking the old woman's hand in both of hers.

"It's me," she whispered.

"I'm leaving this place. I just had to see you one last time, to thank you for everything. You've been more of a mother to me than anyone."

"I'll never forget your love and kindness. Be at peace, dear Martha. Be at peace."

She bent and gently kissed the woman's wrinkled cheek.

As Amelia turned to leave, she heard Martha's frail voice call out to her softly. "Amelia? What's troubling you, dear?"

Amelia froze, then sank to her knees by the hospital bed as the emotions she had tried to suppress came flooding out.

She laid her head on Martha's lap like a child, sobbing as the old woman stroked her hair gently.

Between anguished cries, Amelia poured out the whole dreadful story - Alexander's betrayal, her sister taking over the company, the arranged marriage to Harrison Caldwell.

Saying it aloud made the injustices feel even more acute.

Martha listened patiently, continuing to soothe Amelia until the torrent of pain finally slowed.

When Amelia quieted, Martha tilted her chin up with one finger until their eyes met.

"My sweet girl," she said. "I know your heart is breaking, but running away is not the solution. You must be smart and pragmatic for now."

Amelia started to protest, but Martha held up a staying hand.

"Listen to me. Agree to this engagement to Mr. Caldwell for the time being."

"Once you are legally independent and have access to resources, you can make your own choices."

"Play the dutiful daughter role just long enough to secure your future."

Amelia wiped her eyes, realizing the wisdom in Martha's counsel.

As painful as it was, she had to endure this injustice a little longer in order to gain the upper hand.

"You're right," she conceded, squeezing Martha's hand.

"I'll do as you say. I can withstand this charade if it means protecting you and ultimately claiming my independence."

Martha smiled proudly. "That's my strong girl. Now go home and rest. We'll talk again tomorrow."

Amelia bent and kissed Martha's soft, wrinkled cheek before slipping quietly from the room, her steps feeling lighter.

She had a purpose now - play her family's game, but ultimately turn the tables in her own favor.


Chapter 2

Amelia left the hospital feeling a renewed sense of purpose after her talk with Martha.

The wise woman's counsel had set her thinking clearly again.

She would not run or make any rash moves.

For now, Amelia would pretend to go along with her family's schemes, biding her time until the moment was right to break free on her own terms.

Arriving back at the imposing Davidson estate, Amelia steeled herself before entering the house.

She found her parents lounging in the study, doubtlessly congratulating themselves on their maneuvers to control her fate.

Schooling her features into an expression of acquiescence, Amelia addressed them.

"Mother, Father, I wish to apologize for my outburst earlier. It was foolish of me. I understand now that you only want what is best, and I will respect your arrangements."

Her parents exchanged startled looks, clearly not having expected such ready agreement.

Her father recover


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