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  • Author: Sinadin
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Amelia seems to have it all - beauty, wealth, and a handsome boyfriend from an influential family. But her gilded life shatters when she learns her boyfriend Alexander has been cheating with her own stepsister. Devastated, things go from bad to worse when Amelia's parents announce they are marrying her off to Harrison, the son of a disgraced billionaire family, while giving control of the family company to her backstabbing stepsister. Amelia is distraught, feeling utterly betrayed by those closest to her. The only person she has left is Martha, the kind maid who is more of a mother to Amelia than her own ever was. But Martha falls gravely ill, leaving Amelia desperate to get the funds for her medical treatment. Forced to go through with the engagement for Martha's sake, Amelia steels herself to marry Harrison. Yet upon meeting Harrison, Amelia is surprised to find herself intrigued by this handsome, down-to-earth stranger. As they continue to connect, she realizes there may be more to him than just his family name and reputation. But Amelia remains wary, focused on securing her independence and caring for Martha. As the wedding looms closer, a whirlwind of shocking revelations and twists will turn Amelia's world upside down once more. Will she find an unexpected saving grace in her marriage to Harrison? Or will sinister secrets beneath the surface threaten to destroy her world yet again? Little did she know, she was going to get married to the conqueror, the one who had conquered everything.


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