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Married to the billionaire alchemist ceo

Married to the billionaire alchemist ceo

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Emma was always referred to as a cursed child ."Because she could see beyond what the ordinary eyes could see. her parent loved her immensely irrespective of what people said about her. Her fate changed the very day her parents got involved in a ghastly motor accident caused by an" immortal being". Emma was sent to an orphanage home to fend for herself and then after so many years, she came back to work for a mysterious CEO, who owned one of the largest companies in the country. In the quest to find out what happened to her parents, some mysteries were unraveled.

Chapter 1

Footsteps inaudible to the human ears dominated the Hidden Forest.

Only hunters and priests who were familiar with the 'Dragon's Path' can make it in and out of the forest alive.

Deep in the forest, a priest laid a slain lamb by the roots of a gigantic tree. The tree was the dwelling of Demeter.

It was believed that anyone who prayed by the tree got answers.

The priest fell on his knees and his mouth moved rhythmically as he rendered his chants.

Slowly, the priest stopped. There was an awakening of a strange energy. He looked around but it was dark and still.

Suddenly, murmurs and footsteps like that of a battalion became audible.

The stench of blood and human flesh had awakened the brute beasts and creatures that feed off human flesh and blood. They were incarcerated in the forest by Drusilla.

Many centuries ago, when the world was in chaos because of the havoc caused by these aberrated creatures, Drusilla; the mountain spirit, had sealed them all up in the hidden forest.

The priest rose to his feet slowly. He watched in horror as the dead lamb he had sacrificed floated in the air.

When it landed, it was disemboweled. The priest screamed and took to his heels.


It was 1am. Drusilla Gerco; the CEO of Gerco group of companies, stood up from his desk. He shut down his laptop and undressed.

He had just finished an online meeting with the presidents of some of his company's subsidiaries. It was a hectic day.

He walked into the bathroom for a shower. He turned on the lights and stared back at his reflection in the mirror.

He stood tall with his long arms dangling by his sides. His broad shoulders thinned out around his loins and gave a framework for his exquisite masculine physique.

His cheeks were perfectly chiseled out. They settled perfectly on his well defined jaws, giving his face a picturesque of a perfect art.

His lips were dark rose in color. They were full and well carved. They thinned out at the far end for a perfect finishing.

His eyes were like pools of alluring blue seas. They were worth dying for.

With a flick of his fingers, the shower came alive. He groaned in pleasure as the cold water coursed through his skin. The feeling was ecstatic.

When he was done, he patted his face dry and draped a towel across his shoulders.

Water droplets made a trail on the floor as he made his way back to the bedroom.

He patted his body dry and pulled on his pajamas. Slowly, he walked to the bed and laid down to sleep.

"It's a new day already," he muttered. He clamped his eyes shut and drifted into a peaceful sleep.

He had just slept for a few minutes when he rolled around in his sleep. Loud and angry murmurs filled his sleep. His eyes flicked open and he was wild awake.

His right hand shook violently and involuntarily. He sprang up immediately and sniffled noisily.

"The edge is broken," he muttered.

Slowly, the blue tint in his eyes was engulfed in a burning redness like an inferno.

His fingers bursted into talons and he was caught up in the air as he took his flight.


The priest ran like a lunatic but he couldn't out run the battalion that followed hard after him. His screams resonated through the forest as he was caught up in the air.

The murmurs increased and the priest surrendered to death.

Suddenly, the vivid murmurs trailed off. They were replaced by an ominous and loud cry, "Drusilla! Drusilla! Drusilla!"

The priest felt light headed and fell to the ground. His eyes caught the similitude of a man flying in the air. He trembled and bursted into full speed.

Suddenly, he came to a screeching halt and fell on his back. He trembled as he stared into the face of the prettiest creature he had ever seen.

The creature had the form of a human but for his teeth and talons.

"Dru... Drusilla?" He thought.

The creature bared his fangs and floated in the air. His arms moved forcefully amidst the air and the priest shrieked.

He screamed in horror as shredded body parts fell to the ground. Again, he took to his heels while Drusilla continued in battle.


"Mum? Dad? Can you hear that?" Five year old Emma Costa said to her parents

"What? What did you hear?" Her mother questioned.

"Swoosh! Swoosh and swoosh!" Emma said rhythmically and threw her doll up.

"Common Margaret! I can't believe you're leading her on. You know how it is with her visions. You ought to shut her up... It's late into the night and I hate traveling down this damn road, it's associated with weird folktales," Hector said to his wife and slammed the brakes.

"Common sweetheart, you should be sleeping already, we are almost home," he said to Emma and turned from his seat to pat her shoulders.

"Yes Daddy," Emma responded obediently and shut her eyes as she tried to sleep. Hector eased the car out of the bay and sped up.

Emma groaned and twirled in her sleep. She murmured repeatedly and threw her legs up like she was in combat.

"I knew it. It's worse when she is asleep," Margaret complained and tried to steer Emma awake.

She lifted her into her laps and cleaned away the sweat on her forehead.


"Yes mummy,"

"What did you see? Is it that dream again?" Margaret asked.

"No, mother," Emma responded and shook her head slowly.

"You've certainly gone crazy! You shouldn't probe into such matters!" Hector interrupted.

"You are the crazy one here. Don't tell me you want her to keep those nightmares to herself!" Margaret yelled back.

"You can't stop them either!" Hector yelled.

"Daddy! Watch out! There is a fight! There are monsters! Watch out!" Emma yelled but Hector sped up defiantly.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Drusilla dived behind D'Arcy; an ageless dark vampire. He buried his talons in his neck and wrung his neck.

D'Acry went berserk and let out a loud cry, before Drusilla could stop him, he rammed into Hector's car.

The car was sent flying. It tumbled amidst the air and shattered as it landed on the ground.

Drusilla roared in anger. He took his flight right after D'Acry but a single glance at the dying trio made him float around indecisively.

Explosions rocked the earth as the car caught on fire. Dwellings that were set along the terrain shook in tremor. Occupants were thrown out of their beds and they fled their homes for safety.

pandemonium rocked as a crowd teamed up. They watched cautiously from afar as explosions rocked from the burning car.

"Isn't that Hector's car? What the heck! His house is just a stone's throw," someone yelled from the crowd.

"That man drives recklessly," a voice said.

"Are you sure it's Hector's


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