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Married To A Powerful Domineering Billionaire

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"You came to me, you initiated the whole thing that led to my being dis-virgined. I promised my grandma that until I get married, I wasn't going to share my bed with any woman, but you came along and forcefully took me to bed. You seduced me, you took my virginity, therefore you have to marry me." On the night of a heartbreaking discovery, Rayne is forced into giving her first time to a handsome stranger, one she never thought she'd be meeting afterward, but after she woke up with a ring on her finger, she shockingly finds out she is now the wife to one of the city's eligible bachelors, Eric Arnold, a Domineering Billionaire.

Chapter 1: Betrayed

Married To A Powerful Domineering Billionaire

Written By

Okeke-Eze Ifeoma Isabella

Chapter 1


Decorated with dazzling stars, and a half moon, the evening's sky shone brightly in south central LA. In a taxi sat a nervous petite.

Staring fixated through the windowsill, she reminisced on all that she had been practicing for a few days now. It was her boyfriend's birthday and she had just the best surprise planned for him, but she could only hope Fred didn't get turned off by her cluelessness in bed. One of the reasons she had forced herself to watch a few of those nasty videos she had come across during her search online, despite how disgusted they had made her feel.

But it is all good. She loves her boyfriend and that is one of the many things she would do for him, just to show how much she loves him.

For the umpteenth time, she went through the text Fred had sent to her phone. He was at EL Chrisanto' a famous high-class hotel in LA. He wanted to celebrate his birthday alone with her. The thought of it made her giggle shyly. Lost in her haze, she couldn't hear the driver telling her they had arrived until he spoke the third time.

Rayne snapped back to Earth at once, and with a series of apologies, she paid the elderly man and got out as fast as she could, so as not to delay him any further. She stood opposite the elegant building of EL Chrisanto' and swallowed nervously so many times. Her heart drummed nervously inside her chest as the thought of going unclad in front of a man for the very first time rushed through her mind. But, whether now or in the future when their relationship becomes much stronger, she'd still have to do it anyway. She only now hoped she met his standard of women, sexually.

His class of man; rich and sophisticated, she knew he's been with different kinds of women before her. Ones that met his class even, although he's never said it. Therefore, she could only hope he found her body pleasing enough.

She followed the entrance and walked down a long hallway leading to a door. She could hear subtle music from the background, and the more she approached the end of the hallway, the louder the music got. Under the dim lights, Rayne gave herself a quick check. The crystal mini blue dress she had chosen to wear over a pair of black boots, exposed too much flesh than was her style. The fact that it had no hands, and left her cleavages much in the display made her feel more awkward than she had felt when she had taken her first walk out of her apartment.

As she walked through the door at the end of the hallway, her nerves cringed on each other. The lights in this part of the club were a bright shade of gold and blue and its source was from chandeliers hanging down from the rooftop. Threatened by the crowd, and the many eyes already staring her way, Rayne clutched tightly onto the small jacket she was wearing. Although it did little or nothing to cover her exposed cleavages, she still felt grateful knowing she had worn it.

She looked around and noticed a lot of eyes gawking dangerously at her. She swallowed hard, wishing for the millionth time that Sarah had agreed to come with her. She let out a long sigh. How is she to find the room number when it was her first time in such a place?

She looked around once again and her face turned a shade of red when her eyes traveled to the stage on the far right of the hall. Two naked women were doing nasty things to themselves while entertaining the crowd. She immediately looked away and just then, her eyes trailed to the wine counter. Probably she could ask the bartender.

Rayne walked through several people, careful not to hit anyone. She bit hard on her lower lip as she walked passed a couple who were almost on the verge of making out. It was her first time in a club and she was already hating the idea of it.

As she approached the bar, she smiled at the tender and then asked her way to the suite section. The handsome blonde was kind enough to direct her properly to the suite section. Rayne thanked him and then walked towards the elevator on the far left of the hall. As she got into the elevator, she pressed the third floor, just as the bartender had told her.

In three minutes, the elevator dinged open letting her out to a hallway of doors with different numbers on them. Following the numbers, she took her right and trod down the long corridor, her heart topping its beating rate at each step she took.

When she found a room with the number 306, she stopped just opposite it. She could hear her heart pounding in her ears as she took a step, and then two close to the door. But she stopped just as she was about to push it open. Because she could hear subtle familiar whimpers coming from inside. Didn't he say he wanted to spend the evening alone with her?

She wound the knob and pushed lightly, only to be presented with the most heartbreaking sight ever. Rippled with shock, she shut the door back close and ran away with a hazy mind and a pierced heart down the hallway. Overwhelmed by emotions of pain, caused by the dreadful sight she had seen, she failed to see in what direction she was running, until she bumped into something hard.

In the process of running away from what she had just seen, she bumped into someone and her head collided with something hard, but fleshy. She blinked back the tears that had already started finding their way to her eyes, and then her eyes were greeted first by a pair of neatly polished leather shoes.

Chapter 2: A Handsome Stranger

A Handsome Stranger

Rayne Pov

Moving my eyes from the shoes, I looked up to see who it was I had bumped into, but all I could see was a man's chest. I had to pull away from this person in order to see his face, which I did, and was rewarded with alluring gray eyes. They were the most captivating eyes I had ever seen. Something about them felt so... cold and yet, so compelling. The lackadaisical way they glared down at me with zero emotions hinted at danger, but something in me wasn't listening to the warnings. My tiny little heart still felt hurt. I had planned a lot just for today, only to come to Fred's hotel room and find him doing to another woman the things I had planned to do with him. I had finally agreed to give him my first time. After all the surprises I had planned in stock, I got to this place, only to be at the receiving end of the most painful experience. I love Fred. He's the first man I have been with. And to think I was always ready t


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