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It wasn't just about what this lady was wearing. It was her. Something to do with the way she moved. Like she was one with the music and with the stage. The music pounded in a hypnotic rhythm that was unashamedly sexual, and she moved and danced in time to the beat, her movements graceful and seductive. So much confidence and balance. Balance that should have been nearly possible with the length of the heel shoes that she was putting on, but she made it look so natural... So easy, like she'd been born with high, slender spikes attached to her feet. There was something captivating... Almost hypnotizing about this woman, and Dimitri found him self leaning closer to watch. To take in every sight of this beautiful goddess. She was a vision of feminine perfection, every man's fantasy and Dimitri felt sharp claws of lust drag through his loins. On the opposite side, Dimitri saw a man half rise to his feet, a look of naked longing in his eyes. He didn't blame the man. What man wouldn't be captivated by such a beauty? -------------------- Nervous about assuming control of her father's company, Kelly Darcy relocates to San Francisco. In an attempt to do something she loved one more time before her life changed completely, she volunteers to replace a dancer in her friend, Elizabeth's fashion show and ends up in the arms of Dimitri Collins. It was supposed to be a one night stand. She didn't have to see him again. But Kelly realizes how wrong she was when Dimitri walks into her father's office... And now she has to fight to keep her father's company, while figuring out what she truly feels for Dimitri.

Chapter 1

"Remind me why we are here again?" Dimitri Collins scoffed as he got out of the passenger side of the car and slammed the door shut. "You really gotta ask again?" David replied, stepping out of the car with Spencer, "We are here, my friend, because it's my birthday. I get to have whatever I want, and this is what want"Dimitri slapped his left hand on his face and groaned. Sometimes he just didn't understand David's way of thinking, and this was one of those times. It was a cool and breezy evening. A strong gust of wind blew against Dimitri's face, teased his hair and ruffled it. Dimitri smoothed his hair back in place with his fingers and gave David a bored look. The salty breeze had begun to drain away. The evening sun cast long shadows on the ground. The slanting rays of the setting sun gave a warm orange tinge to the sky, and the trees swayed in the gentle breeze."And you couldn't think of anything else" Dimitri asked David, "This is really what you want for your birthday? You brought us to a f*ck*ng Theater? Look, I know we are getting old and sh*t like that, but we're in our thirties, not Fifty Eight. I can't believe you're really serious about this sh*t right now" "Yes, I am," David said, placing his hand around Dimitri's shoulder and urging him towards the entrance of the building. "A friend told me to come and I promised I would. Give it a chance, it might be fun"Dimitri highly doubted that. "I feel like you're doing this to torture me. You know I would have preferred it if we just stayed indoors and played some video games while drinking beer" he protested, releasing himself from David's grip, but he continued to walk with them. Spencer laughed then. And the sound made Dimitri want to turn around and go home that instant. But this was David's birthday, and he couldn't do that to his buddy. It wasn't that he had a problem with Theatre's, dancers or performances, he didn't. It just wasn't his thing. He could think of a million things he'd rather be doing right now. And he had a feeling that the guys were on another stupid mission to find him a girlfriend or whatever. Ever since David and Spencer got married, they somehow got the idea in their heads that he should be too. And they started this hopeless mission of finding someone for him. Well, they had failed three times now, and if this was another attempt and they thought they could find someone for him in a place like this, then they were sadly mistaken. It wasn't that Dimitri didn't like women either. He did. He loved women in fact, and they loved him right back. How could they not? Dimitri was very attractive. As a man over six feet in height, stoutly built, and muscular, he had a commanding presence. A striking face, an exquisite voice, lustrous and thick hair that he had a habit of running his hands through, and dark, intense eyes. With each movement he made, his shoulders flexed, displaying well-defined muscles and sinew. His backside was trim and taut. And his thighs, so long and well-sculpted, looked like the legs of an athlete. His face was beautiful, almost too beautiful. It was the kind of face that should make innocent women wary of losing their virtue. The dark eyes, framed by deliciously long dark lashes and thick eyebrows, held cynical humor and were painfully direct and probing when he chose to use them that way. His nose was straight and narrow, his jaw firm. He was attractive alright, and he could get a girlfriend if he wanted one, except he didn’t want one. He just didn't do relationships. David and Spencer would just have to realize that even if what they had with their wives was wonderful, not everyone was cut out for that kind of life. Not everyone wanted a relationship. Not everyone wanted a wife and a family. Some people just preferred to live in the moment. People like him. Dimitri Collins had never been in a long term relationship and he had never tried to have one. His relationships were always brief... Something he always made clear to his sexual partners as he didn't want anyone expecting things he knew he couldn't give. "Relax man" Spencer said, "Just sit down and watch the performance... At least just the first one. We won't stay long, I promise. And we have good seats ""Yeah, and maybe after this we can go to a strip club and get one of the girls there to give you a lap dance so you can unwind" David cut in grinning at Spencer while the latter laughed, clearly enjoying Dimitri's discomfort and patting him on the shoulder. Dimitri gave him a look as he pushed the door open so David and Spencer could go in first "I'm the one who should be getting a lap dance?" he asked, referring to David. "Isn't this supposed to be your birthday, birthday boy? We are out this evening because of you. By the way, what does your wife think of you going to a strip club? Does she even know your plans for tonight?"David gripped Dimitri's shirt. Not too hard, but hard enough for him to know that he meant business. "Sandra doesn't know, and it's going to stay that way" he said, before releasing him.Spencer supported David's comments with a series of nods, while Dimitri laughed at the looks on their faces."I'm not entirely sure how Josie would feel about me being at a strip club. I usually keep it from her" Spencer said, "and I don't think I want to find out how she would react. Right now, she thinks we're at some bar, sharing drinks and telling stories to celebrate David. I don't want her thinking I'm a liar""But you are a liar," Dimitri said, laughing as they made their way to their seats, loving the way the tables had turned and now he was the one teasing them. "Yes I know I am, but it doesn't mean that I want her to know too" Spencer replied with gritted teeth. "So let's try to keep it that way, shall we?" "Good." Dimitri agreed, still recovering from the laughter. "Now everyone better be on their best behavior if they don't want to get busted to their wives. We are here to celebrate our friend David, so let's focus on that... Have our seats.... And watch.... Whatever it is we're about to watch"

Chapter 2

Kelly Darcy, only child of Raymond Darcy, had spent all her life running from the one thing she knew she couldn't escape.... Taking over her father's company, Darcy Enterprises. As her father's only child, and with her mother dead since she was a baby, Kelly always knew that one day the company would be hers.'That day isn't here yet', 'The time hadn't come yet', Kelly had told herself so many times, but now it was time, and she wasn't anywhere near ready for such a huge responsibility. A few months ago, her father had forced her return to San Francisco, insisting that it was time for her to come home so she could get acquainted with the company before he stepped down. And so she'd come. She had left her life... Not that she had much of a life over there. It was mostly just work. She didn't have a boyfriend or a best friend. Just a few people she hung out with once in a while, so it wasn't


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