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Mafioso Daddy and the Sweet babysitter

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Marília is a beautiful young woman, who works in a restaurant as a waitress, on a common day of work she ends up meeting Vinicius and his daughter Yasmin. An awkward and unusual situation unites them and Marília is forced to have dinner with them, little by little, she becomes friends with the little girl and receives an invitation to be her nanny. What she does not know is that Vinicius is the Capo of a cartel of dangerous mafiosi, and that something from the past unites them in a tragic way. Come to discover that love can be light…even being born between firearms and bullets!

Chapter 1

Marília is a young woman of twenty-three years, works in a restaurant called Sweet Menu. She lost her parents a few years ago and in criminal circumstances, and that makes her carry in her heart an immense pain and bitterness. It was a rainy day, and she walked hurriedly from the bus stop to her workplace, which was fifteen minutes from there. A car passed quickly and ended up throwing all the water from a puddle on top of it.“But what a son of a b*tch!” She recorded that plaque mentally, knew that the possibility of finding that person again was almost nil.She was late because of that setback and with the wet clothes.“Again late Marília?” The boss grumbled, the old man never liked her work and always played a certain charm, but as he realized that she would never give up her amorous advances preferred to pursue her. Making her job impossible whenever she has the opportunity.“I’m sorry, Mr Adalberto, as you can see I was taken by surprise by a car and a puddle of mud!”“Maybe if I walked with a little more attention, I wouldn’t go through situations as ridiculous as this. Go at once to your work and do something useful.”“Yes sir!”MaríliaI went straight to the bathroom and dressed my waitress uniform, my friends always encourage me to find another place to work and that here I will never be valued as a human being or as a professional. I’m alone in this world, I can’t be without work! I dressed quickly, took my notes and went to the dining room to meet some customers who were already arriving in droves.[…]Vinicius arrived at the restaurant with his seven-year-old daughter Yasmin, he had already booked one of the tables. The girl was a stubborn and very spoiled girl, who always had everything she wanted from her father. Vinicius gave her everything that money could buy to fill his absence in many important moments of his life.Marília saw them waiting for service, found that man very beautiful and elegant and prepared to provide them with good service as he always did for all customers.“Good evening, here are our prices.” Marília gave them the menu, Vinicius greeted her politely and Yasmin too.“Daddy, I’ll have pasta, Trofie al Pesto and let me see…”“Don’t you think it’s too much for such a delicate little girl?” Marília just wanted to avoid a waste, of course, a seven-year-old girl would not eat so many things.“I want that, and my father can pay!” Yasmin replied by confronting her and making the young woman embarrassed.“Bring at once what my daughter asked, you are not here to oversee the requests and just bring them to the table.” He paid in advance, Marilia left that table feeling the worst of people, should not have said anything to that little girl.MaríliaWhat an arrogant man, no wonder the girl is the reflection of her father’s arrogance. If I wasn’t having so many problems in this job, I wouldn’t even go to that table anymore and pass the service to any other waiter. I continued to attend the other tables, trying not to think about what happened, what a terrible day, first that mud bath and now all this arrogance. While I was waiting tables, I realized that the man was looking at me, despite being a complete ignorant I have to admit that he is very beautiful and elegant.“Marília, the order for table two is ready!”I had to face those beasts one more time, took the tray and went there.“Excuse me, here it is!” I organized everything on that table as fast as I could, and I just wanted to go back there to get the bill.” Anything else you need? “Say no, for God’s sake!”“Yes! I want you to sit here.”That little girl could only be playing, I looked right into her father’s eyes.“Daughter, the girl is here working!”“But I want her to sit with us daddy, ask her now!”This girl just wanted to prove that her father’s money could buy everything in this world, company, friendships… What kind of values does this man give her?[…]Vinicius knew that refusing Yasmin’s request would be much more work than trying to do her will.“Sit with us, girl!”“I can’t, sir, I’m working now.”“Tell me how much you make per night, and I’ll pay.”“It’s not about how much I earn per night, I can’t sit with customers.”“My father can pay for you to stay here with us.” The little girl insisted, until Vinicius called the manager.“What is happening? I can already imagine, Marília is causing problems once again!”“Not so, Mr Adalberto…” Before Marília tried to explain, Vinicius stepped forward.“I just want to know, how much do you pay this girl a night to work here?”“Just over eighty reais, why?” Adalberto questioned.“I’ll pay 8,000 reais for you to release her tonight, I just want her to have dinner with me and my daughter.”Marilia looked scared at the boss, never thought that man could spend so much just to satisfy a whim of a naughty daughter. He found it completely absurd and felt sold at auction to whoever gave the best offer.“All right, sit with them, Marilia!”MaríliaFor fear of losing my job, I had to sit with that stupid man and the domineering brat, I was feeling completely humiliated and never imagined myself in a situation like this. I couldn’t hide my expression of hatred by looking at that man, he didn’t seem to pay any attention to what was happening, and I didn’t even touch the food. Everything was very fine and expensive, I never had the opportunity to taste anything that was on that menu.[…]They ate in silence, only Yasmin seemed interested in knowing a little more about Marília, even though the young woman did not want to talk about her life with those people.“How old are you?”“Twenty-three!”“Do you have a boyfriend?”“Daughter, is that a question to ask?” Vinicius scolded her, but she did not take the scolding very seriously.Marilia remained in silence.“Won’t you answer the question my daughter asked you?”“We’re just having dinner, sir, so I don’t have to talk about my personal life.”“You are very rude, we gave you the opportunity to eat with us instead of spending shoes serving from table to table and this is how you thank?”“I would rather do my job than be used as a bargaining chip to satisfy a spoiled child’s whim!”“Daddy, she called me spoiled!”“Let’s go Yasmin.” He took the wallet out of his pocket and left much more than the amount of the account, as payment by the company of Marília.Marília, as far as she was concerned, kept collecting things from the table while he left and talked to the manager looking at her. He waited for him to cross the front door, followed him from afar, watching him and the girl get into the luxury car, seeing the plate the anger inside her increased.“It’s the convict who gave me an earlier bath, it could only be him!”Vinicius and Yasmin arrived at the house, he put her to bed and kissed her good night.“I do not know why Marilia was so angry with us!”“Did you memorize her name?”“She is beautiful, I asked to sit with us because I thought you would like her!”“You seriously did that so that she and I…”“Yes, you need a girlfriend, and she’s very beauty.”Vinicius smiled and covered her by turning off the light in the room that was illuminated only by a lamp. He went to his own room and thought about what his daughter had said, really Marilia was a very beautiful girl, he was never to get involved with any woman for more than one night. His life did not allow establishing links, and with her would not be different.“What is brave is beautiful, maybe Yasmin is not right?”At home, Marília also thought of him, that day had been a great mix of events and grateful meetings and others neither, feared what Adalberto could do with her the next day.MaríliaI looked at my messages on WhatsApp, just a few messages from my friend and confidant Rafaela. Every lack that makes me have a mother, sister, or friend she compensates with her advice and the concern she always has with me.“Hey, girl, how’s it going?”“I have a lot of things to tell you, but only tomorrow when you come here!”“That’s not fair, Marilia.”“I had a full day, and I’m going to bed now, I’ll wait for you tomorrow… kisses and have a good night.”“Good night to you!”

Chapter 2

Rafaela went to the house of Marilia the next day, was consuming desire to know the news. They don’t live relatively close, but whenever she could, she was there to have a good chat.“So, tell me what happened? Yesterday your voice sounded different and I found it a little tense.”“There were so many things, my boss as always making my life hell in that restaurant. I think I never had a boss worse than him!”“If I were you I would have resigned this place, Marilia, that man does not accept that you do not want him!”“I can’t be unemployed. Rafa I live for rent. What’s more, when I was on my way to work, an imbecile gave me a bath with his car bumping into a puddle of mud. I arrived like a wet parakeet, took a scolding of the bag without handle, and soon some customers arrived.”“AND?”“There was a guy and a girl of about eight years at a table, I was being kind and ended up being forced to sit with them to please the girl! The ma


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