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Mafia's Daughter Vengeance

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They were a happy family until that terrible night when everything and everyone was burnt down to ashes. So as Annie discovered her parents were murdered by Sir Aristo, her drug kingpin boss. She was consumed by rage and a desire for vengeance. So she embarked on dangerous missions, putting her life at risk. Despite her uncle's warnings and her lover Bernard's pleas to stop, Annie infiltrated Sir Aristo's inner circle by pretending to be his mistress. As she gathered intel and edges closer to her target, she faced increasing danger and a deadly game of cat and mouse. Will her quest for vengeance succeed, or will it be her downfall?

Chapter 1

Annie's POV

Unaware that I was having my last dinner with my parents in our mansion in Puebla City. I was busy enjoying the beef and rice fajitas prepared by my mom. Licking my mouth and making smacking sounds. My mom smiled and said, "Annie it seems the food is very sweet this night" as she added more beef to my plate. I responded, " Yes Mommy it's so delicious", as I continued to devour the meal before me. Then my dad's phone buzzed. I watched as he picked up and responded, " Mmh, mmh". Immediately after the call ended, he slammed his phone down on the table. Then exploded in anger, " I knew it, that backstabbing son of a b*tch. I have been having the hunch that he pulled that string. And he was trying all he could to put it all on me. How could he be this callous? I shouldn't have trusted him. To make it worse, those people connived with him. They will pay for this, I won't let them off. I want all my cut back".

I was shocked. I had never seen my dad so p*ss*d. My dad's name was Sir Kent Junior. He inherited his businesses from my grandpa. His boys called him Sir Kent. I called him my daddy. He was a nice man but happened to be a drug dealer though many people didn't know that. He did it on a low key as other businesses covered it up.

As I stared at him, I was worried and had this bad feeling. I guessed I just lost my appetite as I couldn't continue with my dinner anymore. Seeing how uncomfortable we were my mom said, " Honey take it easy, the girls are scared". By the girls, mom means my sister Cassie and I.

My sister Cassie was four years old while I was six years old. We lived in our grandparent's mansion in Puebla city which is located in the eastern part of Mexico. We have live-in maids, a nanny, guards, and two dogs. Then, all I knew was that my dad was a businessman and had men who helped him out, especially Uncle Mac and Uncle Philipe. We were one big family living peacefully until, that terrible night.

As the maids were clearing the table after dinner, we heard the dogs running around and barking furiously. I became very scared as I and my sister hung on to our mom. Dad gestured to our mom to take us upstairs. We started heading up but my dad's phone buzzed again. While on the stairs I heard, " What do you mean by they are here? My mom paused as I felt her grip on my hand gets tighter. Then he exclaimed, " What the heck! the guards are dead, and the dogs too? They knew, how did they find out about it? Oh, sh*t, leave there this instant and save yourself". Then he moved out towards the door as he continued to converse with the caller. As the call ended, he called us back. Talking to my mom he said, " Honey I don't know how this will break off. They knew that I had found them out". My mom hugged my dad. Then he picked up Cassie and held my hand and led us through the back door to the dog's pen. My mom was behind him with fear registered all over her face. The dog's pen was like a small store with a gate and air openings. It's big enough for me and my sister since it was harboring two big dogs. Dad pressured Mom to stay with us but Mom refused and said, "If there is an insider he will spill. Whatever will happen I am with you". My Mom already started crying because I could feel that something was wrong. Then I heard vehicles screeching in front of the compound. Daddy instructed us not to make noise or come out no matter what happened. Then mom kissed us one after the other telling us that mommy and daddy loved us very much. Then followed daddy back to the house. I continued to sob as they left us. Cassie herself joined me as we hugged ourselves sobbing together.

The dog pen was located at the back of the house, at enough distance from the main building. I can't see anything but can hear voices sounding within the living room. People were quarreling and shouting at the top of their voices. All of a sudden, there was an absolute silence, followed by gunshots. That instant I felt this piercing pain in my chest. I don't know exactly what happened but I know that someone just died. I cried out, "Daddy, Mommy please don't leave us". I felt so helpless as I hugged my sister tightly crying, hoping to see someone coming to our aid.

Furthermore, I heard engines starting up and a voice screaming, "Come on let's get the hell out of here". I discerned the vehicles speeding out of the compound. In my thoughts, I hoped that it was over at last. I held my sister with the hope that at least one of our parents would be coming for us. I don't know I was hoping in vain. Just that instant there was a big explosion in the house. As I looked out through the air opening I saw our beautiful mansion on fire. I couldn't bear it as I screamed at the top of my voice. "Nooo! Daddy!, Mommy!", as I was sobbing and shaking in fear. The fire was becoming so hot that we could feel the heat in the dog pen where we were. I was scared and confused about what to do. I ended up with a decision to take Cassie out of the pen since the heat was becoming unbearable. Then I saw Uncle Mac at full speed running towards the dog pen.

As he reached us he picked up Cassie in his arm and supported her with one hand. He held my hand with the other hand rushing us towards the gate to his car. He settled us at the back of the car and took the wheel. I noticed that he was sobbing, and kept hitting his hand on the wheel in despair cursing. When he sped off after we were seated in the car, I took one last look back and everything was in heavy flames. I screamed out, to my mommy, and daddy because I could feel that they were no more. As we rode on, Cassie became exhausted with cries so she fell asleep, I settled her down well as I laid her down on the seat. Placed her head on my lap and supported her with one hand.

On our way out we passed a fire service truck with an ambulance and police vehicles. In that instance, I knew they were headed to our house. I asked, "Uncle Mac will mommy and daddy be alright?" He replied, "I am so sorry Annie but they are in God's hands okay, we will find out tomorrow". I assured myself, " Mommy said what is in God's hand is okay, so they are okay". Uncle Mac nodded his head in affirmation as I saw him wipe the tears from his eyes and whispered, "Oh God, why? I cried until I became exhausted and fell asleep.

Chapter 2. The Boss

Writer's POV

"What in the lord's name is keeping these guys. They are supposed to be back by now". Sir Aristo became impatience as he walked up and down in his two-storied duplex's parlor waiting for his guys. He inhaled the cigar in his hand and puffed out the smoke. He hadn't heard anything from the guys he sent to Sir Kent's house. He had been calling but no one was answering. He had become very apprehensive because his agenda would be shattered if this mission turned out to be a failure. He decided to place another call. As he did one of his hit men by the name Kendo picked up. He asked, " Do you want to give me high blood pressure, what the heck happened?. Kendo replied, "Boss it's settled, mission successful". He exclaimed happily, "Hee hah! That's more like it", as he cut the call. He settled down on his cozy sofa as Bella catwalks to his side with a smile. She was with two glasses and a bottl


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