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Mafia love Scandal

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Kaivan Maximilian's world became a mess after Anna Maria Lopez entered his life. The beautiful woman, who worked as a supermodel, suddenly revealed that she was pregnant with his child. Kaivan felt dizzy. He distinctly remembered that despite having had many lovers, he had never slept with any woman. However, Anna had peculiarly presented evidence of a one-night stand between them. That woman had even dared to conduct a DNA test to confirm whether Kaivan's child was the one she was carrying. Kaivan forcibly brought Anna to his house to prevent any heated gossip and to uphold his good reputation. He allowed her to stay with him for a while. Meanwhile, Kaivan continued to search for evidence. He rallied all his bodyguards to secretly investigate Anna's background. Eventually, Kaivan gathered crucial information that made it even more difficult to simply let go of Anna. So, who was the real Anna?

Chapter 1

Kaivan Maximilian. A figure well-known by nearly all the residents of the city of London. A young entrepreneur who has successfully developed a business in the hospitality industry.

Kaivan, up until now, has been widely recognized as a playboy who enjoys changing partners frequently. It's not uncommon for him to be caught affectionately linked with many women, whether they're models or up-and-coming actresses.

On that afternoon, Kaivan seemed to be spending his time having lunch with his younger sibling, Kenzi Maximilian. While engrossed in conversation, he was suddenly surprised by the arrival of a beautiful woman he had never met before.

"Kaivan! So here you are. I've been looking for you all around."

Kaivan stopped eating and turned towards the source of the voice. From his facial expression, it was clear that he appeared confused in response to the woman who was currently speaking to him.

"Hold on, do you know me?" Kaivan squinted his eyes. In his heart, he wondered who the woman in front of him was. "Besides, why were you looking for me? Did we have some kind of issue before?" he asked, puzzled.

The beautiful woman narrowed her eyes, gazing at Kaivan with an unpredictable expression.

"You've forgotten who I am?"

Kaivan's brow immediately furrowed. His mind tried to recall whether he had met or knew the woman before. However, after trying hard, he eventually gave up.

"To be honest, I really don't know you," Kaivan replied.

The woman let out a slight sigh, frustration appearing on her face.

"You seriously don't recognize me, and you're not the man who got me pregnant?"


Kaivan, Kenzi, and Alma, who were all sitting and listening, were collectively shocked by what they had just heard. This statement caught all three of them off guard.

Kenzi, who was sitting beside Kaivan, even shot a piercing look at his brother.

"Kai, is it true that you got this woman pregnant?"

Kaivan grumbled in annoyance. He didn't accept being accused like this. He thought it was absurd.

"Do you think it's even possible for me to impregnate a woman who isn't my wife?"

Kenzi fell silent immediately. He thought it was highly unlikely for his brother to impregnate a woman out there without any official commitment. Their family held the institution of marriage in high regard.

Yes, Kenzi and Kaivan were indeed raised to respect women. That's why despite Kaivan's playboy reputation, they would never dare to bring a woman to their bedroom, especially Kaivan. Despite his casual approach to relationships, he was strongly against bringing his dates home.

Now, Kaivan turned his gaze back. He locked eyes with the blue irises of the woman claiming to be pregnant with his child.

"I'm certain you have the wrong person, Miss. I really don't know you. Moreover, I haven't been with a woman for a long time. I believe you're accusing the wrong person."

The woman shook her head repeatedly, remaining steadfast in what she had said earlier.

"No. I'm very sure it's you. You're Kaivan Maximilian, right? Furthermore, I have proof that we slept together. I can show it to you."

Now, Alma took over the conversation. She felt the need to intervene.

"We should settle this at home, Kai. Don't you see everyone here is watching us?"

Kaivan looking at each person around them. And indeed, some of the restaurant's patrons seemed captivated by the bizarre behavior of the woman who was standing not far from their table.

"Should I take her home with me then? Are you sure?" Kaivan asked hesitantly.

"Let's just take her to your hotel," Alma suggested.

With a lazy expression on his face, Kaivan reluctantly agreed to Alma's suggestion. He led the unfamiliar woman to his hotel.


Four Seasons Hotel - London, England.

"Miss, I don't want to beat around the bush any longer. What's your real motive for accusing me of getting you pregnant?" Kaivan asked shortly after they gathered in his office.

The woman smiled at everyone. Her demeanor was remarkably relaxed, as if she didn't feel intimidated by Kaivan's questioning and skepticism.

"Before we go any further, I should introduce myself. My name is Anna Maria, but you all can call me Anne. I won't say too much. It's better for you to see the evidence I've brought." Anne then handed Kaivan her phone, intending to show the proof that could address all the questions swirling in his mind.

On the phone, there was a clear CCTV recording of an incident from about two months ago. In the recording, Kaivan was present at a party in one of the Nightclubs on the outskirts of London. He was seen drinking with his friends, and shortly after, he stumbled towards a room accompanied by a woman. The CCTV footage stopped once they entered the room.

"Is this all?" Kaivan asked.

"You can swipe the screen of the phone you're holding. After that recording, there's more evidence I've stored," Anne replied.

Kaivan followed her instructions, swiping the screen of the phone he held. A series of photos showed Kaivan sleeping on a bed alongside a woman. Their positions were intimate, as Kaivan was shirtless, and so was the woman.

Kaivan shook his head in disbelief. Once again, he wasn't convinced by what he saw. Curious, Kenzi forcefully took the phone from Kaivan's grip and carefully examined the evidence.

"You really slept with her, Kai!" accused Kenzi.

Kaivan rubbed his face roughly.

"For God's sake, I didn't sleep with her, Ken. Let alone impregnate her. This woman must be setting me up, or maybe she's lying to all of us."

Kaivan stared at Anne's face intently once again.

"What's your real motive behind all of this? Do you want money? If so, I can give it to you. But stop accusing me of doing something I absolutely didn't do!"

Anne let out a bitter laugh directed at Kaivan.

"Money? You think I'm doing this because I need money? In case you forgot, I even drove a two-million-pound sports car to get to your hotel."

"Then what do you want?"

"I just want you to take responsibility! If you still don't believe, we can go to the hospital now to check whether I'm pregnant or not. But you must make sure there are no paparazzi tailing you. Isn't your reputation important too? After all, in this country, who doesn't know Kaivan Maximilian."

Kaivan fell silent. His hand began to massage his forehead gently as he felt a sudden headache coming on. His mind was still trying to decipher the meaning behind all of this.

Seeing his older brother so frustrated, Kenzi immediately pulled Kaivan closer to where he was standing.

"It might be better to let this woman stay with you for now, Kai," Kenzi whispered.

Kaivan was taken aback by Kenzi's suggestion.

"You're telling me to let a woman I don't know stay with me? What if she turns out to be a terrorist, a secret agent, a fugitive, or maybe even a spy from my rival!" Kaivan whispered back.

"But you can't just let her roam around outside either. You never know if she's really pregnant with your child. You also can't guarantee that this woman won't spread rumors to the public. Seriously, I don't mind if your reputation gets ruined, but you have to think about Mom and Dad's feelings, Kai!"

Kaivan grumbled. Everything seemed to be a mess in his eyes right now. Kenzi was right, letting the woman go would definitely expose the possibility of the scandal becoming public knowledge. No one would care about the truth behind the news. On the other hand, Kaivan couldn't just let an unknown woman stay with him either.

"So what should I do then?" Kaivan asked in frustration.

Kenzi seemed to think for a moment, then after a short pause, he spoke again, "For now, let the woman stay with you temporarily, but I suggest you also investigate her background. You could use Hans' expertise to find out the motive behind all of this."

"Are you done discussing?" Anne asked, feeling neglected by the ongoing conversation between the two siblings.

Kaivan stepped forward, approaching Anne's position.

"Fine, for now, you can stay with me. I'll wait until the baby you claim to be mine is born. If the child is indeed born and proven to be mine, I promise to take full responsibility."

Anne smiled at Kaivan.

"Well, can I trust your words?"

Kaivan gave Anne a sly grin.

"A man is respected for his words. I was raised to stand by what I say or promise. Even now, I'm worried that your words might not be trustworthy."

Anne laughed upon hearing Kaivan's response, still doubting his proclamation.

"It's up to you, but for now, I'll thank my future husband. You're not only handsome but responsible too, it seems."

Kaivan sighed in exasperation at Anne's behavior. Shortly after, he reached for the phone on his desk and dialed a number.

"Mike, come to my office now," he commanded.

Not long after, two knocks sounded on the door, and a young man in a neat suit entered, heading toward Kaivan.

"Place this woman in the Presidential Suite with me. Also, make sure to inform Meggy to prepare all her necessities. Treat her like a VVIP guest. Watch over her, and don't forget to arrange for guards outside the room."

The man named Mike, who was Kaivan's secretary, simply nodded and approached Anne, who was still seated on the couch. "You can come with me, Miss," he said.

Anne followed Mike's steps towards the room she would be staying in. Meanwhile, Kaivan remained silent and somewhat stunned. Seeing this, Kenzi approached his brother once more.

"You should be happy that you're going to be a father, Kai. It means Rapha will have a playmate soon. Besides, that woman is quite beautiful, just your type."

Kaivan shook his head in disagreement with what his younger brother said.

"This isn't a joke, Ken. How many times do I have to explain that I don't know that woman at all? No matter how intoxicated I was, I've never slept with my dates."

Kenzi chuckled at Kaivan's response. He actually felt sorry for his brother, who seemed so overwhelmed by the situation. After all these years of being a playboy, Kaivan had never been involved in a scandal like this before.

"Contact Hans right now, ask him to investigate the potential mother of your child. While waiting for news, you have to treat her well. Regardless, she's a woman who deserves protection."

Kaivan took a deep breath, unintentionally causing his shoulders to dramatically rise. He felt so suffocated right now.

"I'll try to follow all your suggestions. Please keep this secret. I just don't want Mom to find out. It's very dangerous for her health."

"For that matter, you don't need to worry. Most importantly, quickly resolve your issue." Kenzi gently patted Kaivan's shoulder and then left his brother alone in the office.

Kaivan stared straight out the window. He closed his eyes for a moment, trying to recall the events of that night. He attempted to piece together fragments of memories, arranging them event by event. However, not long after, he grumbled in frustration; he couldn't remember a single thing.

Kaivan Maximilian, marrying an unfamiliar woman?

Is that even true, Kai?

A handsome entrepreneur like Kaivan Maximilian, marrying a random woman with an uncertain background?

Kaivan shook his head repeatedly, trying to dismiss all the negative thoughts flooding his mind right now.

Chapter 2

"Please come in, miss. From now on, I will take care of all your needs. My name is Megan Lawrence, you can call me Meggy." Kaivan's personal assistant invited Anne to enter the prepared room.

Anne followed Meggy, walking her feet around the Presidential Suite that was specially arranged for her. The first impression Anne got was a room with many rooms equipped with luxurious facilities. There was a living room, a fireplace, and a spacious lounge area. Equally intriguing were the mini bar and the dining area equipped with a minimalist kitchen.

Anne was captivated by this sight, walking over to get a closer look. She enjoyed cooking and always considered the kitchen as her sanctuary.

"If you enjoy cooking, you can use this kitchen," Meggy said. She seemed like a mind-reader, anticipating Anne's thoughts. "But in my opinion, it's better to order food from the hotel." After offering, the woman quickly gave advice. Her words


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