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Mafia Kings: Ronan

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“Is there something I can help you find, love?” His rich, smoky, slightly accented voice made it hard for me to concentrate. “I…uh. I…I was w-wondering w-where the c-coffee maker was.” Was that my voice? Since when did I sound like a sultry s*x kitten? I slowly looked up. I was met with his intense baby blues and once again my body, the treasonous b*tch, reacted to him. It took all I had to swallow and don’t think I missed for one second the way his eyes followed my natural body function. This man was s*x incarnate and if I was being forced to cohabitate with him I was going to have to be extra careful. “I don’t drink that sh*t.” His mouth pulled to the side in his trademark smirk. “Then what’s in that?” I point to his mug. “It’s tea.” He said, trying not to smile. “Close your mouth, love. Unless you want me to put something in it?” He whispered in my ear.


Heather Kranz

Review after the novel completion

I love this book. From the intrigue of the story, to the characters themselves. This has a strong female lead who takes crap from nobody whose caught the eye a sexy Mafia boss. The author has done a great job of making you care for the characters and keeping you on your toes with the twists and turns in the story. And let's not forget the steamy scenes in the book. Hot, Hot, Hot!! Love the Callahan family! Great book!

February 9, 2024

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