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Mafia Boss Possession

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A pole dance dancer in a nightclub is caught and held captive by a cold-blooded member of the mafia after killing his best friend, and justice will be taken into her own hands. How long will that justice with a taste of revenge last? And what if that justice turns out to be a double-edged sword? An enchanting and unknown weakness for the mafia, and a beautiful misfortune for the innocent. You can't know love if you've never experienced it, but pain and desolation seem to be the path to knowing what everyone desires.

Chapter 1

"It 's your turn.”

Elisa Morrison nodded, rising imposingly. Her 15-centimeter heels gave her a sleek, commanding, and s*xy look.

She was slender, with green eyes and silky brown hair. Her golden and black outfit adorned with sparkling stones gave her a ravishing, bewitching appearance; an Arabian dance costume that hugged her body like a glove.

Her body moved to the rhythm of the music, her bare belly drawing lascivious gazes but no one had ever touched her, earning her the nickname "the untouchable," for being a virgin and inaccessible for a private dance in one of the cubicles.

Her hands gripped the long metal pole, the intensity of the lights dimmed, and she began to dance sensually and enchantingly, turning the cold and inert object into her most loyal lover.

She surrendered to it like to no one else, forgetting everything around her, seducing her crowded audience with a s*xy and charming air. Then she focused on using the strength of her legs to go upside down, listening to the cheers of the attendees, mostly men.

"Beautiful! Stunning! S*xy!" several of them shouted, whistling and applauding after another round of dancing.

The scantily clad brunette woman bent down, and more applause rang out, as well as several bills of great value beginning to land at her feet.

That was precisely what mattered to her.

Encouraged by the warm reception, she quickly collected the money and went to have a drink at the bar, courtesy of a client.

"What a night," she thought with a sigh, pushing the liquid down her throat.

It was a more or less boring and monotonous day, but Elisa decided not to lose her enthusiasm, she did her job perfectly and the men in front of the stage spared no expense, she wasn't interested in a relationship and certainly not in having s*x, at least not with anyone from that place.

"Can I buy you a drink?" A voice behind her made her turn around.

She always received that kind of attention, she was more or less used to being the center of attention at the La Femme Rose nightclub, where she earned good money that she spent on her university studies.

"I already have one in hand, but I won't complain about getting another," she said with a somewhat forced smile.

She loved to dance and made the most of it in pole dancing, but she had to endure the insinuations and lewd actions of men who only saw her as a good lay.

She often thought that life wasn't always as people wanted it to be. That it revolved around coincidences full of luck, where many wanted one thing to happen, but something else always happened.

She thought that God had his favorites and that the others, the less favored ones, tried to survive as the days went by, just as she did every night to have a better future, at the expense of perverts who wanted to undress her with their eyes.

"You're beautiful," the man praised, and she nodded, though a wide smile appeared when the man tucked a $100 bill between her ample breasts. "I want you, sweetness."

He leaned in for a kiss, but only touched one of her fingers, smiling devilishly at the mischievous look on the dancer's face.

"I don't make those kinds of deals," she said.

"A difficult girl, I like that," the man mocked, pulling out a huge stack of bills. "How much for a night with you?"

Elisa sighed, shaking her head.

"Not for all the gold in the world," she stated.

"Rumors say you're a virgin," the man stroked the stack of bills and looked at her with a smirk. "There must be a price for that tight p*ssy, doll."

"It's not for sale," she said calmly, confident that Ivan would take care of it. "Thanks for the tip, but I must go to my dressing room."

"Come on, at least give me a kiss," the man requested, and although she rolled her eyes, she reluctantly agreed and mechanically let him kiss her. "I want more..."

The man started kissing her neck, but she kneed him straight in the groin, making him howl in pain.

"Argh, d*mn b*tch!" he yelled angrily. "You'll pay for this!"

"I already told you I don't make those kinds of deals!" she shouted, putting a hand on her neck, where the guy had left a mark. "Now you better leave peacefully..."

"Or what?!" the man snapped, trying to approach her menacingly.

The commotion around them was overwhelming. Elisa took a step back until she bumped into someone, startling her.

"Ivan!" she exclaimed with surprise and relief.

"Wait!" the man grabbed her arm forcefully, and suddenly, she was being pulled away by Ivan, who stepped between them. "Step aside, beast. This is between her and me."

"She's my responsibility," the deep-voiced man said, making himself look intimidating. "And you're leaving now, whether it's peacefully or not is your decision."

"Why is she so special?" the man shouted, drawing the attention of the others. "Why the hell is she untouchable? Everything in this f*ck*ng life has a price, pretty girl, and you'll have it!"

"Escort me to the exit..."

"You won't always have this gorilla to defend you, hear me?" he addressed Elisa mockingly, threateningly. "Someday you'll stop being untouchable, someone will have you, even if it's by force... you'll remember me!”

"Get the hell out, d*mn it!" He grabbed the man and, amidst curses and oaths, practically pushed him out of the place.

Situations like that rarely happened, and when they did, Ivan, a great and fearless security guard, intervened to scare off even the toughest of the lot.

The girl stood there not knowing what to do, she was remembering the man's words, which had sounded like some sort of curse, and although she didn't believe much in those things, she couldn't help but shudder.

"Are you okay, Elisa?" a redhead approached her, concerned.

"In perfect condition," the girl said with a sigh, noticing that her hands were trembling. "It's part of the job, I suppose."

"You look pale, honey," the girl called Mikaela took her by the shoulders, guiding her to her dressing room. "Do you want some water?"

Elisa nodded without saying a word. She felt sick and had to fan herself for a while. She felt nervous and couldn't stop thinking about the risks of such a job, although she tried to encourage herself and remind herself of her reasons for being there.

"Just a little more and I'll soon be able to pay for university, I'm almost done gathering what I need, I just have to be a little more patient and keep my composure."

She also saw a beautiful and huge bouquet of roses that left her astonished. She admired the beautiful gift that only had a card with the words:

"You're incredibly beautiful, I can't wait to see you again. K.S."

She smiled automatically, delighted in the fragrance of two dozen roses and thinking that this job also had its advantages.

That's how she was able to stand up again and, feeling calmer, start the last show of the night.

Chapter 2

The dark and gloomy fortress of the mafioso Andrei Borisov stood majestically atop a hill on the outskirts of the city.

An imposing mansion of Gothic style, surrounded by tall stone walls and guarded by armed men, whose shadows cast menacingly over the corridors illuminated by dim lights.

The air was filled with the smell of tobacco and whisky, an oppressive atmosphere that reflected the cold and ruthless personality of the mafioso.

Andrei, a man with a penetrating gaze and a stern expression, walked with a firm step among his henchmen.

Each of them showed respect and fear in their faces as they received direct orders from their leader. No one dared to question his commands, for those who had done so in the past had disappeared.

The conference room of the fortress was imbued with a tense air as the men sat around a large dark wooden table. Andrei occupied the central seat, his dominant presence filling the room with an intimidating aura.

The men p


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