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Mafia and The Billionaire

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Felicia was a sophisticated, fighter woman who runs a company with over billions of branches all over the world. Felicia’s hard work made her at the top at her age 29. As being the famous CEO. She was already receiving a lot of death threats and false accusations, however, she stands firms and unbothered. On the other side, there’s a man named Kalixo Montenegro, who is at the second leading company. A ruthless CEO who will do anything on his liking, even if not obeying rules of the society is at risk. He never smiles, he is serious man who have no time to build relationships to people. Under this profile, he is a mafia leader, hiding on his skin is a killer. He leads the kidnapping syndicate that his father run. A number one CEO unbothered queen was kidnapped and hidden inside the island with her kidnapper--the mafia leader of the kidnapping syndicate.

Chapter 1

The revised novel still contains several grammatical errors and awkward phrasings. Here's a further refined version:"A horrendous piece of news emerged, causing a disturbing strike to the public: the famous CEO of the number one company in a renowned fashion brand was kidnapped. The CEO, named Felicia Avimayor, is currently being searched for by police officers associated with the best investigators from different countries.This incident has impacted the entire world.Almost all billboards, posters, TV screenplays in shops, radios, articles, and newspapers were covered with Felicia's image. Printed pictures of her were posted on posts and walls with 'JUSTICE' written on them. Even a graffiti art piece was created in her honor.What is more depressing is the fact that there is no evidence that could help the investigators make a lead on how, when, and who is leading this kidnapping scheme. Apart from Felicia's kidnapping, there are also children and teenagers who have been missing up to this day. Some have been found dead, and others were rescued, but no information has been leaked about this criminal act.Even a CCTV recording that could be useful is nothing more than a clear white grayscale recording. Everything seems to have been planned meticulously. This case is too mysterious and alarming, not only for Felicia's family but also for the innocent people in the vicinity.In a mini burger shop, an open radio catches a news report. "Two teenagers who were reportedly missing for three days were rescued from an abandoned house. They suffered physical injuries, dehydration, and hunger. The two young boys have nothing to tell the police officers except that they were kidnapped by some random men in black hoods who started to torture them."A young female employee at the counter sighed. "It's so disturbing. What's the purpose of all this?"A man at the counter spoke, "Criminals are criminals. Whether they have reasons or not, they're still criminals.""I'm getting too scared for late-night walks and solo flights," said the young lady."Scared of rich mafias," the man stated."What did you say?""Criminals find happiness in chaos. It fuels them."The news of Felicia Avimayor's kidnapping spread when her family received a mysterious letter, 24 hours after the kidnapping, in which her family assumed she was only at work. Everyone thought so. The letter contained a threat to kill Felicia, written in thrilling handwriting and red ink. In extreme distress, her family reported the letter to the authorities, prompting the industry to put their entire attention and effort into solving this case.They even offered a reward for anyone who could provide information or find their daughter, but unfortunately, all the leads turned out to be fake and false information intended only to gain the reward.Inside Avimayor's residence, Felicia's mother sat on the sofa in the living room, covered in a blanket. A tissue paper, medicine, and a glass of water were on the coffee table. Her husband came and sat beside her, comforting his sick wife."It's almost a week, and we still haven't received any good news or progress from the investigations," she said, tears streaming down her face.Her husband kissed the top of her head. "You know our daughter, Felicia. She's strong and a fighter. She doesn't give up on anything. I know she'll come back... alive."He hugged his wife, who was now crying in distress. Losing a child would be enough to break down anyone's mental health."How could those other people use our own daughter for popularity! This is not a ludicrous act! How shameful they are...""There are a lot of clout chasers on social media. People really don't care about how much this issue affects the family."Her husband tried to comfort her by caressing her hair and said, "They aren't worth our energy, love. Don't worry about them."Weeks passed, and still no progress or news. Nevertheless, the officials worked tirelessly 24/7. This head-wrecking incident was not a reason to give up. Avimayor's case was significant, and the married couple continued to put effort into finding their only remaining child.On the other hand, this incident resulted in both negative and positive outcomes. Inside Avimayor's company main building, employees were in hectic schedules.Avimayor's secretary entered the vice president's office. "Sir, this is getting worse and a bit weird," she said, adjusting her glasses and standing firm.Written on a transparent label was the vice president's name, Cedrick. He rolled his eyes and turned his laptop facing the secretary. "It's both good and bad news and a headache."The secretary's heels clicked on the floor as she moved forward. "Investors are withdrawing, and also... The number of investors who invest is double—no, triple the number of those who withdraw...?""I wish Felicia could see this. I hope she is fine. I even talked to an investigator about the case, and honestly, they also have no idea where to start again."The secretary played with her hands and gulped. "I really hope she'll be found as soon as possible. This is too clean for even the best investigators to find a clue for the progress of this case," she moved her head towards the picture hanging on the wall. "Please, be safe..."A picture of Felicia, wearing her black suit, a fierce expression, and wavy hair, adorned the wall. She looked beautiful.The internet was bombarded with vlogs about Felicia. Many were mourning and assuming her death. Some were doing makeovers with Avimayor products and creating music videos in her honor. This wasn't the right time to chase popularity, but this whole burning issue set the world on fire. It was chaotic.On Saturday, Cedrick was supposed to be at home with his family, but instead, he was at his office, handling the work that Felicia was supposed to do. His face was dead serious while reading emails from new investors and board members. Many questions needed to be answered all at once."A press conference should do," he murmured.Suddenly, a new email arrived in his private mailbox. It was from the CEO of the second-leading company, Kalixo Montenegro III. His brows knotted as he opened it."D*mn..." He massaged his temple and closed his eyes tightly.Kalixo and Felicia were enemies in the business world. It wasn't surprising that people were protesting for Felicia.A loud knock on his office door interrupted his thoughts. A man wearing a blue hood entered without permission, pulled down his hood, and sat on the sofa as if he owned the place."What the hell are you doing here, Kalixo?""Don't shout at me. Just do your work," he said, looking at Cedrick with dead eyes. "Remove those people protesting in front of my building, or I'll file a case against you."Cedrick scoffed. "You know you can't do that.""Yes, I can." He shifted his position, putting his elbows on his knees and leaning forward. "I have nothing to do with Felicia's kidnapping, and those stupid people are ruining my name. Get those people out of my building, and you'll be fine.""And now you're threatening me? Do you think I'm scared of you?""You should be; you don't know me," Kalixo warned.Cedrick paused for a bit before continuing to speak. "Therefore, I conclude that I don't know what you are capable of, maybe even Felicia..." Cedrick intended to pause and give Kalixo a hint of suspicion.Kalixo's jaw tightened, gritting his teeth. "D*mn you. The kidnappers should have kidnapped you too."On the other side, a woman wearing a red suit was tied to a rusty metal chair. The place was a dilapidated old house. She couldn't see anything outside due to the black sack covering her head."Let me go! You stupid people! What do you want from me?" she shouted.A man wearing a black hood entered the old house, holding a rifle. "Shut up, we'll feed you later.""D*mn it!"The man laughed. "No one will be able to hear you, Miss Avimayor. No one will save you," he said playfully.Felicia tried to free her hands from the tight grip of the rope on her wrist, struggling to cut it on the metal chair. "If you want money, then I'll give it! A million? A billion? Fine!" She said as she scratched at the rope.Kidnapping a multi-billionaire suggests they want a huge sum of money. Isn't this a kidnap for ransom? No one would kidnap someone if they didn't have anything to gain.She had been here for weeks. Fortunately, she was being fed, but she knew nothing about what was happening outside. She worried about her parents, her friend Cedrick, and her company.Weeks of being inside this old house were a complete waste of time. She had no clue who was behind all of this. She tried asking one of the men in black hoods, but no one answered. They were too loyal to their boss.Aren't they being like obedient dogs?Felicia gave up trying to scratch at the rope. "This is stupid."Suddenly, the man in the black hood approached her and removed the covering from her head, revealing Felicia's beautiful face. Though her hair was messy, her lips were dry, and she had no makeup on, her features still gave a bright impression. She looked like a fighter, and her expression never showed fear."The boss will be here in a few days. Make sure you behave, or your family will be dead," he warned her."Money is all you want, right?! I'll give it, just get this thing off me!""You wouldn't be hidden on this island just for money,"Her brows furrowed. "Island?""Yes, an island. You can't escape if you don't have a boat or a private helicopter,""Why the hell am I here? Tell me! You freaking coward—AH!"The man gripped her face. "Listen here, all you have to do is behave. Remember your mother, father, and your friend Cedrick,"After saying those words, the man put the covering back over her head and left the old house.Kalixo's phone rang. He was inside his office, standing by the window and looking down at the people protesting outside. He grabbed his phone from his table and answered it."Everything is in the hands of Avimayor's company, sir," said the voice on the other end.Kalixo saw police officers arriving and dispersing the protesters."Good," Kalixo coldly answered."By the way, sir, your father called and wants to speak with you.""Why didn't he call me personally?""He thought you were busy.""Tell him I have time,""Yes, sir. Got it."Kalixo ended the call. In a matter of seconds, Kalixo's phone rang again, and he quickly slid the green button."Yes, Dad," he said. He heard a loud noise coming from the other end. "Are you...?""Yes, yes. The sea is great today here. I saw the news, what happened there?" His father asked.Kalixo sighed. He pulled his chair and sat down. "Chaotic.""I didn't have a chance to see the whole story. Anyway, I have no issues with it. I just want to tell you that I'm going back there to check everything,"Kalixo and his father had a strong connection. A beautiful father-son bond without the pressures that often exist in the business industry. His mother died when she gave birth to him, so he had no chance to get to know her, even for a short period of time. He longed for a mother's love, but his father did his best for him in every way. For him, that was enough."You've been having a hard time dealing with that woman Avimayor. I hope you're not laughing because of this issue," his father chuckled."You're the one who is laughing,""I'm sorry, son," and he chuckled again.Kalixo hated Felicia. They were born to be enemies. Hearing about the issue didn't bother him.As soon as the call ended, Kalixo let out a smirk."Too bad," he murmured.

Chapter 2

Felicia POVI looked out the window of my bedroom and gazed at the sunrise while holding a cup of coffee. "Good morning!" I smiled, ready to take on the challenges of the day.My phone's alarm went off at 6 am, but I woke up even earlier just in case. I couldn't afford to waste time in bed and miss the chance to witness the sunrise, my favorite part of the day.I finished my coffee and went downstairs, wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts to prepare breakfast for my parents, as I always do.As I entered the kitchen, Mom was already setting the plates on the dining table and noticed my presence."Good morning, sweetie," she greeted."Mom, you prepared?" I asked."Of course! I woke up even earlier than you. It's like a fun competition," Mom laughed.I chuckled. "Now it's become a competition,""It's just an act of service, sw


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