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Loving The Blind Girls

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I lost them along with my vision, nothing I could believe until recently. Mom and Dad left me alone in this world without being able to do anything, I lost everything I always wanted to keep, even my loved ones came with them. This is my story, is it possible that by taking a new paper there is a sheet that can change my life for the better and more beautiful than before? Or the fear in me of even opening the once-lost sheet? But, meet you. I found a love life devoid of color. "Luna, please be happy, forget your past and fall in love with me."

Chapter 1

Paper, almost all over the world knows what it is.

It's the story of a blind girl's life due to an accident that took away her vision 3 years ago, things turned darker and invisible, the world full of colors-not at the sight of her.

Paper, things are considered easy items to get anywhere.

Although it sounds simple, only a piece of paper and an object is used to print something.

But—Paper, made from a tree and then processed using a machine and turned into a sheet of white paper without stains.

We are born like a piece of paper, every day the sheet grows into layers and smears black ink in every life story until it turns into a chapter of a book and continues to happen as long as that life passes.

Just like the heart, like the word heart is paper, before knowing love the sheet is so perfect without hurting anything but if the sheet is folded or damaged will it be able to return to the way it was originally, say it as in the life of the heart if it is unable to be together with each other.

The last option is to take a new paper. Isn't that the best way?

Like taking a new leaf to a new story.

But, I can change everything like taking a new paper.

Three years ago I was still busy staring at my computer monitor screen in the daily life I practiced, almost every day doing everything humans do, going to the office and then hanging out with the family I love so much.

Three years ago when these eyes could still stare at the sweet smiles emanating from my mom and dad's faces, every time they welcomed me home, before things took away happiness.

I lost them along with my vision, nothing I could believe until recently.

Mom and Dad left me alone in this world without being able to do anything, I lost everything I always wanted to keep, even my loved ones came with them.

Every night, I always hoped it was a dream when the next day I could wake up and assume it was just a dream!

I don't want to understand anything, life is so dark for me that I can't hope to live.

I've always wanted to make a wish to kiss you before leaving, my love. Daniel went with everything in my life, especially my heart. I loved him so much.

If all that hadn't happened, maybe now we already have one child and live together?

Or at least I was still able to see the beautiful sweet smile of my late lover.

My soul is gone and my life is ruined.

But, it's just a bitter pill that I take every day. There is nothing I can taste besides the bitterness of medicine and life. I also want to come with you guys. But a man who always prevented him, I was even confined in the castle like crazy.

Nobody cares and no one wants to help.

Others always say, every suffering will always have a good life in the future, every tear will be repaid with a thousand happiness, and every hope always has a way to go.

This is my story, is it possible that by taking a new paper there is a sheet that can change my life for the better and more beautiful than before?

Or the fear in me of even opening the once-lost sheet?

I wonder, what if every step of the way made me not understand anything, but their departure was a painful thing for me, I wanted to let them go.

I know, no matter how long, these tears will not return to my life. I know that whatever happens is a line of destiny and I know that everything has suffered.

I live in a house owned by both my parents and my daily living expenses are covered by the insurance of both my parents. Only one servant who is loyal to me is willing to take care of me even though sometimes the salary is not the same as before when my parents are still alive.

On this beautiful morning, in early spring that begins with fallen leaves on the road and coupled with the wind and cool air temperatures, the season where a person will choose to go see the flowers shed their leaves beautifully with the help of the wind, spend time off with family until the holiday time ends.

Once again no matter how beautiful every change of season Luna never once could feel, the 26-year-old girl whose full name is Luna Rosalyn. it can only sit in the shadow, and can only take advantage of the sense of smell and touch to feel if around it the flower is shedding its leaves.


"I love spring," she said, Luna spreading her arms in the air hoping that the leaves would go deep into her palms, and make Luna not sad anymore, even though from the hearing Luna heard that people around her were jumping and laughing cheerfully for spring this year.

Garden? The garden, which is named 'garden hope', is very famous for its myths among teenagers, because a long time ago this garden witnessed a story of a meeting between a prince and an ordinary girl in the days of an earlier kingdom, whenever they wanted to meet friends this was one of their best choice places.

Until the story was believed by them that every spring came there would be a magical event where two people would meet and eventually be destined to be together.

But then again it's just a myth, no one knows the story of the prince and the ordinary girl's ending afterward, it could be that their story has to be separated because of the difference in degrees, or maybe their love is not approved by the prince's parents, or that ordinary girl who prefers to leave the prince for fear that they will not be together.

Luna is an introverted girl, solitude is Luna's habit, after all, no one will want to meet her let alone invite her to talk even if it's just a few sentences, even as long as Luna lives only a few chats from so many people invite her to talk out of pity not wanting to get acquainted.

After being satisfied sitting in the garden, Luna looked up from the streets to find another place, after all, it was too early for Luna to return home.

"I'm hungry." She said Luna was leaving the house without taking the time to fill her stomach because Luna didn't want to disturb Aunt Anna's sleep.

It has been enough for these three years, Luna was taken care of without thinking about the condition of Aunt Anna who has reached the age of a middle-aged woman, it should be that Aunt Anna can enjoy her old age instead of taking care of a blind girl.

I want to go back to see it.

Suddenly, Luna's steps stopped when there were so many male voices swarming around Luna, even one of them deliberately took Luna's cane and glasses.

"Who are you guys? Please give me a cane," Luna said, walking indeterminately in the direction of looking for who took the wand. If the two objects were taken, Luna could not do anything, Luna would lose her direction and might also forget the direction of returning home.

One of the men pulled Luna's body, forcing the girl to get into his arms.

"No, let me go!" said Luna, pushing one's body and occasionally hitting the body of an impolite stranger hugging Luna.

"You're beautiful but it's a pity, you can't see through!"

Roughly the man said then pushed Luna's body until she fell to the ground, her elbow hurt from the friction of the elbow against the slightly rough ground.

Luna tried not to cry even though she was treated like this, but if Luna cried it was tantamount to Luna agreeing with what they were saying.

"Let's go! It seems that he can't do anything anymore."

The teenagers left Luna after smashing her cane and sunglasses, and of course, made Luna's heart squeal.

'Why do they like to bully weak people like me so much? even though I never did anything wrong let alone hurt them but what?'

Even to say harshly-it never came out of Luna's mouth, when others kept bullying them for no reason.

With difficulty, Luna's hands continued to finger the ground looking for a path-determining device that was no longer intact due to their actions.

"Are you okay?" someone asked, he helped me to stand up and told me to sit in the garden.

From the sense of hearing and when Luna's hand came into contact with that person's hand, Luna could tell that what helped me was a kind woman, she even cleaned the wound without Luna asking for it, from the way she treated me made Luna sure she was a good woman, her attitude was sincere it was just wanting to help Luna and maybe be a friend.

"Thank you," Luna fingered the girl in front to grasp the hand to do the handshake.

"Should I report them? Your cane and glasses are broken because of them and why are you wandering outside without anyone guarding you?" the woman asked.

"No need, I'm fine, I'm used to going by myself, thank you again for your help, I'm sure you must be very beautiful and kind," Luna said, though unable to see, Luna tried to smile at the girl in front of her.

"What's your name? Are you married?"

Luna was a little confused, it wasn't usual for someone to ask Luna like that, let alone that the question was too private to say directly.


Would a blind girl like Luna be able to get a man who truly loved her for who she was without thinking about her physique? Moreover, Luna once lost the person Luna loved very much, this is even almost 4 years since Luna lost her lover.

"I'm Luna Rosalyn and I haven't—married, I live in front of this park,"

"My name is Hestia Maeve, it's nice to meet you, Luna, as long as you just know that you are also very beautiful,"

"You're married?" asked Luna, while grasping Luna's hand. Accidentally fingering the ring located on the ring finger, it could be a wedding ring or maybe the girl was happy to wear the ring on the ring finger.

"Ah? yes—I'm indeed married, it's only been three months, you're so great Luna, even though you don't see but you know,"

"I just guessed it from the ring you were wearing, you must be very happy with the wedding," Luna said, the tone in every word sounding sad but only Luna felt it.

'I'm reminded of your gift ring, our engagement ring,' Luna said to herself, still vividly remembering Luna keeping it in a drawer.

"Yes, I'm so happy to marry him, what if I take you home Luna?" said Hestia, somehow the familiarity just grew when they saw Luna, even though they hadn't known for a long time but somehow Hestia found something different from Luna.

"Didn't I trouble you? What about your husband? He must be waiting for you now."

"You don't have to worry, I can contact him later, now tell me your home address," said Hestia Maeve, taking Luna's hand to quickly leave the park and head for the place where her car was parked.

"Do we have to take a car? My house is just across the street from this park." Luna refused to get in the car, Luna didn't deserve to sit there, especially since his clothes were dirty because of the fall earlier.

"You want to walk?"

Luna nodded and refused to get in the car as the door opened.

Hestia unfastened her seat belt and walked up to Luna, clasping Luna's hand to quickly usher her into the house.

"You like to travel alone?"

The leaves fell as their steps got farther and farther away from the garden, as did the Hestia sisters holding Luna's hand patiently towards the place Luna said.

"Yes, that's right, although you can't see anything, people like me also want to feel the beauty of the world without seeing," Luna said.

"I envy you, I can't enjoy the beauty of the world." Hestia retorted.


Hestia was silent, just smiling gloomily when the question was uttered, there was a wound that Hestia couldn't explain so chose to shut up. Hestia decides to leave a question mark on Luna, they are just getting acquainted but the conversation goes beyond a meeting that only lasts a short time.

Not long after, Hestia and Luna's steps stopped when they stopped at a two-story building. Hestia, the girl who lived with parental affection until Hestia never felt what it was like to live at home like Luna, life was so much different from Luna's.

"A comfortable house,"

"Thank you. Hestia, and for the others too," Luna took the cane and glasses from Hestia, then stepped in along with the aunt who was already waiting for Luna's return.

"See you later, Luna."

Before leaving Luna's house, Hestia took out her thin mobile phone from her sportswear pocket.

"Sorry Johan, I'm in front of 'garden hope."

"Yes, I'll wait here."

Chapter 2

Luna heard that Aunt Anna was talking to someone while passing through the gate opened by Aunt Anna. Luna would love to see Hestia again a few more times or say—Can we be friends?

Because Luna is afraid, Luna is very afraid, and Luna doesn't want to be alone, although Luna can't see them. Luna is also a human being, and Luna needs to socialize.

"Aunt Anna, I can be alone," I said, Luna let go of Aunt Anna's hand as she led me back into the house, hadn't Luna already said, Luna wanted to be independent even though it was hard to do on her own? Luna fingered the walls of the house as Luna felt her feet had already stepped inside.

"Luna, you want to eat something? You left breakfast time earlier and it's time for lunch," Aunt Anna walked behind Luna's body, the girl who had always enjoyed talking to Aunt Anna and even Luna was already considered her daughter even though Aunt Anna, who was only one son, now lives in New


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