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Love-Hate Relationship With Billionaire Red

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Crystal. An orphan who lost her parents at a very early and tender age got the chance to be the secretary of the ruthless billionaire who's name was Red. She disliked him and he didn't like seeing her around him but then tragedy struck. Red was attacked by someone and he went into coma at the spot. He followed his body to the hospital and when he got there, he discovered he was going to die soon. He didn't like the fact that he was going to die without knowing who killed him and then he went to his company. The first lady he saw was Crystal who happened to see and hear him speak. What would happen to the two individuals? Would any human believe that crystal isn't a lunatic? Would Red get his revenge just like he desires? How? Would he fall in love? Find out as you read Love-Hate Relationship With Billionaire Red.

Chapter 1 : Family!



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The wind blew with so much peace within it, making the trees wave their branches in thanksgiving.

The birds flew off the trees to go get what they would have for the day with so much joy .

A lady’s hands are crossed in a little room though fancy. She walks around the room endlessly thinking about what to do next.

She was restless like she was about losing a soul in her family. She released a heavy sigh in frustration and stepped out of the room immediately.

She climbs the stairs and walks up to a new room door. She opens it and her facial expression changes .

She suddenly looked disgusted seeing that the little girl she was about talking to was still sleeping.

She suddenly walked out of the room but returned back few minutes later with a big bucket of water in her hands.

“This would do the trick just right” She smirked as she reached for the little girl in the room.

“Come on Crystal, get your d*mn lazy *ss off the bed and come do the dishes now!!” Aunty Lucy who wasn’t that friendly ordered aggressively to a little girl on her weak bed with a bucket of chilled water splashing on her.

She walks out of the room leaving the little girl who was still about twelve years old all alone on the ground shivering.

It was winter and d*mn was the weather so cold. She had a cloth on but you wouldn’t call that a cloth.

It was all torn at every part and therefore exposed her body to the cold winter wind. She was going to get a cold and no one would care as usual.

She wrapped her hands around her two legs as she sat down on the ground and placed her back against the wall.

Tears dropped from her eyes uncontrollably and that’s how it has always been for her for almost eight years and still counting.

She places her eyes or gaze on the ground and different thoughts about her past came running through her mind.

“Wish you were all here with me mom” she mumbled with a weak voice still trying to understand how she got herself into such mess.

Thoughts about her past were still fresh in her head like they had just happened few seconds ago.

She heaved a sigh as she sat at a place thinking about how easy life would have been if only her parents were still with her.

Meet Crystal, an orphan who never ever bargained to be treated like a slave in her life .

Crystal was actually from a wealthy family. The kind that other humans envied to have.

She had everything she needed at the tip of her fingers. Her parents were not the kind that yelled at their children Randomly and they loved helping other individuals.

Crystal’s Dad who went by the name Mr. Mark was a manager in a sporting company. He helped young youths who were vibrant and ready to make ends meet achieve their aims.

Everyone appreciated his good works though but as life may have it, not everyone would actually be happy that you are succeeding.

It was a Saturday morning in the city of Seattle, in Pike street which was located at the east-west part on Seattle.

Crystal was still laying on her well dressed and produced bed . It was the kind that a president should use but her dad didn’t care about that. He made sure he gave his children what they needed at all times.

“Crystal? Jay ? Jack!!? You all should come out of your rooms, breakfast is served!” Rose called out.

Rose , Crystal’s mom was a pretty lady who was admired by most men in Seattle.

She worked for an electronic company which produced Television sets, light bulbs, phone accessories etc.

She was known as the best staff ever employed in her company but no matter what, she desired to be humble.

She was once involved in an argument with one of her junior staff but instead of demanding for an apology, she apologized and from that day henceforth, she was given the respect she deserved.

“Come on honey, let’s just eat without the kids . I can’t get my eyes off these pretty babies in front of me” Mr. Mark uttered looking at his pretty wife who sat in front of him.

“Silly , we would go over to the room once we have our breakfast ok” Rose moved closer to where her husband was sitting and gave him a kiss on his forehead.

He wasn’t referring to his meal but Rose herself. He couldn’t resist seeing his wife’s body and always wanted to have more of her.

“Good morning mom, how are you doing?” Jack greeted as he came down the stairs with his twin brother Jay.

They were really the troublesome kind of twins. They were identical twins and that made it even worst.

They could switch positions at any time, play tricks on their dad and wouldn’t get caught by anyone.

Only Rose could identify which human was Jack and which one was jay. She never fell for their tricks so they didn’t bother trying to make her fall for them.

“I guess we are all invincible Jay” She scolded her other son.

She was a good mom and she pampered her children but when it comes to being disciplined, she never missed a point.

“Good morning mom, good morning dad” Jay greeted grumpily as he walked to sit at the table.

“Who missed me!!!” Everyone turned immediately they heard a loud voice from behind Rose.

“Sorry I startled you all, my bad” Crystal giggled happily like something was going to happen that day.

“And the queen herself came down only to scare us like a ghost” Rose teased as she began to dish out the food into their different plates.

“Come on mom, it was a prank” Crystal announced before she sat down on her seat.

“Yeah I see, a prank that could take us to our early graves I guess” Her mom returned.

“Whatever mom” She rolled her eyes and began to enjoy her meal.

“Your language young lady” Her dad scolded her making her behave herself.

“Mom , when are we leaving for the show?” Jack who was still ten years old asked with a smile on his face.

“Soon enough ok, we would be heading to the field first for a little family time out” Rose caressed his hair gently as a smile escaped her lips.

“Wow mom, I can’t wait to have such fun” Crystal chuckled happily.

“Mom, don’t tell me she’s going with us. She has her tutor coming over you know” Jay who was never in good terms with Crystal stated.

Crystal quickly gave him a cold gaze though with love before looking away from him.

“Its sad but it’s true Crystal, you need to stay till your tutor arrives. We can’t watch you fail another exam ok.. you need to get into high school soon and graduate ok?” Rose said advising her daughter so she wouldn’t feel bad.

“I should stay where? At home?! Mom come on !!” She struck the table with her two hands angrily before standing up.

“Where are you heading to Crystal, come back here your mom isn’t through talking to you!” Mr. Mark yelled out angrily.

Crystal paused for a while before snorting.

She spurned to look at everyone seated at the table. “I guess am not a member of this family then” She dashed out after making such statement.

“Come back here Crystal!! And this minute!!” her dad bellowed but she suddenly turned deaf ears.

Her mom felt bad hearing her say such and her dad wasn’t happy about it.

Irrespective of the fact that they loved their kids and wished to be with them, they barely had an opportunity to stay with them most times because of their jobs.

They had the right to take a day off from work and that was what they did only to find out that Crystal wouldn’t be opportune to go with them.

Crystal banged the door with her legs when she got into her room. She was furious and wished she was never part of the Mark’s family.

“They want to go without me? That isn’t fair!” She murmured as tears ran down her eyes.

After five hours, Crystal began to hear sounds coming from outside her room. She walked to her door and opened it a little so she could know why and where the sounds were coming from.

“They are leaving” She said before coming out of the room fully. “But mom, are you gonna just leave me here alone?” she questioned sadly.

“We will be back in no time ok, I promise. Besides your tutor is here” Rose pointed at the sitting room and Crystal could see her tutor waving at her.

“Oh please mom, I would prefer going to have fun than studying” Crystal whispered as she wrapped her hands around her each other.

“Trust me honey, you….” Rose tried saying but then her husband interrupted.

“Come on Rose, we wouldn’t want to miss the train you know!!” he stated clearly.

“I’ll see you soon baby. I love you. Have fun!!” Rose ran out of the house waving at Crystal.

“We should begin soon” The tutor advised with a smile.

“You wish” crystal Tsk as she walked back into her room and locking her door.

“Wish they Don’t come back home” She laid on her bed feeling sad.

Chapter 2 : Crystal's Parents Death

“Hello miss, don’t you think it’s time to come study? I’ve been waiting for ages” Mrs. Bethy asked knocking on Crystal’s door.

She was one of the best teacher in Crystal’s school and she trained Crystal too. So she knew almost everything about Crystal and how to treat her.

“Go away!!” Crystal yelled out with a pillow on top of her head. She had tried forgetting the fact that her parents left without her but couldn’t.

“I hate this life!” She mumbled to herself still in her room.

“Come on Crystal, you still have the whole year to go out with them, just come down let’s study. Your exam is in three days time.” Mrs. Bethy begged .

Crystal sat up on her bed hearing that her exams were coming up soon enough. She just didn’t want to be a failure in her family so she decided to study.

Her dad had planned to take her to the best school so she could finish her senior year and to do that, she was supposed to pass the school’s exam.

“I hate my lif


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