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NOTE: MATURED CONTENT RATED (20+). Excerpt. "On your knees," he commanded, his voice dripping with dominance and lust. "Now." "Please," I whimpered, but he silenced me with a swift slap across my cheek. "Silence!" he barked. "You know what I want. Now open your mouth and take it." As I unzipped his pants and pulled his hard d*ck out, My lips parted as he shoved his hard c*ck between them, his hand tangled in my hair as he guided me. "S*ck it!! S*ck it sl*t!!" He slapped me again, making me feel more wanted. I loved the pain because I was used to Noah spanking me so hard. "S*ck it you little b*tch!!" He stroked my hair, his eyes shut as he thrust so hard and fast that I could barely breathe. ************** Britney Williams, the pack's Omega gets married to Alpha Liam Michaelson, a successful billionaire in New York City but she never had enough in bed and the s*x he gave her. It happened that Britney's past life wasn't just the type a regular kind of girl would have. She was a Nymphomaniac, the s*x freak. It was all about fun and that meant mad, Psycho fun with her first Alpha. Things were going well in her marriage until she couldn't cope with the fact that her husband wasn't satisfying her so hard in bed like "HE" did in the past. When I say "HE?", I mean Britney's ex boyfriend, Alpha Noah Lex. What happens when the beautiful and most elegant but s*x driving Britney gets to find out that she just can't go a day without thinking about Alpha Noah's touch? Or the fact that she gets to meet Noah at a store which led to something crazy...... Find out more on; BITTEN BY THE DOMINANT ALPHA: I Am A S*x Freak


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