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The story is about a woman who falls in love with an almost perfect man... An immense love arises between them as they synchronize their thoughts in an amazing way. They have similar and strange tastes, like each other and read each other's minds. She is a very noble woman with good feelings. Since she was a child, she began to like the occult and esotericism. She loved math and numerology. She scared many with those strange tastes but her actions were beautiful. She helped her peers selflessly. He was a very wealthy man, reserved in his private life, a mathematician, geometer and artist. He loved music just like she did. He kept a huge secret in the depths of his being... That secret built a chasm between the two of them! The real hell came into their lives...

Chapter 1: THE PIC

Sara walks slowly, along the best avenue in the city where she lives. She is a newcomer, lives with her mother and they are both happy. In a magazine store, she buys a flashy one where she sees a girl wearing a spectacular dress. Sara wants to sew an identical one for herself. Perhaps the meeting that she has waited for months, happens in that city

Already in her house, she begins to leaf through the magazine and sees a photo of a man that caught her attention. His face was familiar, but she had never dealt with famous people.

The man was a musician and mathematician named Roger, who makes a very interesting futuristic podcast... He also owns a company that creates a well-known virtual currency. The man was very attractive to her!

She began to search for all the information about him. She was esoteric and began to feel a familiarity and affinity with him.

She felt an alignment with that being... She knew that it was an Illuminati. Although he did not express it that way publicly. The Illuminati do not necessarily know what they are or that they are given information solely on a "need-to-know" basis. On the other hand, just as there are factions of ET races, there are corresponding factions of the Illuminati. Ironically, we could say that although humans did not evolve from Neanderthals, the Illuminati did.

However, the important point here is the nature of the souls that enter the bodies, and in the case of the Illuminati it would be non-human, ET fallen souls.

Many implant grid systems (effectively and actually underground) are present on Earth, made up primarily of the two main competitors, the Anunnaki and the Drakonians. Although many Illuminati might think that the enslavement of the human race is the ultimate agenda of the invaders, this is not remotely the case. The Anunnaki, at the first opportunity, intend to install scalar pulse power plants on Earth to blow them up and open the portals to Inner Earth.

This would be a major step towards a takeover of not only the planetary system, but the ultimate goal, the complete assimilation of the time matrix (a sector of the universe), which they have been planning for hundreds of millions of years.

The Inner Earth portals lead to the higher dimensions of our time matrix, and even if you cannot travel very far through these portal systems, due to their poor frequency patterns, they would prevent the higher sources of energy from coming in to protect the lower levels, by altering and reversing alignments, which would allow you, at the very least, access to the lower dimensions. For them it is simply food (energy), to stop their slow decline into a black hole.

The love between this type of beings is reproachful and possessive... What could Sara expect with this new acquaintance?

Currently, there are many Illuminati Anu-Melchizedek Leviathans under ET invader control running governments, science, religion and education.

There are also good people in general who are innocent victims of astral marking (implants) or specific, psychotronic mind control, and compromised by consciousness infiltration/DNA infiltration. Where possible, 'pet' control dogmas are exploited in which man pushes some religious dogma or obsessive ideas of God, or belief systems and motivations related to science and politics, and so on, i.e., beings humans tricked into playing 'nefarious' roles.

Sara noticed that the photo of this man emitted rays or luminosity like she had never seen before. During Atlantis, the various factions, motivated by the corresponding ETs in control, gained possession of different geographic territories on Earth and installed spikes that were embedded into the Earth grid system. These are crystalline metal seed implants inserted deep into the cortex via photo-sonic pulses. The spikes act as receivers and diffusers.

This is known as grid splicing and is a method of creating a network of implants to enslave society. When the spikes are activated they create a variety of mini-wormholes that travel towards the main Great Wormhole, Phoenix, in the Bermuda Triangle, as well as towards Nibiru, the Anunnaki planet that controls Wormwood (Planet X ).

The two wormholes were mixed to increase the final network, creating enough power to pull the entire planet into the Phantom Matrix.

Note that the "great" Anunnaki and Dracos come from the separate matrix, Wesa, (consisting of Wesedak - Anunnaki - and Wesedrak -Draconians - . These "dark lords" created the incredible technology of the "Beast"

Many of the Anu-Melchizedek have to be "awakened" to motivation by the invading ETs before the spontaneous changes in their DNA of the Ascension period occur, which could cause them to turn against the invaders. There is a race against time.

A more powerful tool of these aliens is the programming of type 3 Indigos - who are vulnerable, who have agreed to assist the Nephilim (Anunnaki-human hybrids) in rehabilitating their DNA (by sharing it) - to create the 'Magenta' Anunnaki race. ; recognizable by a red streak in the aura.

The Beast machine is presented as a technology to create a frequency fence or grid, around universal stargate 6 (Sirius B), phantom stargate 6 (Sirius A) and stargate 6 Wesedak Apollyon, this is where it appears Apollo in Greek mythology. The Beast was designed to draw life energy from our temporary matrix into the wesedak, completely down the hole, which represents 2 billion years that we have been fed by its black hole, trying to prevent its own implosion as a supernova. This is the true meaning behind the Beast and the 666 references that the Bible alludes to.


Sara had an experience with the evil one written down in her diary. She says this: One night when I was 13, I got ready to have sex for the first time. The crescent moon peeked through my window, casting dark shadows on my chest. On my nightstand was an erect obelisk that I bought at a gift shop. "Dear Satan," I whispered, "please pick me up."

I grew up in a Christian family and couldn't help but realize that my prayers to Jesus were useless, unanswered. I asked God for various things; when the Lord failed me, they would tell me "God works in mysterious ways" and berate me for using prayers like a credit card. On the contrary, Satan seemed more willing to negotiate and I was always told that he was going to tempt me and would do anything to obtain my immortal soul through the sins of the flesh. At the time, I was struggling with my sexuality and felt like I was going to hell anyway, so I figured I could take advantage of my depravity and have


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