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Love Contract: Fail before her

Love Contract: Fail before her

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The first time he met her, he misunderstood her, thinking that she was the type of woman who only knew about fame and money and accidentally "ate" her unexpectedly. - The second time we met, he was the cold general manager, and she was his 24-hour personal secretary. Even though she knew his name on the outside, her heart was still given to him when. - Carwyn Hiddleston, CEO of the corporation, handsome, outstanding talent. Because once he failed in love and was betrayed by the person he loved the most, he never believed in love again, since he brought himself into life, only cold and indifferent. However, she just kissed him once and made his heart flutter for the first time. His heart that had been frozen for so long suddenly melted away. - She appeared in front of him again but became his secretary. Can her presence warm his heart and make him love again? Can she have his love?

Chapter 1: Treachery

Carwyn has two arms clutching her pure white wedding dress. His heart is full of excitement. Tomorrow he'll marry the woman he loves the most, and he clenched his white wedding dress to his bosom, touched it still more and more, and kissed it with his lips. He thinks this wedding dress will be worn tomorrow on the woman he loves the most and in a moment of excitement and excitement. No! He desperately desires to see first how pretty he would like to see the bride dressed in a wedding dress, right now, more to see it right away! Carwyn grabbed her wedding dress and ran like crazy, straight to her fiancée's room.

"Vera, look! Our wedding gowns have arrived." So incredibly excited, not even waiting for someone to open the door, he kicked open the door of the room. "Vera…" Witnessing the scene in the room, Carwyn stood frozen in place, her wedding dress falling from her hand, the ground covered in white. Two naked bodies entwined together on the bed, startled to see it. The two people on the bed did not stop because of his presence, and on the contrary, it became more and more constant.

Carwyn's whole body was as cold as ice, as if he had suddenly fallen into a deep hole, and the blood immediately rushed to his head. The woman in bed happily and happily with that man is the one who will celebrate the wedding with him tomorrow, and he has vowed to cherish and love this woman all his life. But she betrayed him. That dirty woman blatantly used this method, hurting his heart. Carwyn didn't know how to vent his anger mixed with disappointment.

The woman on the bed spoke first: "Carwyn, I didn't originally love you. You are also too self-deprecating. Being in the same place with you before is because you are handsome, married? How can I marry you, funny! What do you rely on? You don't have anything except a handsome face! You can't afford to give me a rich life. Yes, you can't make me step into the upper class. "How can I marry you?" "I love you more than my life. I can strive for you, try!" Poor Carwyn uttered every word. "I don't care. How long do you want me to wait for you to try and strive?" The woman hugged the man next to her tightly.

"But he can give me everything at once." The truth that is happening right in front of her eyes is undeniable. Even though she was born with a beautiful heart, even though he loves her, Vera is the one who sees money as bright. The burning anger is difficult to calm down, and the current heartbreak is also challenging. "About tomorrow, who you want to marry, marry that person! You can rest assured. I will automatically disappear in front of you, won't make you awkward." The woman didn't care as she put her pants back on her shirt just said. She was as calm as if it had nothing to do with her.

Looking at Vera and the other man leaning out the door together, Carwyn Hiddleston laughed, like mocking irony. He no longer believed in women, really didn't want to be trampled hurt again. Vera Madison, I will make you regret it in time. Time gradually passed, the attack also faded with time. In five years, many things can happen, which can also change a person completely. During this period, Carwyn tried hard to develop his career, founded the "Winvest Investment" group, and gradually gained a foothold and a position in the world. In the marketplace, more and more people know him and more and more beautiful ladies and children of famous houses. Outside, with his name, he has many women, but he does not have feelings for anyone. In recent years, women to Carwyn have been nothing but a type of money that can be bought to satisfy lust. He is cold, indifferent, does not trust any woman.

For Carwyn, the common disease of women is that of unfaithful, cruel, whose only desire is vanity, money, and passion for those who can satisfy their desires. However, he will never directly criticize them. In the end, make them understand that it is all just a barter transaction, satisfying each other's needs, no matter what. The party is also not capable of entanglement. If someone doesn't want to or doesn't want to, immediately ask to go somewhere else. Inside, the light was warm, but Carwyn was dark and confusing. Sitting on the soft sofa, lighting a cigar, puffing out white smoke, his eyes are hazy and hazy.

A wave of mixed fragrances suddenly filled the office. Carwyn looked up at the door, smiling evilly, like a king waiting for a handmaiden, watching the charming woman coming toward him. The beautiful figure, sparkling eyes like flowing water waves, and wet fairy lips are the type of men fond of, wishing to caress and caress it like natural treasures. These valuable treasures need to be hidden. Carwyn kept such a treasure with him, just as an exchange. Kaylin is his secretary. Whether he attends events or meets famous people, Carwyn takes her along, undeniably, in social communication. Kaylin is extremely skillful ever helps Carwyn a lot.

But Carwyn clearly understood that the relationship between superiors and subordinates was sexual and nothing else. Ivory fingers, smooth white, painted bright red, gently glided slowly across Carwyn's broad chest, feeling his steady, calm heartbeat. Heat and cold hit the back of Carwyn's neck, provocative. Looking at him elegantly, his eyes were cold, without a hint of warmth.

"I am fascinated by him." thought Kaylin. "Carwyn, can you come to my place tonight?" Cherry lips gently touched the corner of his lips, seductive. All men love this tone. Unfortunately, she forgot that the person in front of her was Carwyn Hiddleston, a man who seemed to be gentle and gentle but, in reality, was cold and harsh. The instant her lower chin was grabbed, sending a sensation of pain, Carwyn stood up, pushing Kaylin away. Kaylin staggered, her thoughts jumbled, her beautiful eyes filled with confusion. After all, she also had countless men for any man. She always had a way to make him happy.

She showed a smiling face. "Carwyn, what's wrong with you?" Carwyn smiled scornfully at the woman in front of him; his eyes were so deep he couldn't understand what he was thinking no matter what. "I thought you were a smart woman who understood the rules of this game very well, but surprisingly, you let me down." His mouth said that, but there was no sound in his voice. What is called disappointment? Is it just coldness, cold enough to make others tremble? "Carwyn, you…" Carwyn casually wrote the check and handed it to Kaylin, "Here's your pay." Kaylin intelligently understood that this was the precise explanation for the end of their relationship from now on, frankly, from the very beginning she had anticipated it, she knew it would take this day, but unexpectedly so quickly only half a year, Kaylin who thought she could win this man's heart became his last woman, but in the end, it failed.

Receiving a large amount of money, he is wasteful, but of course, it has to be. How can I not get this much money? She will enjoy life, not be stupid like others women weep and wail incessantly. "Carwyn, thank you." Kaylin, before leaving, did not forget to leave a kiss. Carwyn Hiddleston was extremely impassive, expressionless on his face. Before filming, Kaylin asked, "Why do you want to end our relationship?" It was just out of curiosity because she couldn't admit to herself that she had done something terrible. "I don't like the harp to make fun of me." Carwyn's voice was as cold as ice but also enchanting. Kaylin casually smiled, so it was, seemed to overestimate herself, and then left. The room fell into complete silence again, with only a handsome man smoking a premium cigar in an atmosphere as calm and lonely as he was. Looking around, outside the window, the neon lights flickered and flickered, the night city had begun to come to life, like elves reaching out their hands in a seductive way, waiting for both men and women to approach.

Then, Carwyn took his cell phone from the table with a cigar in hand and headed out. Almost every day at this time, Carwyn frequented the PUB, sometimes sitting upstairs, now sitting all over the nooks and crannies down the hall. Alone quietly drinking, if anyone thinks that he sits in the corner will not attract anyone's attention, it is wrong with his face and clothes. No matter where he goes, he becomes the focus. Now, the women are not lacking for him, he has never refused, but all is to vent.

Chapter 2: Five years later

After bringing the wine, the waiter politely left. Carwyn looked at the amber liquid in the glass, dreamy eyes, picked up the wine glass again, and took a breath. The wine aroma was warm, sweet, but strong enough to absorb. Just for Carwyn, it was not. It's okay. In the marketplace, it's hard to avoid social parties, so drinking is necessarily good. When he finished drinking a few more glasses, whether it was because of the quiet space or the influence of alcohol, Carwyn was a bit drunk. At this time, each sound of the piano is played, the melody is wonderfully smooth, it is the sound of the piano that makes listeners vibrate.

He frowned slightly, looking in the direction of the noise, only seeing three waiters stopping a man. "You guys, what's with this! Why are you preventing me from going in?" "I don't have a membership card, but my lover is indeed in it!" Scattered whispers came. The girl playing the piano just now suddenly stopped,


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