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Living with the Five Billionaires

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“WHY IS THERE A WOMAN IN THE BOARDING HOUSE?!” A loud voice echoed inside the boarding house. ******************** Due to her manly name, Ryan, a 23-year-old woman, was forced to live in the same house with five billionaires - Terban, Kyle, Chaylen, Slyvester, and Vincent. She thought everything will go smoothly if she stays away from these men who always fight each other. Until one day, the handsome men started to act weirdly around Ryan. Will she be able to survive in the house with five hot guys who stare at her as if she’s a lamb in the den of the Wolves?


I won’t be able to meet them if only my name is as feminine as other girls.

“Hello?” I greeted hesitantly as I peeked inside the open door of the boarding house.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw two men who were sitting on the couch, there in the living room. One was holding a light brown guitar while the other one was holding an open thick book, which must be hard to finish, especially because the title says it talks about physics.

Anyway, the two guys gazed at me somewhat weirdly, as if I was an odd alien who made their eyes wide open. ‘Or maybe, I dressed a little bit excessively today?’

‘Oh come on. I should distinguish between reality and fantasy.’

I slightly shook my head, then met their gawks again. Then, as I was about to introduce myself, another person stood behind me which distracted my attempted warm greeting.

“So this is the boarding house,” the man behind me murmured. “It’s f*cking big.” Sensing how rude the man’s voice was, I instinctively looked behind to see if his face will live up to his words.

To my surprise, his handsome face did justify his awful manners. The handsome man stared at me for quite a long time, before he suddenly pointed to my face with his forefinger and gasped.

“Oh? You are that girl! The woman I flirted in the bar before!”

‘Excuse me?’ I uttered inwardly in disbelief. ‘Going in the bar isn’t my thing. So how the hell did we f…’

On second thought, I did remember going to the bar for some reason. Also, I recalled meeting a handsome person there.

While I was in deep thought, trying to recollect all of my memories, we all heard a loud shout coming from the second floor of the house.

“Kyle! Kyle! I took your underwear from the laundry by mistake!”

On the second floor, a man with dark blue hair peeked out. The next thing that happened played in slow motion. HE JUST THREW THE BRIEF RIGHT IN OUR DIRECTION!


Luckily, my reflexive was good, so I dodged the coming man’s fabric. It wasn’t just me who got fortunate for dodging it but also the handsome man from the back. However, the ending wasn’t that great.

“What…” said the other guy who just came perfectly at the same time the underwear were thrown. As a result, his face was smacked by the gray Celine-branded underwear.

All of us watched the man standing in front of the entrance with underwear covering his face. After an ominous silence, he raised his trembling hand and slowly pulled off the fabric.

“What the hell is this?” he asked before his sharp gaze diverted toward us.

During that time, I didn’t realize that what I entered was not just a simple boarding house, but a place for five wolves and a lamb like me.

“Good morning. My name is Ryan Mcguffin. I will be your new board-mate this year.”

After my introduction, I sensed their gazes which were as piercing as swords.

“Woah,” the man who was holding the guitar murmured.

On the other side, the man dropped the book his holding. The guy with blue-haired, there on the second floor, pointed his finger at me and shouted, “Wait a minute! You are the dancing mascot!”

“Oh sh*t,” husky chuckles came from the man, who said we were already at the bar.

And lastly, the unfortunate guy with a brief around his grip glared at me and cursed, F*ck.”


Everything started when I agreed to live in the same house with these five billionaires.

Chapter 2

My love life so far only contains three things: reading romantic books, watching movies, or writing stories. Whenever I read the scene: “He pinned her against the wall and locked her between his arms”, I felt the butterflies in my stomach, and that would be enough to fill my romance fantasy. Moreover, I could say there’s really nothing special in my life besides being a good student.

“Ryan Mcguffin? You are a girl? Oh no, what to do? We put your name on the men’s lists by mistake.”

When I heard that report from the university that I am going to attend, I realized that my simple life, peaceful and quiet, will be in a stormy situation.

Several sighs slipped from my lips as I walked in the street and thought about this problem. Looking above, I saw the soft gray clouds which did not seem to move at all while they waited for the time, they would release the intense rain.

‘Even the weather is going along with my mood.’

“How will I tell this to my mom and dad


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