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Living Again

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Nicholas Hoffman is a man used to a life full of women and all that money can bring. He left New York at a young age to pursue his dream of becoming a physical therapist, letting go of his past traumas. Despite life seemingly under control, the pain he experienced with love caused Nicholas to completely close himself off from romantic relationships... until he meets the sweet and inexperienced Ellen; a girl who obsesses him from the first date. Unable to keep away from her, Nicholas steps up as her defender, and a friendship develops between them. But the uncontrollable desire they feel for each other, and the arrival of Nicholas's old love in town puts them in a situation where they will have to decide if they can really just be friends or if there will be something more between them.


Nicholas was admitted to the hospital at eight forty-five in the evening. His grandfather was the only relative waiting for him there. It was snowing outside. The dirty New York snow that had once seen him so happy was now witnessing the worst moment of his life. That place was no longer his home. His home was now somewhere else. A distant and definitely... happier place.

— What's happening? — the doctor asked as the nurses and paramedics carried the stretcher through the hospital corridors.

— Cocaine overdose. — said the paramedic who treated him while still in the ambulance.

The doctor examined his pulse and eyes with a flashlight. He had no reaction.

“His pupils are dilated. Get everything ready to intubate immediately. he told the nurses. "Check the heart monitors." Let's start treatment with Naloxone.

— Yes, doctor. — Nurse 1 confirmed.

They rushed into the emergency room and began preparations. They needed to clean up immediately. The amount of drug he'd used had caused a far more serious overdose than the one before that a few months ago. Suddenly the heart monitor started making a screeching sound over and over again, very fast and asymmetrical. His heartbeat was too fast.

The doctor and nurses immediately stepped in to check what was going on.

“We have fibrillation. Tachycardia. said Nurse 2.

It didn't take long for the heart monitor to show a straight line with a continuous noise.

— Get the defibrillator ready. — the doctor said — We have a cardiac arrest.

— Ready doctor. - Nurse 1 said.

The device was placed near the gurney while one of the nurses cut his shirt so they could resuscitate him. His heart was stopped 2 seconds ago.

— Loading 200. Ready? Step aside.

The shock was delivered to his chest. Nurse 2 used the ambu to breathe, but he didn't react.

4 seconds.

— Loading 300. Ready? Step aside.

The process was repeated and once again he did not wake up.

6 seconds.

“Another 300 charge. Ready? Step aside.

His heart seemed to have given up. He wasn't even fighting.

“He's not responding, doctor. We're going to lose it. - Nurse 1 said.

“Come on, Nicholas. — the doctor begged his patient to come back — Stay with me. he said before delivering the shock to his body once more.

Once again no answer. The doctor would try one more time and he would have to react or it would be too late.

8 seconds

— Loading... 350. Ready? Step aside.

The nurse took another breath, and as if by a miracle, the monitor sound returned to its usual symmetrical rhythm. He had returned.

- He returned. - Nurse 2 said excitedly.

— Stabilize him. — the doctor spoke with relief — Give me 3 mg of epinephrine intravenously.

He had returned.

Chapter 1

The holidays were great. It was nice to be able to take a little break from the busy life of a professor and a physical therapist, especially considering that as a professor I'm not very satisfied since I didn't get exactly the position I wanted in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Miami, so it was a first semester very different from what I imagined. But I can say that I'm letting myself go for now, because for me, just teaching makes me happy. Although that doesn't mean that I won't fight to get the spot I want so much on the University's team of very high-level masters.

I really enjoyed the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas, as well as the women from all over the world. Several singles looking for sex and that's for sure I can give. It was very pleasant waking up every day with a different woman in my bed, sometimes even more than one. The way I see it, a self-respecting man should be kissing a hottie in a bar and fuck


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