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He closed the gap between us and his hand travelled to my waist, pulling me closer to himself. His cologne filled my nostrils and he cupped my face in his hand gently. The look in his eyes whenever he looked at me always seemed like he was watching something so ethereal and now wasn't any different. I was supposed to hate him, to not be able to stand him. But why was I letting him do this? And why did I like it too? Love it even? He smirked at me, leaning down with our lips almost touching, his minty breath fanning my face. "I'm f*ck*ng addicted and obsessed with you if you haven't noticed." He paused as he studied me while I took a deep breath. "Are you sure you can't stand me?" He asked. "Or are we going to keep on lying to ourselves, babydoll?" * * Vittoria Belluci, popularly known as 'Lilith', is short-tempered, feisty, bossy, has poor social skills and has a beautiful resting b*tch face. Roman Argentero, Brooklyn's popular Mafia don known for his playboy status, cockiness, flirtatious behaviour, being ruthless and his incredible Greek god appearance. A one-night stand, an arranged marriage, a stupid bet, a hatred for him and his family, and an addiction to her. A quest to find out who wants her family dead and the little secret behind her sister's death all with a fragile promise to not fall in love with him. What happens when a Belluci falls in love with an Argentero who is already addicted to her?

Chapter 1


*Two days ago*

One, ruining my pretty expensive Yara or Vos Nadia's shoes.

Two, when a crook failed to keep a deal.

These were the two things that always built up my irritation rapidly. It also didn't fail to make my mood go from zero to hundred in a split second.

None between the two was a lesser irritation than the other so fortunately or unfortunately, the second was the problem at the moment.

"Start the car right now and don't waste my f*ck*ng time, god dammit!" I hissed, doubling my steps as I left the casino.

"Ma'am, he is in down South Brooklyn right now, the Argentero Territory at the moment." Nicola, my wingwoman reported, doubling her steps to catch up with mine.

"Did I ask?" I spat out, turning to glare at her.

"No Ma'am."

"And do I look like I care?"

"Certainly not, Ma'am." Nicola replied.

"Now start this d*mn car!" I hissed again making Nicola run to the driver's seat. "You!" I beckoned to a tall heavily built dude who had been standing outside the casino all along. "You're coming with us."

"Yes Ma'am." He replied, running over to get into the passenger's seat.

I took a huge breath, biting down on my lower lip and thinking of all I would do to the airhead who had run away without paying me. I got into the car as well and soon they were off.

We arrived at the Argentero territory, a place which was an almost death zone for a Belluci. It was a place I was supposed to avoid but somehow, this was going to make it the second time this month I was coming here and probably the fourth time since I took over half of my father's business.

After about forty minutes, the car pulled up in front of the supposed night club that the debtor was in and I got out, barely allowing the car to come to a halt.

Just then the crook ran out the door, his eyes widening as he saw me.

"Don't do anything f*ck*ng stupid and get your *ss here, Joe." I warned him on top of my voice, not in the mood to chase him further.

He stalled for sometime and then shook his head, turned around and started going towards an alley.

Bad decision.

I walked fast after him, aimed my gun at one of his leg and shot at it.

He yelped loudly, falling to the floor and making me roll my eyes at him. Nicola and the hefty dude went to where he lay and dragged him to where I stood.

"Told you not to do anything stupid Joe, why don't you ever listen?" I asked frowning at him and taking up one of his legs.

His eyes opened widely and they looked like they were about to pop out any second. He knew what was coming next.

"Pl...pease Lili- Madd...aam Belluci. Please I'm sorryy."

I took out a knife and immediately, ran it on his lower leg, sliting his achilies heel and making blood splat out of it. He screamed as I did the same to the other leg and I scoffed in satisfaction.

"That's for making me come all the way here to find you." I informed him calmly before turning to the dude and Nicola. "Bring him inside."

I flung the door to the nightclub open and walked in, ignoring the 'closed sign' hanging there. They were few men inside whom I didn't care enough to know who they were and all of them turned their attention to us. The whole room fell still and silent as they stared.

"Is... Is that Lilith?" I heard someone stutter in a low tone from a side.

Lilith, the name I despised.

Soon, murmurs followed and then their eyes started to widen.

It wasn't unusual since I was quite popular in this world as well.

Their eyes went behind me to see Joe being dragged in and their expression changed a bit, seeming like they figured out was was going on already.

I ignored them and drew out a seat for Joe while I sat on the table beside him. He was breathing out loud now and I knew for sure that he was in a lot of pain.

I took up his face, making sure to dig my bright red nails into his cheeks and stared into his eyes. "So what're we saying Joe, am I getting my money or what?"

"I...I please... pl... please just give me some time. Please." He managed to beg.

I tilted my head to a side and drew out another blade from my leather jacket. A curved blade which was my favorite. I put it to the edge of his lips and dug it inside then drew it to his ear, cutting through and letting blood flow out. Joe jerked backwards, his hands fidgeting and his face losing its whole colour while I watched him, feeling rather indifferent.

His little sobs and hiccups were what filled the silent nightclub and I was sure whenever the story of what happened here started to circulate, it was going to be as exaggerated as the other ones.

"You're making me hurt you, Joe boy," I told him patting his shoulder gently. "Give me only answers I want to hear from now on."

Just then I looked to the floor where one of my feet was and saw the red liquid from his heels soaking up the sole of my honey-coloured shoes.

They were Von Nadia. And they were my favourite ones.

Double irritation at the moment.

"Uh!" I growled at him, frowning. " I was going to have mercy on you but now, you got my shoes all bloody!"

"S...sseriously?" He quivered, his trembling hands on his bloody cheek as he looked up at me, a little ray of hope in his eyes.

He was pathetic.

I sighed slowly. "No, of course not." I rolled my eyes. "If anything, I'm getting bored and p*ss*d."

"Lilith. It isn't so bad of a name. I mean, I see where it comes from now." A deep voice commented just as I put the knife to Joe's throat in order to finish him in a clean swipe.

I sighed, removing the blade from his throat and turning around to see who had dared to disturb me.

A familiar set of light hazel eyes stared back at me. I tightened my grip around my knife swallowing to free the large knot in my throat.

"What a surprise to have you here." He added, amusement swimming in his eyes.

He was the first son of the Argentero household, the man known to be the don of South Brooklyn, known for his ruthlessness and power. The man who had every d*mn woman throwing themselves at his feet with his stupid perfect Greek god looks and flirty tongue.

It was no other than Roman Argentero, the man I had a regrettable history with and the same one I hated with a passion.

"A Belluci dares to come into the Argentero territory? You're as fearless as I've heard." Roman commented, shoving his arms into his pocket and tilting his head to the side, showing off his stupid beautifully sculpted chin.

I looked behind him to see a set of identical twins on each of his sides, the only thing differentiating them both being the 'A' tattoo on one's neck and the longer hair he had.

"It's Vittoria Bellucci not f*ck*ng Lilith." I hissed at him making him chuckle a bit, I heard annoyance dripping from my tone from hearing the nickname I hated the most roll off his tongue so easily.

"Must be a lucky day for me," Roman replied ignoring the correction and stepping closer to me.

"What the f*ck are you doing here, you're interrupting me," I said to him, my eyes never leaving his.

He chuckled. Again. "That question should be reserved for only those trespassing." He stepped closer, into my personal space and leaned down a bit, our faces only few inches apart. "Some nerve you've got, coming into my nightclub and leaving a blood trail? Everything you do in this territory comes with consequences, babydoll." His warm minty breath fanned my face as he spoke.

Nicola stepped forward beside me in defence but I put an arm up, stopping her from making any further move.

"Vittoria. Don't f*ck*ng let me correct you again." I warned glaring into his eyes and tightening my grip on my knife.

His lips turned up in a smile and he nodded as if he was impressed. He leaned down even closer and in a low tone which I was sure just me could hear, he said, "Fiesty too. Even more attractive. I dont remember you being this way years ago." Strands from his thick black hair brushed my upper cheeks and I tightened my jaw.

This man was pushing me.

"Look baby doll-"

Immediately, I grabbed his hand and in a second, placed it on the table and stabbed my knife into it, pinning it to the table.

Blood oozed out from where the knife was just as the twins rushed to him. Nicola and the hefty dude drew out their guns. Roman signalled to the twins with a headshake and they stopped in their tracks. His eyes looked back at me, a hint of surprise in it.

The surprise vanished immediately and was followed by a low croaky laughter.

Why the hell was he laughing? This psycho.

"Told you not to let me warn you again." I spat out.

"Why're you getting so angry. Didn't like the name Lilith, so I improvised. What's all the fuss?" He shrugged, pulling out the knife and dropping it casually on the table.

The door opened and an angry Tiziano walked in with his men. I scoffed, folding my arms as he reached where we were and studied the situation.

How the hell did he even know I came here?

"I apologize for this, we will settle this at our meeting soon." He said immediately to Roman before turning to me. "You have a minute to get into the car." He threatened and just like that, walked off.

I heard Roman whistle in a low tone and I snapped my head at him in annoyance. "Looks like someone's in trouble today huh." He teased, even more amused.

I grabbed my knife off the table and walked close to him, placing my fingers on his injury and digging my nails into it. His smirk didn't vanish while I feigned a sweet smile at him. "Keep talking about a long forgotten mistake and the next time, it will be your throat."

I turned to walk away, just as he grabbed my hand, stopping me and lowered his head to my ear.

"You just played with fire, baby girl." He breathed. "For someone that's going to be living in my house soon, you've got some f*ck*ng nerve."

Chapter 2



"What were you thinking, you bitch?! Going to stab an Angentero?!"

I was used to him calling me a bitch. I could almost bet on him that he sometimes forgot my name for real.

And when I thought about it, how else was a bitch supposed to act? Exactly like one.

Like a bitch.

I rolled my eyes at my father, Tiziano knowing it would infuriate him more than he was. I took up my hand from the top of my crossed legs and stared at my fingernails boredly. If only he knew about me and Roman Argentero, he would have been thankful to me, that I had in fact attempted to inflict the littlest pain on him.

"Are you trying to start a war, Vittoria?!!" He yelled in my ear which threatened my ear drums' health a bit.

That was a pleasant surprise.

I scoffed. "One point for you calling me by my name. Who knows before the end of the y


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