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Invisible Murder

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Everything was fine in her life. She's happy with what she got. She embraced the change with a smile. Nothing could ever destroy her again. She's content. She was too lost in her world and she didn't heed to realize that Nothing lasts forever. It's her belief that took a backseat. And when she was hit with the cold, she was already in deep sh*t.

1. What?

She made her way to the entrance as a watchman opened the security gate. A sudden ray of sunlight hit her as she involuntarily looked up, which blinded her for some milli-seconds. She blinked and looked around. Some inspectors are guarding the place while some are having their snacks and tea.

Everyone stopped to have a look at her. She felt uncomfortable and slowed down her pace.

"Why did you slow down, Madam?" The inspector who was accompanying her asked.

"Nothing," she shrugged. For her friend, she's here and nothing can stop her. So, she paced along the Inspector and as they did, soon they stood in front of a small cellular in the police station.

The inspector took out the security keys and opened the lock letting her enter.

"Remember, Madam. Not more than 10 minutes." He gestured his hand. She nodded her head silently.

"I'll stand here at the threshold. Exact ten minutes and I'll be in," he told her standing at the entrance.

"Okay." She nodded her head.

She turned to look at her friend who hadn't even flinched. But she had to flinch at the horrible smell the room contained.

How can this thing even sit in such a place?


When you're lifeless, you can sense nothing. How can you? When you're called a Murderer!

She slowly went near the silhouette and couldn't stop herself from lending a supporting hand. She wanted to know the truth. She can't believe her friend did that. She can never. Still, she has some questions that need answers.

Only then she can save a life. Not one, but two! Two lives are dependent on the answers.

"What did you do?" A whisper travelled through the silence and it perfectly did its work as it reached the silhouette.

"I don't know anything."

There was a long pause for 5 whole minutes. Nothing more was questioned and nothing more was answered. A sense of tranquility passed between both of them. A haze it was. Peaceful yet not. Silence spoke the words that went unheard.

"Don't you trust me?" she asked with nothing glistening in her eyes. Tranquility be damned as her eyes said nothing, did nothing. They were peaceful yet weren't. They were calm yet weren't.

"I do, but circumstances aren't letting me," she reasoned.

"I have nothing to say except that I don't know anything," she repeated her words again.

"How is that possible? Tell me what happened and only this can help us bail you out," she pleaded.

"Let me be. No need for any bail," she answered. Her eyes were hollow screaming nothing but emptiness.


"Time's up, Ms. Advani," the Inspector's loud voice shook them.

"Sir, please! A minute more, I'm talking to her," Sameera pleaded the Inspector.

"No, Madam. We've given you enough time, it's time for you to get out. She's a criminal and a visitor cannot meet her for more than a limited minute, you have to get out," Inspector Abhishek replied to her politely.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. She, ignoring the inspector, turned towards her friend who sat lifeless.

"Katherine, please, tell me the truth, what did you exactly do? Why-" she was cut off by Katherine.

"Leave, Sameera!" her hazels didn't allow a single tear to roll down while her voice sounded dry.

Nothing is the most powerful feeling, after all.

Sameera reluctantly left her friend, in tears. And Katherine was so lost in a whole different world that she wasn't able to notice when Sameera left and when the cellular was locked.

"Ms. Gupta, you're under arrest for the attempt of Murder," Inspector Abhishek's voice boomed over the members present there.

"Katherine? Murder?" Zeba who was just beside Katherine whispered.

"This isn't true," Kavya Roy whispered.

While everyone is busy defending Katherine, the girl herself is too busy in her own world to acknowledge anything happening around her.

"Our Katherine, she can't, it's impossible," Shravan Singh Roy shook his head, denying the accusations the inspector threw at their Katherine.

"We've circumstantial proof, Mr. Roy," Inspector Abhishek said with all his patience. In his career, he has seen many people who tried to defend the criminal just because they are their family. He happened to see vice-versa too. He's here to do his job, that is it.

"They're not enough to inflict such a crime upon her," Shravan Singh Roy said.

"Yet they are enough to warrant an arrest, Mr. Roy," his voice was stern.

"Inspector Maithili, please arrest Ms. Katherine Gupta," Abhishek ordered one of the team members to arrest the accused.

While he snatched the arrest warrant papers that were now passed to Shravan Singh Roy.

"I hope you've seen the papers, already," with that being said, Abhishek went away following Maithili who now handcuffed Katherine Gupta.

Zeba and Kavya were behind her pleading.

"Look, Inspector. Our Katherine, sh..she can't ever do that. Someone must be framing her," Zeba cried.

"Whatever it is, Ms. Roy. We've proof. We've got an arrest warrant. We're just doing our duty. If you have any problem, get a lawyer, bail her out, or just wait for the court hearing session," Inspector Maithili answered, glaring at them dragging Katherine like a rag.

Shravan Singh Roy stood in a corner looking at a lifeless Katherine who was being dragged on the evidence of being a murderer.

"Nothing is more chilling than an unsolved murder case, and the world has plenty of them. Looks like we've got another unsolved murder case happened in Delhi.

Ms. Katherine Gupta, the best-selling author was allegedly reported of a murder of-" Zeba Singh Roy switched off the television and threw the remote away. Roy Mansion - The Mansion of Heaven and Peace hasn't been in its peaceful environment ever since.

She ain't know what to do. She's getting dragged from both ends. She just hoped she would be strong enough to balance. Because often a string can be broken if dragged from both ends. She just hopes she can survive this. She face-palmed thinking everything that could turn more serious. It already is, if nothing more.

She was out of her thoughts when her phone rang.

"Yes, Mom?" Zeba answered her phone.

"I'll come back in half an hour. Are you okay, Zeba?" Kavya asked, worried albeit aware of the answer.

"I so want to answer yes, Mom," Zeba cried.

Kavya sighed, "Take care. I'll be back."

Zeba leaned on the cushion to relax. It's really a tough day for her, for everyone. And that's when she heard the voice that did nothing but soothe her nerves.

"Zeba!" Goutham Khanna, fiance of Zeba Singh Roy cocooned her in his arms.

Zeba took the comfort he offered gladly.

"Worried?" he asked.

"Like hell!" She snuggled into his arms seeking more comfort.

"Everything will be alright. Don't worry," he patted her head.

"I hope so too," she reacted.

"I think you should rest, Zeba," he suggested.

"Hmm," she agreed.

"Shall I get you to the door?" he asked.

"Hmm," she permitted, her body tired.

Goutham helped Zeba walk the steps to reach her room.

"Rest," he commanded and adjusted the pillows under her head after she hit the bed.

Zeba closed her eyes to sleep for some time albeit aware it would be hard to sleep.

Goutham smiled and went out after setting the temperature of the room.

"Is the work done?" he texted.

"Yes." He read the reply after a few seconds.

"Adjust without me for a few days." He texted.

"Sure, Boss!" Goutham was relieved at the reply.

The police station looked colorful and at the same looked nothing less than lifeless. Thieves, Rogues, and the accused are in jail. While some feel thrilled, some are crying, among them is the girl who sat lifeless.

"Hey, she's the one. The Murderer, isn't it?" A rogue who was arrested in the other cell whispered to his mates.

"Yeah, I heard that," another one said.

"She looks so innocent. Can't imagine her to be a Murderer," the first one mumbled.

"Innocent face but ain't really innocent it seems." The other guy laughed.

"But she's damn beautiful!" Another voice slurred.

The three of them laughed which caught the constable's attention.

"What's wrong with you three? Should we give you another round?" The constable walked down to their cell.

"If you want to, you can," one of the rogues laughed. He shook his head at their bluntness and guiltless faces and turned his back to them.

The three got curious looking at the fragile woman. Who wouldn't?

"Sh. Sh." The inspector looked at the one who made a sound and gestured a what.

"Who's that girl?"

"Why do you ask?" The constable questioned back.

"Just curious to know whom did she murder?" he snubbed.

"Aaron Singh Roy!" 

"What?" he screamed.

"It's not What. It's Aaron Singh Roy."

2. Vague of the word, why?

"What?" he screamed.

"It's not What. It's Aaron Singh Roy." Constable Satya scoffed.

"She murdered her boyfriend?" he mocked.

"Also, you should reframe your question once," he smirked ignoring his sarcastic remarks.

"What does that mean?" one of the rogues was curious.

"Well, when you sit in jail, this is what happens, unaware of everything happening around you and the world," Satya snubbed.

"You police cannot reply to anything straight, can you?" he scoffed.

"Well, we're police for a reason," he shrugged.

Satya then went to the wooden and dusty cupboard and took out the newspaper.

"Read it. You'll get to know," he said, thrusting the newspaper in his hands.

They took the newspaper hurriedly.

And it read, "Invisible murder" on the front page. Katherine Gupta and Aaron Singh Roy's individual photos are printed on the front. Well, since both are reputed celebrities, it has to be sensational news and it gave the perfect


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