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On a quest to live her dreams and free her family from debts. Hailey Hilton struggled to secure a job at the Stevensons, where she worked as the assistant of a powerful CEO. She gets involved in scandals and also solves them and is left trying to fix the pieces of her broken CEO, Carlos Stevenson, who lived every day struggling with the nightmare of his disturbing past, which turned him into a Casanova. With her credit, will she help Carlos overcome his past? Or will she fall for him and end up being trapped in the mansion of the Casanova?

Chapter 1

In the city of Las Vegas.

The most expensive mansion settles on the far hills of Country Club right in Summerlin. It was the center of attraction and everyone dreamed of living there. The exterior part of the mansion was painted white and it shimmers when the sun reflects on it.

There were many luxurious cars parked outside which were all black except for two.

The red car looked more girlish like it was specially customized to fit the taste of someone.

The walls of the gates were tall, making it difficult for anyone outside to see what was being done in the mansion. The gates had the design of an infinity sign with a nightingale bird seated in the middle of the infinity sign which attracts birds to sing at the gate every morning and night. Rare flower species grew on the walls, sending out a nice and sweet fragrance into the mansion and the entire neighborhood.

The interior design of the mansion was painted white, accompanied by white furniture that adorned the mansion with beauty.

The rooms were enormous and flooded with white paint and room furniture that sparkled royalty in one’s eyes.

All rooms except one room, stand out with their red interior designs and golden furniture.

A beautiful blonde lady sat in the living room drinking wine. It looked like she was in a trance as she kept staring at space, not moving, blinking her eyes, or taking a sip from her glass of wine.

One may think that she had everything to stop her from killing herself with the warm embrace of depression, or was it curiosity? Of course, that was what I thought too, until I dug deeper into her story.

Life isn’t what it seems for the wealthy. They tend to suffer more than the average person, or is it the average that suffers more than the rich? Well, I cannot tell because I am not the universe, so I will leave you to find out the answer yourself.

The glass of wine fell from her hands, causing her to wake from her slumber. The maid-servants who were somewhere watching her ran to her side to clean up the mess.

"I need some time alone", she said to the ladies who were busy cleaning up the mess.

She stood up and walked through the hallway to the door that had a visible sign of “do not disturb” written boldly.

She had stolen the spare key to the room from her newly wedded husband so she could get access to the room.

She inserted the key, turned it, unlocked the door, and stepped into the room. The room alone was the most beautiful in the entire mansion, even hers was not in any way near the quality of the room she saw. The walls were painted red, and the furniture was all gold.

She walked closer to it to find out if it was real gold or not. Her eyes widened as she discovered the real quality of the furniture.

Did he melt gold bars to make this furniture? The furniture was real gold, and she thought her husband was crazy to do that.

The walls were decorated with a portrait of a black-haired lady with silver eyes she had met countless times and a portrait of the lady with her husband. They looked so good together.

Was she ready to get in between their relationship? She had no idea because the questions were a bit difficult for her to answer, but one thing she knew was, she was just like an oil floating on water and the lady in the portrait was the real deal.

But where could she be? she wondered as she searched the room.

She walked further into the room to meet another door.

An angelic curiosity crept into her mind and she felt her inner heart telling her to enter the room.

Her husband had made it clear to her that she was not allowed access to the room and she somehow felt she knew the reason behind it. Was this where he locked her up?

There were just a few people in the mansion that had access to the room. Her husband’s nanny, who took good care of him in his childhood days, a maid, one of his closest men, and her husband himself.

She could tell that someone was locked in there as the maidservant and nanny usually went in with guerdon filled with different cuisines.

Her heart raced as she opened the door. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Save me please”, the lifeless lady begged. But she stood there, feet frozen to the ground. The lady still looked as beautiful as before, but one could tell that she was not so well, not because of ill-treatment, she was the one having the best treats in the mansion, but because her mind was not at peace.

She looked at the lady who was handcuffed to the bed and to the setting of the room. It looked like her husband went the extra mile just to please the one he had locked in a closed room.

“I have to go”, she said, turning back to leave.

“Do you think he will ever love you when I am still here?” the lady said, causing her to pause in her steps.

“You need to help me out of here if you want to stay happily married to him”, she paused to take a breath. Her breath was getting shorter so she could only say a few words at a time.

“Melissa, he is crazily obsessed with me. Please help me out of this place”,

“I can’t even if I want to”, Melissa said.

“I am pregnant, carrying his first child”, she paused to breathe. “How do you think he will treat you when he realizes I am carrying his baby?” she watched Melissa’s bewildered face as she kept racking her brain, she had given her something to think about and she had to decide if she wanted to stay married to Carlos.

“Freeing me from this place is the only way you will enjoy your marriage”, she continued, adding pressure to her words. “Why do you think everyone here addresses you with your own name?”, “It is because to them I am his only wife, you must help me if you want to be recognized”.

“Wait for me”, Melissa said, and left the room.

“Hurry, Carlos will be back soon”, the lady said as tears streamed down from her eyes.

The door opened again after a few minutes.

“Take this,” Melissa said, giving her a change of clothes after releasing her from the cuffs.

“This is my black card”. Melissa handed her a card that would take care of her needs while she fled from Las Vegas.

“I have a house in Gangnam Gu, you can take it”, she said, handing her the address. “I will have the house transferred into your name now”,

“Use the east gate. I will distract the guards on duty”. Melissa said while she helped the lady escape the closed room.

“Run as fast as you can, don’t let us meet each other again”,

“Thank You, Melissa, I will forever remember this”,

Melissa went back into the mansion to her room to sleep. She was happy she was finally going to have the heart of her husband all to herself.

The lady ran as fast as her legs could carry her.

A car passed and she increased her pace more. Was it someone she knew?

The car designs showed it was someone who liked customized cars, so she could tell who it was even without looking inside the car.

It was difficult to find taxis in the neighborhood except if someone rode in one.

Heaven was helping her too because she came across a taxi and she boarded the taxi. She left the mansion with no change of clothes, shoes, or any snack that would keep her going.

She thought of a place to stay but ended up ruling out her mother’s place. That would be the first place Carlos would go to look for her.

Her friend’s place was also out of the picture and Carlos’s mom was also off her list.

There was only one place she could go, as she also ruled out the idea of lodging in a hotel. Knowing who Carlos was, he was going to comb every hotel in the country to find her.

The car stopped at a beautiful apartment, and she walked in banging on the door.

“What the? What is wrong?” the lady said as she opened the door to see her.

“Help me, Adrianna, Carlos is after me”,

“What? Where have you been all this while?” Adrianna asked, pulling her into the house and shutting the door.

She prepared dinner for her and gave her a glass of milk while she told her the story.

“That son of a b*tch!” Adrianna said, curling her fist.

“I will make you leave in an hour or two", Adrianna said to her after the call she had made.

Adrianna knew she would not be able to leave the city if she stayed till the next day.

“One more thing, don’t trust Melissa. She is going to kill you if you stay there”, Adrianna said to her and she nodded while gobbling down the food.

"I will set you up with an agent that will buy the estate once you get to Gangnam Gu". Adrianna said, looking at her, she felt very bad for everything she had been through, and for once she wished she had rejected her when she came in for the interview.

A call came to Adrianna's phone an hour late and she knew it was about time for the lady to leave.

She had packed up some nice snacks she would use before she settled in her new apartment.

"Get yourself a mobile phone when you settle down and call me with this". Adrianna handed her a journal in which she had written some words.

She gave her a hoodie to wear. If it was true that the girl escaped from Carlos, then he would scope the whole town just to find her and that meant he would use his latest developed technology "the spotter" to scan for her face in the entire city. The spotter could basically hack into all the cameras in the city to find her.

"Keep your face down and don't lift it, no matter anything", she said as the guy stepped in to carry her.

They walked as a couple so it would look like some friends paid her a visit. She knew how dangerous Carlos could be when the psycho in him woke up and she did not want to taste it.

The lady entered the private jet and sat down still facing the floor as tears flowed freely from her eyes. She had no idea how things ended up the way they did.

She placed her hands on her tummy.

She was lucky Carlos did not know she was pregnant, it would have been more difficult for her to escape.

Her face turned red as she curled her hands into a fist, squeezing them tightly. The only thing on her mind then was hate, it was filled with so much hate for him and she was not going to let it go anytime soon.

She had no idea how she walked into the world of billionaires and got stuck in it.

"How could he?" the words escaped from her mouth.

And for a moment she felt regret. She regretted the moment she walked into her doom and she hated the moment she dreamed of things that were too dangerous for her.

She had her own fair taste of life's medicine and she was paying the price for her greediness. How she wishes she could turn back the hands of time to when she was just a carefree person struggling to survive. To when she went around with her not-so-good looks to do the things she loved.

Chapter 2. A year ago

“Congratulations, Miss Hills, you can now start work immediately”. The tall, good-looking man said to her with a warm smile on his face.

“You look beautiful and ready for the job.”

“Thank you, Mr. James. I will not disappoint you”, she said, smiling back at him to show sincerity. She had complimented her curvy body with a red professional designer gown that fitted perfectly but at the same time screamed professional! And accompanied the gown with black stilettos shoes and a designer handbag.

Yes, she was super-hot. Hot like those celebrities who walked down the Met-Gala to show off their expensive outfits and jewelry.

This was her dream job, and right now, everything was handed to her on a golden plate. It was the first step in her long list of becoming the richest girl in the city.

Yes, a job at Stevenson’s was all she wanted.

“This way, Miss Hills,” he said while taking the lead, and she followed him, walking elegantly to reveal the royalty in h


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