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I'm Dedicated To You

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She has so many secrets he also has hidden scars. "I feel so guilty that you help me so much, "I say coyly. He stood up from his seat and walked to my bed he lowered his head to look at me and the closeness makes me awkward and I can't help but swallow my saliva. "Since you are feeling so guilty why don't you compensate me," he says and his breath fan my face and I can't help but shiver because of the effect. "How can I compensate you"I asked stuttering when I finally find my voice. "Marry me," he says getting close to my lips and those two words sent my brain freezing. Georgina Grey turned into an orphan overnight due to a massacre that cost her parent lives she grew up to be an actress and all that she worked for went down the drain overnight because of a scandal she was framed for but she presented an offer she can't refuse from the richest man in the country. Bradley Hale the richest man in the country had been looking for her for 14 years but now that he found her he is not going to let her go. They were entangled in an unpleasant encounter in the past, and they will be faced with trials but are they going to be able to scale through it?... PS:The cover is not mine credit to the original owner......

Chapter 1 Perfect Place To Die

A/N: Please if you likely pick up this novel I hope you would bear with me since It's a slow burn romance so, I hope you won't drop it after picking it up.

"This is the perfect place of die." Soft breath escaped her rosy pink lips as the lady standing right in front of the translucid lake lifted her gaze to the night sky. Cool breeze blew past her hair as she stares at the calm lake that gives her the perfect feeling of serenity but those emotions does not get to her because she was trouble. Her gentle brown eyes hide pain in them.

The girl sitting at the lake is Georgina Grey, one of the most successful actresses in the country.The girl sitting at the lake is Georgina Grey, one of the most successful actresses in the country.

She was catapulted into fame by a video of her serving a customer at a coffee shop she worked at and ever since then she had dominated the showbiz world with her impeccable talent and stunning beauty but all those hard work and achievement went down the drain just because of one scandal.


In the building of Dream Entertainment in the CEO's office.

"You can't just lay me down because of a scandal, " Georgina yelled, at the man sitting on the CEO's chair.

"You need to slow down your voice Gina and hell yes I could do anything to you," Samuel the man I respected the most barked at me.

"But you know the scandal is not true. I can't do it. I don't even know how to drink so well but they say I am doing drugs isn't that ridiculous," I say, reasonably hoping that he will believe me.

"I don't trust my mama so, you think I will trust," he says with a questioning smirk and that's when the realization hits me.

"This is not just about the scandal right," I asked, with a questioning look.

"What do you mean," he asked, avoiding my eyes.

"Of course, it makes sense Manager Bee calls me to the club that she is in trouble and immediately ends the call but when I arrived at the club she was not in and I immediately left there but after I vacated the club police raided it and I was reported to also visited the club even though I didn't stay long in the club but I was still associated with the scandal so, will you still tell me that it was all a coincidence?"I asked him looking at him.

"Wow no wonder you are known as the genius star you definitely have something up there that's why you shouldn't have played with fire since you are so smart you know that," he says playing with his mustache that I once found admirable but now it disgusts me. I thought about what Samuel says and I can't help but think hard about the phrase "You shouldn't have played with fire" and I don't seem to get it.

"What do you mean," I asked, confused.

"Wow I thought you are smart you should be able to get it but I am going to tell you anyways the young master of the Tukes family is the one behind it," he says and that got me off-guard but I have never offended him in anyways except me turning down his advances towards me.

"But all I ever do is reject his advances towards me," I say, not believing that the reason could be the catalyst of the set-up. I stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds before I recovered myself.

"Since it's just a scandal I will just lose some commercials and movies till the scandal dies down, it's fine I will just lay low for the time being," I say with a hopeful expression.

"Yeah but I don't think you will be making a comeback anytime soon because you are FIRED," Samuel says, dropping the bomb that I suspected but I don't expect it to be this shattering.

"You are firing me because of a scandal you can control," I yelled.

"Calm down darling, it looks like you haven't read the trending headlines today. You are the hottest topic on the internet and the whole citizens of Newtown are talking about you and I don't think our company can control that damage so, expect to hear from our lawyer over the contract breachment," Samuel says.

"Breachment of contract!" I exclaimed angrily "You guys are the one that is firing me but you are holding me responsible for the contract breachment," I say with a dangerous glint in my eyes.

"You are the one that caused the scandal that we can't protect you from, so you have to pay us for the damages," he says, smirking wickedly. Why did I even think this man is trustworthy?

I felt like crying so hard to show how hurt I am but I am not going to do that because my 24 years in this world as an orphan has taught me to never let anyone witness my miserable side.

"Ok," that's all I say, leaving his office in a trance.

"She is such a beautiful and brave girl but I can always find another girl to replace her," Samuel says after Georgina leaves his office.

I walk through Dream Entertainment which has been my home for 6 years but now it feels so strange, especially from the disgusting stares from the workers and some of the artists at the agency even though I heard whispers of people badmouthing me I still walk with my head high and acts as nothing bothers me.

"GG GG" I heard someone calling me by my artist name. I turned and saw one of the intern managers at the company.

"Kira, how are you?" I asked her, trying to form a smile even though I know I can't do it.

"I believe you didn't do it," she says with clear eyes and I know that she is telling the truth.

"Thanks," I say and she nods her head acknowledging.

"Can I please ask you where Manager Bee is?" She told me she is managing one of the new artists and they went to the Tukes group. I thanked her and was about to go and give the people who bullied me a visit but Kira called me back.

"GG it will be nice for you to take the back entrance because of the reporters at the front," she says, and I smiled at her. I almost forgot about that, I quickly made my way to the back entrance with different stares from people that once admired me but such is life.


I walked into the Tukes group through the back entrance and made my way to the CEO's office but on my way, I attracted different stares from people. Of course, I am still the Georgina Grey of showbiz.

"Is the CEO in?" I asked the secretary that's looking at me dumbfounded by my appearance but before she can get herself I already make my way to the CEO's office and I met him with Manager Bee and a girl I don't know sitting on the stupid young master's lap, I think that's the new artist Kira is talking about but I don't care about the situation they were in, I walked towards the CEO's sit and I gave the spoilt young master three resounding slaps on his face.

"That's for ruining my life," I said and he was dumbstruck.

"How dare you slap the CEO"Manager Bee yelled. I looked at her with fire in my eyes and she backed down when she met my eyes.

"Don't push my limit Bee. I am trying everything possible to hold my fire in and you know I can be nasty when angry". I say.

"Don't you think you are acting high and might I still make you disappear from the face of the earth?" the spoiled young master says crossing his legs and I can't help but shiver in fear which I didn't let show.

"I will be waiting for your action, "I say.

"You don't need to wait I am swift when it comes to something like this," he says and I started making my way out of the office because I am done with his bulls**t but some policemen make their way into the office.

"You are under arrest Georgina Grey for drug abuse, "one of the policemen says showing me a warrant…

Chapter 2 I Don't Want To Die

"Drugs?" I asked, raising my eyebrow, "But I don't even do drugs," I say.

"But you are a suspect in the starlight club drug case," he says, and I can't help but laugh.

"Are you going to go this far?"I asked, turning to look at the spoiled young master and he smirked wickedly.

"You should be careful you don't want to end up like me, "I say, looking at the newly signed artist I didn't get her name and I walked out with the policemen.

Going out of the building in the company of policemen raises questions among the workers in the company and I can't help but feel sad.

"Wow, she is indeed doing drugs," Man 1 says.

"It's still just a speculation and it's not yet proven, "Man 2 says.

"I think this is the falling of an angel," Man 3 joined in.

"Stop saying that about my angel, don't taint her reputation, "Man 2 defe


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