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I Kissed The Billionaire

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Allysa Hall, is a 25-year-old brazen yet beautiful lady. Heir to her father’s big company but due to her elder step-sister’s scheme she lost the favor of her father. She was called many names, the black sheep of the respectable Hall family. She once believed that she was the luckiest girl in the world having both parents that love her, but the moment her mother died everything changed. Her father, Andrew Hall remarried three years after his wife's death and it was the start of Allysa’s nightmare. She was forced to restart her life. Finding relief and temporary happiness she found herself in a cheap bar recommended by one of her friends. She drank and partied till dawn to forget all the bad things that happened. Being single for almost all of her life she decided to make a bold move on the hot guy sitting next to her. “Hi, there! Can you grant this miserable woman who’s never been in a relationship, a favor?” Allysa asked pretty boldly, cheeks flushed red due to alcohol. The man looked up from his drink and saw a drunk lady on his left side. “What?” he asked irritably. “Can I kiss you?” Allysa asked with a grin on her beautiful face. Little did she know that due to her impulsiveness, she had no idea that her miserable life would turn upside-down.

Chapter 1

Chapter One.

Allysa's POV.

It was an ordinary day, my work revolved around meetings and creative planning. My eyes roamed around the ridiculous amount of paperwork on my desk. Grimacing slightly, I spared a glance at the grandfather clock standing still like a guard on duty at the corner of the office.

I thought my day would end just like the same, but instead, I was suddenly summoned to my father’s office. I could not even say goodbye to some of my workmates as I was told to make haste.

Walking towards the office, I saw some of the executive officers getting out one by one. I smiled at them happily but to my surprise, they looked away and walked directly past me. I was quite dumbfounded but didn't mind, perhaps their meeting didn’t turn out quite alright.

It did not take a while until I reached my father’s office, twisting the silver door knob, and the tinted glass double door opened silently.


I saw my father sitting on his swivel chair, his back facing me.

“I’m here Dad, what is it that you made me come here in haste?” I announced myself and asked directly.

I know my father is not a fan of idle chit-chats or beating around the bush. And taking that trait from him, I grew up frank and some people seem to see it as offending. Some people find me too brazen.

A few seconds passed before I heard him take a deep breath and sigh. I was stunned and quite worried, for my father to sigh like that only means something wasn’t right.

"I will take back your rights as the heir of this company." A cold tone echoed in the four corners of the room. The room illuminated a dark atmosphere that seemed to witness this unjust judgment, silhouettes dancing around the office.

I thought I was struck by lightning by how sharp his words came out.

I look at my father, sitting on his swivel chair with his back on me. I look at him with shock and disbelief. It feels unreal and scripted, I do not understand. My head could not comprehend the words he had said.

"But Dad!" I scream in disbelief. “How could you say that! What the hell did I do wrong!?” I shouted in anger.

My father, who once loved me the most, gave me the cold shoulder. It was so cold that I was frozen in my spot, so cold that I felt my blood freeze.

"Allysa, you are being such a brat and spoiled! You are disgracing our family! How many times has your sister cleaned up your mess!?" He shouted with anger and disappointment, partly shaking his head as he refused to turn toward me.

I stared at him dumbfounded, my expression was wrapped in disbelief. My eyebrows were closed on kissing each other as I glared at him.

What!? Me!? A disgrace in our family!? Are you f*ck*ng kidding me!?

Never in my life did I do something like that! Not even once I acted like a brat when you decided to remarry out of nowhere even though my mother just died a few months ago. I have never demanded too much of your attention when you suddenly turned cold and dotted that step-sister of mine!

I never interfere with your life because I want to see you be happy. I never tried to stop you nor did I say something against your choice! I never did something that made you upset because I was afraid I would lose all of your remaining love!

I could not understand the words spurting into my father’s mouth, it was all nonsense!

"Hah! Me!? What do you mean? I never did something like that!" I felt my blood boiling as I shouted in anger. I worked hard for this company to grow and worked overtime to finish many

presentations and projects.

My shoulders are rising up and down as I breathe heavily, my anger is rising and my patience is starting to get thin.

“Stop lying, Alyssa! Your sister saw you walking out outside a bar drunk and with some men holding you inappropriately! Did you not know that many of our competitors are now using that against us?! Thankfully your sister was there to handle the situation before it got messier!” He shouted as he turned around to finally look at me.

“Hah!” I gasped loudly with ridicule.

I took a step forward and looked straight into my father’s eyes. “I never went into a f*ck*ng bar! I have never stepped on f*ck*ng club in my whole life! And now you are accusing me of things like this!? Do you think I have time for that!? I was buried in school work before and now in this office just to make this company grow!? And now you are stripping my right! My right to this company just because of some lies your stupid step-daughter told you!?” I shouted in anger and mockery. My breathing was uneven as I let my heart shout all the years of bottled-up resentment and feelings.

I was out of breath after saying that.

Father’s eyes went ablaze when he heard me finish, his face was now painted red because of extreme anger. He stood up from his seat and pointed his finger toward me.

“You have gone too far, young lady! How could you accuse your sister of something like that! You know that your sister never lied! And I did not raise a daughter adept at lying! I know you were brazen but I have never thought you would be this shameless! Blaming your sister who was just concerned for you and lying straight to my face!” he accused and said with displease.

I strongly clenched my hands to the point that my nails were now digging into my palms. I felt my heart was being gripped tightly and my breathing became uneven. With a glare, I stepped forward until his table was the only one that set us apart.

So you also see me as brazen and I have become too shameless? I am now a liar?! Then fine! I’ll let you see how shameless I can become.

“Hah! So that’s how you see me now? Never raised a lying daughter? Then fine!” I shouted as I grabbed my office ID from my neck.

“Where are your manners!? How dare you raise your voice towards your father!” he inhales a sharp breath.

I look at him mockingly, I’m already shameless then why should I retain my manners?

“I have no manners? How could I respect and call you father when you have already said that you don’t have a daughter who is shameless beyond doubt and a f*ck*ng liar that constantly blames her sister!” I shouted with hatred and threw my ID to his table.

I look him straight in the eyes. “If I can’t inherit this company, the company that I work hard for then fine! Suit yourself! I’m resigning! Why the hell would I waste my time here!” As soon as I said that, I stormed out of his office. I saw his eyes widen in shock and his mouth agape.

“Allysa! We are not yet done with our talk!” I heard my father scream. I didn’t bother to look back and move forward with heavy feet. I walked in haste and I could still hear him shouting.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two.

Allysa's POV.

As I walked past the long hallway, I saw the board of directors coming out from another room, and with them my stepmother. Everyone stopped and looked at me, I didn’t give them a chance to look at me with pity as I stopped and glared at them.

My stepmother was alarmed and tried to smile lovingly. “Dear, what happened to you? Are you crying? Having a bad day?”

My anger almost burst out from the pent-up hatred, I suddenly had the urge to grab her black hair and pulled it.

But instead, I smirk at her and everyone. “Nice try joking mother, very funny to the point I have almost forgotten to myself from slapping your stupid face. And I doubt you will ever see me cry, maybe at your funeral I will.” I answered sharply and didn’t bother to analyze their surprised faces.

I went straight to the elevator and pressed the button. Thankfully, it opened very quickly and no one was inside. I went in and turned around to see their fa


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