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I Am Love, Mr. Billionaire!

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I am Loraine Windrug, the most eligible bachelorette on this continent, every man competes for exclusive rights to me. My bank account is loaded, I even own more cars than I can drive, my multimillion-dollar mansion has every convenience imaginable. Men long for me, either for their guaranteed business success after a date with me or as hunters because of my reputation as an elusive billionaire. Love is written all over me, but I only date a handful of hotly singles with whom I share a secret friends-with-benefits relationship, satisfying my freaky side with wild, kinky s*x. But I never trade my virginity. And then comes that inescapable moment when I fall hard on that one man who is far beyond my reach. Dordrich Fellogan; is a billionaire media mogul, but sadly enough, married and with children. Yet I pursue him, had him deep inside me, but couldn’t keep him. For his love is not mine. After we were betrayed, his wife caught us hot in the act and started an embarrassing scene. All this was uploaded on social media so I fled his life. Five years later, when he's left a broken, bankrupt man, I return. I face him as a business partner. His wife abandoned him, his future is now in my hands. I reinstate his media chain, drive him crazy with lust, but keep him out of my bed. When his wife wants him back, he’s to decide between Elena and me. But I am true love, desirable, unforgettable and more. The triumph card is with me…

Show Off!


I cast a sidelong glance at my date for tonight, Danner Winfield, a handsome hunk who drives every woman into wet dreams. There's not the slightest doubt in my mind that he wanted my company to show me off to his rich friends. That's actually the case with many of my admirers, when they can't have real s*x with me, they brag about our relationship.

And I like to play the game along, knowing that at the end of the evening a breathtaking reward awaits me. Danner is my favorite s*x partner, he masters the act to drive me to those heavenly orgasms. I hardly ever turn down any of his date invitations, which makes people guess whether I'm just his mistress or committed girlfriend.

As we step into the expensively decorated ballroom, all heads turn in our direction. We are indeed a very striking couple, an incredible black-haired beauty on the arm of an athletic redhead. The jealous looks of aristocratic and famous women haunt me, but I flout all of it. They all know I am Loraine Windrug, the youngest self-made billionaire on this continent, more beautiful than miss universe, and crazy and free. I wrap any man I want around my finger, every married woman in this room is now terrified that I'll say just one word to her husband. But I live by my own code of ethics, married and engaged men are not my thing, I avoid all the drama that comes with dating these groups.

Danner now possessively wraps his arm around my shoulders, with a soft smile on my lips I let him have his way, leaning intimately against his chest. I can already hear the gossip machines working overtime, the cameras on the mobile phones in overdrive. Danner and I are sure to make headlines with suggestive quotes in all the major tabloids tomorrow, perhaps with an ambiguous photo of us snuggling in each other's arms.

Not that I care a bit. I am the most read influencer and the gossip editions about me are sold out before nightfall. So I am also a good financial hit for media outlets. But my own booming software company, Windrug&So, is also benefiting from all this media attention. This fame brought me hundreds of new clients and a steady growth to other states in America. Even so with Danner’s business. This show is really making me nig bucks.

My bank account is so loaded. All the new versions of cars on the market with the most modern gadgets are parked in my garage. In addition to my favorite multimillion-dollar mansion has every convenience imaginable. I own a number of mansions and penthouses in the largest cities in America and England. I hardly know anything about many of them because I've never been there. For the investments on my part, I have a very expert staff who take care of that. So my life is to enjoy all the good things on earth.

So double the benefit, and I don't feel guilty about my dates, there is a mutual share. I mainly like successful men and their business gets full publicity after our escapades. A bonus to that comes at the end of the night when we delve into an intense intimate pleasure.

Maybe that's why none of my dates complain that they can never have the real physical adventure with me. Our actions are limited to seductive oral s*x, which still gives us the ultimate satisfaction. I never go for that to a house, hotel or other enclosed space. My preference is for daring s*x in nature, by the pool or in the sauna, just to name a few of my most coveted places.

And Danner understands my needs perfectly, he's just as much of a freak as I am. Sometimes I suspect him of being gay and using me as a cover-up. I don't care about that either, as long as I get what I want from him.

Warmly embraced we walk to the buffet. I'm a real foodie, there's very little I don't like to eat. Danner fills a plate for me and we head to a free table. When we are having a great time, I see a man sauntering towards us with a glass in his hand. I remember him as Alex, an ex-lover. A few months ago, I went on a date with him, and he still has a hangover from that day. His s*x was worthless, he was terribly nervous to have a famous woman like me in his arms and couldn’t deliver.

"Alex, how are you? Come sit with us please," I invite him to our table. He responds immediately, pulls a chair back and takes a seat.

Danner and Alex are acquaintances, they attended Harvard together.

But the tension between the two is almost palpable, as they stare at each other like rivals. "Danner, shall we spend the evening together, the three of us?". I now turn to my date, a creamy idea taking root in me.

Look, Alex could really use some on-hand lessons, just in case he needs to fill in someday. And I'm so ready for a threesome tonight. Danner doesn't disappoint me, he sees through my plan but isn't really excited about the idea.

Alex tosses back the remaining alcohol in his glass and stares at me. It's slowly dawning on him what my intention is. Clearing his throat in the familiar nervousness, he silently stares at his former college mate. Danner needs some time to adjust to the plan, but in the end he takes no chances and reluctantly agrees.

My body is shivering in anticipation of what I will come at the end of this evening, I can already feel my juices leaking onto my panties. My burning n*ppl*s are erect, waiting for the lips of these men to cool them down. 

Who's idea was it in the first place to end this ball in the morning hours? 

I'm so d*mn horny!!






Those eyes!!

As soon as he enters the room, our eyes clash.

Those gorgeous sky blue eyes draw me irresistibly towards him, illuminating my being like a ray of light. We

continue to stare at each other, experiencing a rare physical and mental connection that neither of us can deny. There is clearly an invisible bond that drives and binds us together.

And then all of the sudden the blonde woman on his arm demands his attention, forcing him to break our bond.

How I hate her!

I keep an eye on the couple. I want to know exactly what position she holds in his life. She is all over him, touching him everywhere her hands can reach.

Jealousy threatens to take over the best of me. At this moment I notice that Danner is following my

gaze towards the man and woman. "Dordrich Fellogan and his wife Elena.


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