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How to be a lucky girl?

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Damian is the CEO of a leading company in the UK. He falls in love at first sight with a girl he meets in a car workshop and the girl's name is Amanda. When he manages to find her, he then makes her an assistant with the threat of evicting all the residents of the apartment occupied by the girl. Along the way, the girl finds out that she is the daughter of a famous nobleman after accidentally finding a necklace kept by Damian which turned out to be obtained from an old man in the workshop. As the girl falls in love, suddenly someone claims to be Damian's lover and there is a mystery in it. What must Amanda do to defend her love? Then, what is the mystery in their relationship?

When the young master falls in love

"I'm in love."

Those three words started a beautiful morning in the boring life of Damian, a handsome young businessman. He had said them so many times in less than an hour that his two best friends were getting a little fed up. Just imagine, Damian, who is usually quiet and doesn't say much, was suddenly as excited as a songbird.

"Can you shut up? This is the tenth time you've talked about being in love. Who made you talk so much like this?" asked Fraser, his best friend and coworker.

"Someone who cursed and argued with me in a workshop." Damian began to imagine that unpleasant encounter. Two days ago he had gone to a car repair shop and it was there that he had met a young woman who had thrilled him.

"What's her name?" Elrick interrupted Damian's reverie.

"I didn't get to meet her. But if I'm not mistaken, she was called Amanda by one of the employees there. Yes, her name is Amanda." Damian looked happy at the mention of the woman's name. His two friends could only roll their eyes lazily. It was Damian's habit to be forgetful.

"So what do you do after this?" asked Elrick to which Fraser nodded.

"Probably look for her all over London."

"How many Amanda's are there in the city of London? A hundred, two hundred or maybe thousands. Do you want to look for her?" Fraser asked with a chuckle. Elrick laughed along with him.

"Don't underestimate me."

Meanwhile, far away in a crowded corner of London, a young woman seemed to be struggling to find an address on a tattered sheet of paper in her possession. The address of a building located a little far from the center of the crowd with a scary environment.

"If it wasn't for Aunt Sandra, I wouldn't want to live in this shithole," she complained.

Along the way, the young woman kept muttering to herself. The scenery she saw was very shabby and dirty, in contrast to the luxurious building she was used to passing by.

"Ah, excuse me. I'm looking for this address. Do you know where it is?" the young woman asked. She stopped short when she saw an old uncle sitting on the side of the road holding a farming tool.

"Are you new here?"

The young lady shook her head. "I also live in London but I just found out about this place."

The uncle sighed. He put down the farming tool he was holding then briefly explained the address of the building and pointed out the direction.

"You must be careful when you enter the building," the old uncle warned.

"Is there something strange there?"

"No, the owner is fierce."

After a long walk, the young woman finally arrived at the address of the building she was looking for. It was an old building that was still well-maintained despite its faded paint. She climbed the stairs to the fifth floor, there was no elevator and the stairs were dirty and full of dust. Until he realized that the place he was heading to was very quiet away from the crowds.

"Why is this the cheapest place in all of London? What a nuisance."

The young woman dragged her suitcase into a room she had opened earlier.

"Not bad," she muttered.

The young woman scanned the room and checked the lighting inside one by one. It was good enough and to her liking. Then she headed back to the living room before she was startled by a voice at the door.

"Are you Amanda Halburt?" the voice asked. Her voice was heavy and she walked up to the young woman named Amanda with a stealthy walk. "My name is Evelyn, just call me Aunt Evelyn."

Amanda nodded. She almost hit the aunt if she hadn't shown her face earlier.

"You live next to my room?"

"Yes. You live next door. Come over and have dinner if you like."

"Alright, I'll stop by after I finish unpacking."

The aunt said goodbye. Amanda breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't like strangers coming into her room and looking around and asking all sorts of questions. It was not pleasant.

"I have to call Clara, I hope she won't be confused about the address of this building."


Damian was tired. It had been two days since he had come home late at night without a break and it was already the third day. The work was piling up and it was all Elrick, his best friend's fault. He had fired everything from his assistant to his secretary over a minor issue and it was all affecting his job as director.

"D*mn Elrick. He fired all my assistants and dumped everything on me and now he's having fun with his girlfriend," Damian complained just before he went home.

As he crossed the hallway to his room, his eyes caught the glow of the computer still on at the end of the room. His forehead furrowed and he wondered who was still working this late at night.

He approached the room.

"What are you doing? It's time to go home," Damian snapped at his employee who now looked up in embarrassment as he stared at him.

"Ah, the director's not home yet? This is the last file before it's sent to Mr. Kim," she replied.

"What file."

"Job vacancy for the director's secretary."

Damian nodded. He was silent for a moment and then asked his employee again, "I prefer a young female secretary so I don't get fooled so much."

"Isn't it easier with experience?" the employee asked.

"Experienced ones talk more, I don't like them." Damian left the employee.

After Damian left he complained before closing his computer. "I'm not sure his secretary will like him."


Amanda complained, the contents of her refrigerator were empty without a trace. After finishing cleaning up the house, she intended to go shopping. Incidentally, the road to the supermarket is not too far, there is a shortcut behind the building that goes directly to the big road. Amanda had the courage to walk down the street while humming a little to get rid of her nervousness.

After walking for a while, she smiled as she saw the large supermarket at the end of the street.

"Good thing it's still open."

Amanda walked across the zebra crossing and into the supermarket. She selected some groceries and other necessities.

"I have to go home soon." Amanda was surprised to see her watch on her hand. She had been shopping for almost an hour and she remembered her appointment with Aunt Kim to come to her house.

Not far from the supermarket where Amanda was shopping, a sedan car passed by quite fast. Damian was the one driving the sedan. He didn't realize because he was busy contacting Elrick, his best friend who invited him to go out tonight.

"Shut up or I'll fire you," Damian threatened.

The voice on the other side chuckled, ignoring his best friend's curses and threats. There was no way Damian would dare fire him. "Let's not talk too much. This is all for your own good. Where was Damian's smile this morning?"

"I regret to inform you."

"Ha..ha. Just relax Damian."

"Shut up or I'll----" Sehun's voice suddenly cut off. Right in front of him, a red light flashed. Damian who had not been satisfied cursing suddenly realized for a few seconds until he finally stopped his vehicle.

"--Oh, sh*t."

The call was cut off.

A petite woman emerged from the crowd of pedestrians, her hands clasped around her waist with a hoodie covering her head. Her eyes were red with anger.

"Hey, open the door!" the woman banged on the windshield of Damian's sedan and told him to get out.

Damian gulped. He slowly opened the car door and got out to meet the person. "Sorry lady, I didn't mean to."

"You think that's cool? Driving at high speed and almost hitting a pedestrian," she yelled.

"I told you it was an accident," Sehun said defensively.


Damian was stunned by the woman's face. Her gestures and the way she was raging were just like the woman who had nagged him in the workshop a while ago.

"Wait, aren't you..." Damian pointed at the petite woman's face.

"What do you mean pointing at my face?"

"Aren't you the woman who cursed at me in the workshop five days ago?"

Amanda widened her eyes. She had just remembered the man she had cursed at in her friend's workshop. His face was similar to the man she had just sworn at again for the second time.

"D*mn," she swore.

Embarrassed, she covered her face with her hands and ran away to avoid Damian's shouts calling her from afar. Really, she didn't want to meet the strange man who made her angry again.

"Hey, Amanda. I'd like to meet you," Damian shouted.

Amanda ran faster and faster while occasionally looking back. Damian was following her and kept shouting for her. "Amanda, I want to make your acquaintance."

"No, you don't," Amanda replied as she continued to run. She climbed the stairs of the flat at lightning speed, not caring that it was late at night. She quietly peeked from the top to make sure no one was following her anymore. "I just rented this place and there's already trouble."

Damian stopped. He could see Amanda enter an old building and climb on top of it. He took a picture of the building and left after her. "At least I know where she lives." Damian grinned and it sent chills down Amanda's spine.

Annoying boss

It's not Damian if all problems can't be solved. Just looking for someone's address or name in a matter of fingers he can do it. Moreover, the address and photo he got was already the next target place to carry out the plan he had laid out in his head.

Since last night, he had been busy looking for a detective who could provide him with quick information and this morning a smile spread across his lips when his messenger gave him good news.

"Her name is Amanda, full name is Amanda. She used to work in a food processing factory in Busan. The flat she lives in belongs to Mrs. Sandra who is now living abroad," explained Damian's messenger who was already in his room this morning.

"Where does he work?"

"He works odd jobs. In the morning at a convenience store, in the afternoon at a Chinese restaurant and sometimes he also comes to his friend's workshop to help out," the messenger co


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