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His Secret Affair

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He owned her heart and soul. She gave everything to the man she loved. Radleigh Montemayor is a notorious playboy and a f*ck*r. Any self-restraint to suppress the feeling and resist the temptation but she cannot do it. She gave everything because she loved him. LOVE, S*X, and all of her but, Radleigh Montemayor is dangerously playful. Frixxie has a boyfriend but has a secret affair with Radleigh Montemayor. She broke up with her boyfriend, even though she knew her secret love for Radleigh was uncertain. All they had was purely physical until she admitted her feelings for him but all Radleigh wanted was her body.

Chapter 1 (First)

"R-rad." I stuttered against him.

My body is like a dry leaf that was gradually being burned. Radleigh Montemayor was the man who owned my heart, body, and soul.

I have a boyfriend, and he has a girlfriend. We both know that this is wrong, but I love him more, more than I would tolerate all the pain he'd cause, all the consequences we'll face. I love Rad so much that it consumed me.

We were in his car right now.

"You let that *ssh*l* kiss you in front of me! Frixxie!?" He hissed madly. His eyes were angry looking at me, but his handsomeness could not be covered up. The word handsome was not enough for a Radleigh Montemayor, a notorious playboy, the man I'd give up everything for.

He got angry when he saw me kissing Frank. Frank has been my boyfriend for almost a year and I just can't find a way to break it up with him, although I know that I should. It can't be this way forever.

I want Rad and I to last.

But who am I going to fool?

I'm just one of his women and I accepted it even though it broke my heart. No one else knows about us. He kept me as a secret; I held him like an oath.

He violently grabbed my left arm, almost injuring me when he held it.

"Let me go! It hurts," I struggled, making him tighten his hold even more. He is very possessive of almost everything.

"And how many times do I have to tell you that I don't want to see you wearing that f*ck*ng dress?! Are you a sl*t? Tell me, are you a f*ck*ng sl*t?!" he pointed at my dress. I just let out a sob. He let go of my arm and hit the car's steering wheel with great force. I was scared at this time. I don't care if Frank finds me. I'd honestly be thankful if he did.

"I'm s-sorry."

He leaned his back against the backrest of his car's chair. "I'm f*ck*ng jealous! He f*ck*ng kiss you and you don't even object." He snapped.

"Rad, he is my boyfriend."

"And what about me?" I was shocked by what he said, so I looked at him.

"I-I love you. You know that." That's all I said.

"F*ck." he muttered a curse. He pulled me and made me sit on his lap. "Please don't kiss your boy. You won't like what I'll do." He warned. "You are mine, Frixxie, only mine. Got it?" He says, full of possession. I should be running away this time, yet I smiled at him. I was intoxicated.


He cupped my face and kissed me harshly.

Rad was my first kiss. He was my first at everything, although I'm still a virgin.

He deepened our kiss and I couldn't help but moan. He bit my lower lip and s*ck*d it like a lollipop.

"These lips are mine."

He kissed my shoulder.

"You are mine," he said between his kisses. His words were like a spell and I was hypnotized.

I felt his hand caressing my thigh. It's so easy for him because I'm wearing a black tube dress. It was not long before he violently pulled down my dress, letting out my breasts in front of him.

Today is the birthday of Rad's cousin, who is also Frank's friend. Frank is looking for me for sure.

"Rad-" I moaned when he s*ck*d my nipple. I arched my back so he could s*ck it properly. This is not the first time Rad has done this to me. We have been in this setup for almost three months and I have nothing to complain about, not a single thing.

He rubbed my thigh. My eyes rolled as I felt his bulge in my middle. D*mn it. He s*ck*d my breasts alternately then I kissed him with the same ferocity. He grabbed both my waists and pressed me even harder to him.

"Oh my gosh," I mumbled when my core grinds on his bulge.

I feel so hot.

"Please, Rad- I want you." I could barely recognize my voice which was almost begging. He chuckled.

I could smell the mixture of alcohol and bubble gum on his breath. Confusing and puzzling.

"Now, my baby wants me." He huskily whispered.

"Please," I begged.

"F*ck." He cursed. I immediately changed our position so I was lying down and he was on top of me. He kissed me roughly. I felt the kiss descend on my chest and he s*ck*d there, again. He lifted my dress and violently tore my lacey panty.

"Radleigh-" I moaned.

F*ck. He's already in the middle of my thigh, kneeling in front of me. My left leg slung over his broad shoulders. He was holding the right one so that I could extend my legs more in front of him. I'm so hot and I want more.

"Ahh! F*ck." I cursed when he slid a finger and his tongue swirled expertly in my entrance. I didn't know where to turn my head. My two hands were already tweaking his hair.

He inserted another finger into me and I was overwhelmed with pleasure.

"Rad- f*ck it, please continue-" I ordered as Rad hastened to plunge his finger into me. He didn't stop; he just got better. He just grinned and bit his lip, looking at my expression.

"Say my name in pleasure, Frixxie." He commanded.

"Ra-rad-leigh… oh my god-"I stuttered. "Sh*t, I'm near-" Then I came. I felt his lip on my middle thigh and s*ck*d what I released.

"Good girl." He growled as he laughed.

"F*ck you." My eyes were very sleepy.

"I'll f*ck you hard and rough, baby." he took off his t-shirt so I could freely caress his chest down to his eight-pack abs. He stared at my hand, caressing his body. I almost burst into flames at his scorching look. I can see the burning passion in his eyes. I want to fall into that kind of fire.

He unbuckled his pants and took them off with his boxer shorts. I gasped at his c*ck.

"Scared?" He smirked sexily. He kissed me again. His hand traveled all over me. He stopped in my middle and I fainted.

"Please, Rad."

"It will hurt big time." He whispered.

"F*ck it-" I growl at him.

He just chuckled. "F*ck, you're so tight."

"Ahhh!" It felt so good that I scratched his back every time he pushed me.

"F*ck it!" He cursed and he thrust more complex and very fast.

"Oh my gosh! Rad!"

His car shook every time he pushed me. Fortunately, it was dark here in the parking lot. His two hands are pointed on either side of me, so I can see how his arm and vein flex every time he moves over me. I spread my thighs even more. One was on his shoulder and the other was on the other side.

"Rad, I'm-" I can't finish what I'm going to say because my world is shaking. He put more pressure on me.

"We should do this more often." He whispered in my ear.

This was my first time.

Chapter 2 (Trouble)

"Hey, why do you seem to be pained? Does anything hurt?" I was startled by Loisa's slap on the table in front of me. I was stunned. My body hurt and it was fucking sore! Even though it was painful, I still tried to walk properly without them noticing. The three of us, Loisa, Cassy, and I are here at Starbucks in front of our Campus.

"I'm just not in the mood," I answered.

Cassy took a sip at her frappe and then looked at me. "You're so lucky with Frank."

"We broke up last night when I left him on Logan's birthday," I explained to see how their jaws dropped.

"But you've been together for almost a year! What happened?" Loisa was shocked.

I just shrugged. "I never really loved him. Besides, it was all about the bet." I reminded them.

"I really thought that you had developed feelings for him. What a great pretender."


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