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His Poisonous Love

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Faced with societal retribution due to neglect from her parents, Ivanka is caught up in a tangle of unanswered questions about her background which she surveys blindly alongside a grandma that only takes her as a consolation. Ina new town where she knows no one and is barely accepted, Ivanka falls in love with the bad boy. A poisonous love. She chooses her own path and makes a move for it. Years after, she is back, not as the fragile little teenager but as the billionaire heiress to a multi-million dollar company that she grew of her own strength, to find the true but hidden reason behind her being neglected. The result is shocking... Her love really is a poisonous one.

New Home

NEW HOME-First Chapter

It was drizzling lightly, my anorak and bag were covered in tiny droplets of water but my face was ice cold. I looked back at my house as I dragged my luggage along into the moving van. I missed everyone; mother, Jake and Isabelle, and the thought that I couldn't see them anymore sl*t through me so hard over and over.

I broke down into quiet sobs of pain, grandma said we had to move, despite my pleas that we shouldn't. She didn't understand what it felt like meeting new people after a total round of usual bullying jerks. She never did know that I was always bullied in school, Jake did and he tried his best to protect me; despite being in different classes, and Isabelle was my substitute bodyguard when he wasn't available but as a fragile female like me, she got pushed around too.

She endured it all and stood strong whenever they were sneering at us and till they left she wouldn't let the pain consume her. The loyal, protective, love-filled friendship we shared had been broken, no way to contact each other...

And Jake, he left with mum, he had to, at least that was what he told me but I'm guessing mother fought with grandma again over dad's nonchalance towards Jake and I, mother wanted to take us both but grandma wasn't having it. Now we had to move, somewhere they do not know, so grandma could have me in peace.

I s*ck*d in my pain and looked up at grandma's call...

"You better get over here now and don't let me hurt you" she glared at me but I could see, deep down that she was scared, scared that I would take off just like Jake had done with mum and then she would have nothing to console herself whenever she remembered her good-for-nothing son that deserted his family.

"Yes ma'am" I replied sullenly, hurrying over to the van.


The house wasn't so big, in comparison to our previous house, this was somewhat of a mid-sized bungalow. It's interior decor was below average, it was pretty ugly and unattractive but grandma wouldn't care anyway.

My tears had dried up, when I left, I promised Isabelle and Jake that I would stand up for myself and not be pushed around like a pile of salt, and that was exactly what I had in mind, or so I thought...

My room was a lot satisfying compared to the living room, it was painted in my best colour and had a wallpaper of Gojo Satoru, my best anime character yet. I had a mini reading desk and chair, set beside an oversized bed, just the way I liked it.

I grinned, I knew this was grandma's gift of apology, a way to help me feel like I was home, without Jake and mum. I guess I could do just that...another thing that caught my eye was the advanced HP gaming laptop that cost a fortune, I gasped and almost choked, I couldn't believe it. My mind kept on turning with questions, maybe it wasn't mine, someone else's? I told myself to be calm and not over react, slowly I walked to it and flipped it open. A little note was lying there and it read;

'It was long overdue,

And this isn't a bribe.'


I felt hot tears spilling over my face and I smiled, she had remembered.


The fragrant scent of muffins and hot cocoa wafted into my room through the slightly open door. I had been busy all afternoon, setting up my laptop. The aroma got me springing up from my chair, out of the room to the kitchen.

I met grandma with a smile that consumed my face, my sorrow of earlier brushed aside.

"There's my pretty angel. I made your favorite chocolate muffins, accompanied with hot cocoa and a chocolate cake as desert"

I s*ck*d in air and examined the table, it wasn't just a mere cake and muffins meal, but a perfect home-coming dinner party. Scones, Meat-pie, Sausage rolls and doughnuts were placed delicately round a vase of pretty, fragrant dandelions. On one end of the table; cheese souffle, veggie burger and fried pepper plantains sat awaiting my arrival.

The main dish, my one and only recipe; spaghetti surprise, fried in coconut oil with scanty dressing of mushrooms and unshelled periwinkles.

The aroma of the meal was mind-boggling. It had been years since I had such a wondrous meal set before me in which I could have all. Ever since dad moved out of our lives when I was eight, we cut down expenses and some times didn't even have enough to eat thrice a day.

"Go on...or you just gonna stare at it?" She sat me into a dining chair as I kept on staring in awe.

I snapped and dived into the food, tasting all dishes and snack at once. It felt like heaven brought to earth and I tried not to think of any other b*llsh*t and instead, focus entirely on the food.

After the delectable meal, I could barely move. I managed to crawl over to the sofa in the living room and took in mouthfuls of air, to help digest the excess food, while grandma took care of the dishes.

My mind soared to the past, years back when we were together, all six of us. Though I barely remember my dad, he was quite a semi-*ssh*l* in the little pictures I could sum up of him but nothing gave off the children-dumping vibes. I still wondered if he had really dumped us on mum or whether there was something else.

Maybe there is but no matter how hard I try, I always love him. That feeling I get, whenever I remember I had a dad who left me for some unprecedented reason but I had little memory of him to hold on, wacks me very hard every time.

I sighed with unexplainable relief, somehow I felt safe and secure, somehow my future seemed vibrant and perfect. Whether it was the new home or the welcoming gesture of grandma, I had no idea but I felt assured. With that lovely feeling, I shut my eyes and zoned out.


New School


The next morning, I was hesistant to get up from the bed. The thought of going, without a bodyguard, to a school that has a high rate of bullies set me on edge. A part of me wished I had Jasmine and Jake by my side; a big part. But the other part was yearning to protect and guide itself. I had no choice but to get ready.

The school was one of the most expensive, which was why I said it has a high rate of bullies. Most of the students were rich spoilt brats that always wanted to have their way and not tossing off the fact that Grandma wasn't so high-classed, she wasn't even high classed at all. I had gotten a free entry into the school because Grandma happened to have adequate connections; which I find inadequate.

It was the perfect definition of extravagant and luxurious, what was the word? Opulent!!! Yes, it reeked of unimaginable wealth.

Fleets of cars swung into the driveway at indecent speed, spilling out brats of all ages and calibr


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