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His Mafia Love

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Damien Anderson is a 20-year-old young guy who is living a wealthy and nice life. He had everything he needed in the palm of his hands. He was considered the hottest guy in his school; he was every girl's dream guy.  But the young man's heart and mind were already captured by his very beautiful girlfriend, whom he dreamed of having a happily ever after with. But what will happen when she betrays him and shatters his life, leaving him to suffer in this world and making his family turn their backs on him? She destroyed his life but also left something precious for him. Will he get back on his feet and cherish the only thing he has left, or will he let the world pull him down?

Chapter 1

Driving the bus slowly along the street of New York, the driver was looking deprived of sleep and tired, and the noise coming from the back was not helping much; the kids were too loud to his dismay. He was focusing on the road with heavy eyes, his mind wondering about how much he needed the money for college and his little bundle of joy, when all of a sudden a black Jeep at the side of the bus lost control.

It kept going in a circle, trying as much as possible to stop so as not to get hit. The car hit the bus, making it lose brakes and go off the road, running into a street lamp, which came crashing down on the bus, injuring the driver as he went unconscious.

The kids at the back were crying, and people on the sidewalk with their phones were trying to record the incident that just took place. While some were trying to get the children off the bus, at the other end of the road, the black Jeep stopped. It looked like it was not even damaged.

Opening his eyes, all he saw was white. His head was pounding, and the beeping noise coming from the machines was not helping at all. He felt so tired, as if his life was slowing leaving his body. He kept trying to keep his eyes open. He could also hear the cry of a girl, which got him confused about who it was. He kept trying to keep his eyes open. Everything was getting blurry, but he felt like he needed strength to keep his eyes open for someone. He kept looking around, and his system was slowly shutting down.

He could see her standing with tears in her eyes. He left to comfort her, but he felt weak. He hated himself for making her cry again, but this time he couldn't help it. He was too tired to do anything slowly, so he closed his eyes and let the darkness consume him.

It kept going on for weeks. He would hear her cries and open his eyes to see her before letting the darkness consume him, and every single time he heard her cry, his heart hurt a lot. It was hunting him, and he kept wishing for strength to comfort her. He was willing to sacrifice anything to just comfort her, and tears were the last thing he wanted to see in her eyes.

Two weeks later,

He woke up feeling a lot better. Opening his eyes, he quickly shut them, groaning loudly at the brightness in the room coming from the opened window. Opening them again to adjust to it, he saw the room was a little bit dim. Now, turning to the window, he saw the nurse shutting the blinds to keep the sun from shining inside. After she was done, she turned to him and looked at him with disgust.

"The only reason I am helping you is so you will be better so as to get those kids the justice they deserve from a sick human like you," she said.

After saying that, she gave him a disgusted look one last time before storming out of the room, probably to call the doctor.

Not having time to register all that had just happened because his mind was still a little bit hazy, he kept looking at the ceiling, trying to remember how he got here and how he almost died.

He remembered the cries he heard while he was asleep, trying to recall all that and stressing his brain, and his head started to pound again.

The door opened, and a doctor came in with a smile and greeted him. "So how are you feeling, Mr. Damien?" he asked.

With a nod, he answered quietly as the doctor carried on with his questions. He tried answering the ones he could after the checkup, and the doctor asked the nurse to give him some drugs before excusing himself.

Immediately he left, and the nurse wasted no time to ask, "So when are you going to be turning yourself in?"

With a confused look, Damien looked at her, not understanding what was going on.

The nurse continued, "Oh, please don't give me that innocent look; we all know why you did what you did, and to think you also have a kid." "What is wrong with this generation?" "They don't keep their dicks in one place, having kids at a young age and blaming everything they do on mental health," she said in one breath before looking at him with disgust and storming off, banging the door on her way out.

Leaving him more confused than ever before, his mind went wild. He kept thinking about how she knew about his daughter and why she said what she said. His head kept hurting from all the stressful thoughts he was giving his brain.

Deciding to rest one last time, he closed his eyes, letting sleep take him away.

Waking up with much more strength than before, he saw a tray of food covering his bed. Helping himself to it because he was starving, he dug in. His mind kept wandering to his girl, wondering where she was and if she was okay.

After finishing his meal, he placed it back on the trolley. Stretching a little, he once again thought of how to go see how his girl was doing. He kept wondering when he was going to be discharged. His wounds were already healed; he just needed his strength back. Looking at the calendar placed by the side of the clinic bed, he saw the date and gasped. He had been on this d*mn bed for two weeks now. In shock, he quickly pressed the button beside him, asking for the doctor's attention.

Rushing into his room, they asked what was wrong. He asked them when he could leave and what exactly had happened. Answering him, the doctor just asked him to rest for now and trust him. Looking at the doctor, he decided to calm down.

Roaming around the hospital to stretch himself, he felt eyes on him in the hall; while some reflected pity, others reflected pain and disgust, making him uncomfortable. Turning around, he decided to return to his room, but something caught his attention—it was his picture on the television. Confused, he walked towards the object to listen to it, his eyes widening at what he was seeing the headline read.

"Driver crashed into his ex to get revenge for being dumped" on television was the video of the Jeep that crashed into the bus he was driving. The guard opened the door, and his ex came out of it with a bandage wrapped around her head, looking stressed out.

Talking to the reporter, she said, "I don't remember much; all I know is that his eyes connected with mine, and the next thing I knew, he glared at me before hitting the car with the side of the bus, and after that, everything went black due to fear." She had a fearful and pitiful look before walking into a building.

Looking confused  Damien looked around to see everyone looking at him in the hall with a look of disgust and hatred. He stood there silently, trying to wrap his head around what he just saw.

Chapter 2

Staring blankly in the hallway, his mind was empty; he was confused about what was happening, standing there with a shocked expression masked on his face.

He was suddenly dragged along, still looking confused.

Coming back to his senses, he looked around, confused to see that he was back in his room. He looked at the doctor, who had locked the door, with a concerned look.

"You need to calm down," he said while tuning the music on, increasing the volume a little before turning to him.

Sitting him down, he tried to explain the situation: "You need to understand that your life is in danger right now, and we have to act rightly and not rashly."

Looking at him, he explained everything that happened while Damien was in a coma. He told him he knew he would never do anything like that because he trusted him, and even though Damien can't remember him, he had known him for a very long time, but that was another story for another time.


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