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His boss lady

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Soraya Wayne, rude and pompous yet a successful young woman and daddy's favorite child. Aside all these, she's an intelligent businesswoman who doesn't believe in love, all she wants is to get laid and move on. ‘ If a man can pay a woman for s*x, then a woman can also pay a man for the same.’ is her motto. Zed Velasquez has had a crush on his boss for as far as he can remember, but the problem is will his boss ever notice his love for her? Freya, a fashion guru, and Zed's close friend is head over heels in love with him, but he's also in love with another. Would he recognize the love she has for him? What happens when Soraya finds herself falling hard for Zed? Would it be too late?

Chapter 1

Soraya sat in her lazy chair, her two-piece swimsuit hugging her in all the right places. She was born into a wealthy family and was also a spoiled princess. There was nothing daddy dearest wouldn't do for her if she was at her beck and call.

This got into her head and made her arrogant with no regard for anyone. Despite this, she was a good businesswoman, and her father had no qualms about leaving his empire to her.

Her dating life? Well, that was non-existent. She claimed dating and commitment was a waste of time and resources. She was rather interested in one night stands and then nothing more. Just to satisfy herself and then she was back to her daily lifestyle.

“Hey Soraya, I've got some D for you." Her best friend Nichole said as she answered her call.

“Good morning to you too Nichole, and where?" She asked interested. It had been a while she last had s*x.

“Tonight, Phebe Reborn NightClub, 9 pm," Nichole added.

“Alright, I would be there. " She said as Nichole dropped the call.

She lived in New Jersey, Jersey City to be precised. Her father's empire was one of the largest in the city.

She got off the chair and headed into her 2M dollar mansion. Since it was her off-day, she just wanted to relax and get some D if possible.

She walked into her huge walk-in closet. She wanted an outfit to wear for her spa appointment. She spotted a tiger print body-hugging dress.

She walked into her garage to pick a car she would drive to the spa. She didn't need Zed's services today since it was her day off from work.

“Hey, Freya," Zed said as he entered the office. It was his day off so he decided to come bug, Freya.

“Hey, lover boy." She teased as he sat on her plush couch.

“What are you working on?" Zed asked as he got up to see her latest designs.

“With winter and Christmas coming up, I'm creating a new clothing line." She told him as he poked her cheekbones, earning a glare from her.

“That's nice." He said taking her cup of hot chocolate and drinking from it.

Soraya parked her car in front of the Spa saloon and headed into the place as if she owned it.

“Is Lyle around?" She asked. Lyle was the owner of the Spa and gay. He was the only one Soraya made touch her body, for a massage.

“Yes, Ma'am." The receptionist pointed at him as she walked towards him.

“Hey girl, here for your body to be taken care of?" He asked her chewing gum.

“Of course Lyle, I got a big night." She said from the changing room where she was getting undressed and ready for the massage. She emerged from the room with a towel secured around her.

She was a natural beauty, with no surgeries done to any part other body. She felt relaxed as soon as Lyle's hands worked magic on her body, instantly relaxing her.

After her body massage, she went for facials, medicure and lastly pedicure.

“Thank you for your wonderful services, Lyle." She said paying him and tipping him as usual, anytime she came the tip was larger than the previous time.

“Have fun tonight babe!" He called after her as he walked into the Spa.

“Hey, b*tch!" Nichole called as she spotted Soraya at the VIP lounge.

“Hi, girlfriend." She responded blowing kisses in the air.

Soraya's outfit for the night.

“You look stunning," Nichole said drinking in her friend's outfit.

“I always do." She proudly muttered.

“You my friend look good as well." She complimented Nichole.

“Let's go get some D!" Nichole exclaimed as they headed to the bar to order drinks and to check out s*xy men.

“Hey, beautiful." A handsome man whispered in Soraya's ear making the hair on her neck stand.

Nichole was flirting with another man somewhere on the dance floor.

“Hi." Her voice came out a little pitchy.

“You look gorgeous tonight." He said to her.

“Thank you, I get that a lot." She flipped her hair at him.

The man licked his lips drinking her outfit in. Soraya was on her third drink and a little tipsy. She got off her stool as stood in front of the s*xy man.

“How 'bout we take this upstairs." She trailed her finger down his chest. There were rooms on the first floor and second floor of the nightclub.

“I would love that." The man said as he guided her up the stairs. There were loud sounds of moans coming from other rooms. The first floor was for commoners and the second floor for VIPs.

Soraya kept her clutch safe in one of the drawers she didn't need anyone stealing from her tonight.

“Now, where were we?" She asked taking off her blouse as she needed the man. She grabbed his zipper and started giving him a bj as the man moaned into the night.




Zed wiped the sleep off his eyes and checked the time as it read 12:30 am. A call had woken him up from his sleep and he knew it was his boss's.

“Hello, Soraya." He yawned.

“Pick me up at Phebe Reborn Nightclub, come with a cab the car is here." She instructed as she hung up.

Ah, one of her wild nights again. Zed thought to himself as he wore decent clothes and headed out. Soraya and Nichole stood outside the club waiting for Zed. They had both had a fun time and decided to head home since they had work in a couple of hours.

“That was the best D, I ever had." Soraya testified as she giggled.

“You always say that." Nichole hiccuped

“But, I'm serious, it's far by the best." She laughed as Zed came out of the cab spotting them.

“Here." She threw him the keys as he helped both of them into the car driving them to Soraya's house.

She looks s*xy in that outfit. Zed wondered to himself driving on. Both of them had fallen asleep that meant he had to carry them into the house. In no time, he was in front of her house. He carried Nichole first into the guest room and helped her change into more decent clothes.

He then carried his boss into her room, helped her change and then put her to bed. She held on tightly to his arm as she fell asleep. He gently pulled his hand out and replaced it with his pillow. He kissed her temple and walked out to his room.

She had given him a room to stay, in her house. He only went home when he was on his off days.

Chapter 2

“Ouch!" Nichole rubbed the back of her head.

“ Stop ogling at my driver, and Zed what have I said about taking off your shirt?" Soraya rudely asked.

“Sorry." He said taking his breakfast to his room.

“Stop being harsh on the guy, " Nichole reasoned. “He's just a driver Nichole, nothing else." She waved her off sipping her coffee instantly relaxing.

“We'd be dropping you off at your office so get ready." She said to her friend who dropped her mug and plate into the sink. Soraya walked to her room to get ready for the day.

Zed sat in the car waiting for Soraya and her friend to come out of the house. He couldn't take his eyes off his boss as she stepped out. She looked gorgeous as ever. He got out and opened the door for them to sit.

“We're taking Nichole to her office first." As he drove away, she said to him.

"I'd catch up with you later, Bitch!" Nichole said sticking her


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