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Her Unexpected Marriage

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They say that destiny can be played; it will do things you do not expect, and that is what happened to Miles Virgilio when her parents told her that they would marry her to a man she did not even know. Her parents were afraid that her grandmother’s curse would come true, and when she reached the age of thirty and had no husband, she would be an old maiden. Miles objected to that marriage, especially when she discovered that Zandy Saavedra was the man who would marry her. He was the man she saw kissing her boyfriend, and the reason why they broke up. But because of what happened to her father, she had no other choice but to marry the man she thought was gay. How can she get along with someone like Zandy? Will there be love in their marriage to Zandy, even if she thinks he’s gay and he was the reason she and her ex-boyfriend broke up? Is she ready to play the game of destiny?


I QUICKLY got out of the Taxi when I arrived in front of the building where Roven, my boyfriend of over a year, works. He texted me, saying we were going out, he just told me I should just go to his office because he had some things to do.

Roven is a Human Resource in the company he works for. I met him when I went with Andrea, my friend, to a bar. I don't know why he just came up to me and asked my name, that's where it all started until I realized that I love him.

I entered the building with a smile. I saw the wide ground floor and those employees were busy going back and forth while holding various papers.

How many days has Roven not shown me? That's why I didn't think twice about going to see him when he told me to come here because I felt like he was getting cold towards me for reasons I don't know. He rarely texts and calls me these past few days.

I smiled at the employees. Some people here already know me because Roven has brought me to this place several times. I felt excited and anticipation when I boarded the elevator and pressed it to the 11th floor.

When the elevator opened, I immediately got out of it and walked right to the room occupied by Roven. I just fixed myself and smiled as I reached the door of his office. I let out more air. I haven't seen Roven for a few days and I'm looking forward to seeing him again.

When I felt that I looked good and would look good in front of him, I grabbed the doorknob of the room and slowly opened it. I couldn't help but smile with joy. Until I finally opened the door. I was like a statue and was poured cold water when I saw what was happening inside.

My whole body stiffened. My eyes widened as my mouth fell open. I feel like my chest is running while I see Roven kissing someone and what hurts more is that the one he's kissing is not a woman but a man. I felt like I was slapped by what I saw. His back was not far from me and I could not see the man's face. They also separated immediately when they probably felt my presence.


Roven and that man were just as shocked when they saw me standing there unable to move. I want to sink into where I am now. I also want to slap myself hard because maybe this is just a dream. I want to wake up. How can Roven kiss a guy? I have known her for a long time and I never saw a sign that she also wanted a man.

"You're wrong—"

"I'm sorry, Miles," Roven said as he bowed slightly.

I gasped as tears welled up in my eyes. I feel like Roven himself is squeezing my heart because of the pain I feel. Maybe I would accept it better if he replaced me with a woman, but that man? It is hard to accept.

I looked at the man Roven was kissing. He doesn't look gay, he's too handsome to be gay or anything. My eyes returned to Roven. "Is he the reason why you've barely made me feel any better these past few days?" I confronted him.

Roven just bowed and said nothing.

"I'll explain—"

"Don't talk!" I shouted at that man. "Roven, answer me. I need your explanation and don't be silent! Tell me I was wrong in what I saw," I returned to him. Feel the anger and pain there.

"I deserve everything you'll say about me, Miles. Curse me. Hurt me. I deserve all of those."

I laughed bitterly as I could still feel the tears running down my cheeks. "I don't understand, Roven. I don't understand anything! You're so vague! You're so vague!" I turned my dark eyes to the man next to Roven, then turned and walked out of that room even though I felt my knees go weak.

Tears welled up in my eyes again as I walked out of that building. I rubbed it. When I am ready to give my life to him, then it happens. He didn't even follow me and explain. I will understand. I'll forgive him if he tells me I'm wrong.

Chapter 1: News

I GENTLY arranged my things on the table after I finished the articles I was working on for the upcoming deadline. I can sleep well now because I finally finished the articles that I had to do. It's about a successful woman who came from being a bit of a bitch. That theme is always given to me, so sometimes I feel sad.

I breathed a sigh of relief after arranging the things on my table. I am currently working as a Journalist in a Magazine Publication. I've been in this field for more than five years and if it wasn't for this job that made our life better, I might have changed my fields. Because the work of a Journalist is not easy, you have to invest most of your time. It's also stressful not only with the work itself but also with the people I interact with. Even though I feel like I can't work and my brain isn't working, because there's a deadline I have to finish certain articles so that the head editor doesn't curse me.



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