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Our Own Kind of Story
  • Author: Smiley
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 12+
  • 👁 1.1K
  • 3.6

Jan and Mar have been best friends since elementary days and it was also the time that Jan's secret love for his friend was formed because of his characters that inspired him. Jan is afraid that Mar will find out how he feels for him because there is a possibility that he might avoid him and ruin the friendship they have for a long time. He was also afraid that they might not feel the same way about each other so he just chose to hide it. Ken comes into Jan's life, the mysterious man who just appeared to befriend him. He did not know the reason behind it. When Ken came into his life, that's when his mind got confused. Jan doesn't know if Mar is jealous of that man or is he just mad at the man? He was confused because Mar was showing something different and that made him feel confused. But what if Mar knew how he felt about it? Is he ready for the things that might happen?

Her Unexpected Marriage
  • Author: Smiley
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 290
  • 7.5

They say that destiny can be played; it will do things you do not expect, and that is what happened to Miles Virgilio when her parents told her that they would marry her to a man she did not even know. Her parents were afraid that her grandmother’s curse would come true, and when she reached the age of thirty and had no husband, she would be an old maiden. Miles objected to that marriage, especially when she discovered that Zandy Saavedra was the man who would marry her. He was the man she saw kissing her boyfriend, and the reason why they broke up. But because of what happened to her father, she had no other choice but to marry the man she thought was gay. How can she get along with someone like Zandy? Will there be love in their marriage to Zandy, even if she thinks he’s gay and he was the reason she and her ex-boyfriend broke up? Is she ready to play the game of destiny?


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