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Her Mafia Lord

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BLURB He is highly respected because of his game and also feared because he is a ruthless Mafia Lord. She is a victim of bully from her uncle and his family for no just cause. She is also bullied in the school she attends and made an object of mockery. Fate brings the bullied and the bully together in an unprecedented event; she is made a collateral by her uncle, for the debt accured to Giovanni. Would she be able to cope with the Mafia lord or would her life remain in the same tale; a tale where she is a hopeless victim of bully.



Review after the novel completion

I hated the names getting mixed up in the story at times. The story was what one would expect for drama filled mafia type love story. The only thing I did not enjoy was the schooling and change of scenery that seemed to quickly take place. The idea of the god mother was not explained in a way one could follow. The editor of this story missed the spelling and grammar mistakes. I did find myself still enjoying the reading. I was kept in suspense and hanging on to see where I was going in the tale. The talent wasn’t wasted and the characters weren’t dry nor boring.

March 24, 2024

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