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Her Mafia Lord

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BLURB He is highly respected because of his game and also feared because he is a ruthless Mafia Lord. She is a victim of bully from her uncle and his family for no just cause. She is also bullied in the school she attends and made an object of mockery. Fate brings the bullied and the bully together in an unprecedented event; she is made a collateral by her uncle, for the debt accured to Giovanni. Would she be able to cope with the Mafia lord or would her life remain in the same tale; a tale where she is a hopeless victim of bully.


Nafeesah Saeed Abba

Review after half of the novel

I love love love this book, the main characters have self respect and there isn’t mistreatment and unnecessary hurt towards the main character and immense grovelling to win the character bad for an action I personally don’t think it’s forgivable. The story line to how they met was actually really cute. Has to be one of my favourite story lines ever. I love how the main female character has self respect and is not afraid to defend her seld

March 26, 2024

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