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Her Mafia Boss

Her Mafia Boss

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When Ricardo Alvarez kidnaps the daughter of his businessman for a lost money, he has no use for the girl rather than to keep her as a property. But when Diane starts to prove stubborn and angry, he has no other option than to give her attention. Starting to know her made him dislike her the more because she reminded him of someone special… Diane was the only child of Luiz Sanchez and had no idea her father was involved in the Mafia, not until the big man showed up one day and ruined her chance to get her dream job. Angry and full of revenge, she decided to make his life hell. What would happen between the Mafia boss and Crazy Diane? Find out in this exciting yet thrilling story.

Chapter 1

Louis Diane

Diane stood up from the bed the next morning before yawning. She got out of the bed with a wide grin on her lips as she kept remembering the message she got three days ago telling her of how she got the job she applied for. Even though her father had his own company, Diane didn't want to work for him but she wanted a place of her own. a place where her father's connection didn't have to come up when mentioned and she had found it. She will be starting her first day today.

She went into the closet before bringing out the neatly ironed shirt her father had taken his time to iron for her the night before. He was so sweet to her and she often told him that she wouldn't be able to find a man for her because he is exactly the type she wants in a man. She got her navy blue colored suit out and then dropped her black heels there before going into the bathroom.

She washed her hair thoroughly and then had a warm bath. When she got out of the bathroom her barefoot made little puddles of water in prints but she ignored it till she finally got to the mirror stand to sit down. Her reflection is shown in the mirror as she waved her hands in her perfectly brown curls. She had gotten it from her mother who had passed away when she was young, which was also another reason why she was so close to her father. As an only child because her mother didn't have any other child before she passed, her father only had her and she only had him. He practically raised her all alone.

Diane was a young woman in her twenties. She wasn't very tall or short but was just standing at just the right height. She had an oval face and a very tiny body. She didn't have many friends while growing up because she was always silent and considered a rich spoiled brat because her father was rich. Her father was a rich man and wherever she went she was noticed for his wealth. That was the reason why she had decided to get a job with her strength and not his help.

After dressing up Diane left her bedroom for the living room where she predicted that her father would be sitting with crossed legs reading a newspaper while sipping coffee. But when she got to the living room he wasn't there as usual and neither was the newspaper or cup of coffee.

" Dad " Diane called

The sound of the plate brought her attention to the kitchen and she ran towards the direction only to see her father in the kitchen wearing an apron. On the dinner table he had already prepared eggs and toast with coffee.

" Dad, if you keep doing this it would make it so hard for me to find a man who would meet all the expectations you set, " she said and then got into the kitchen to hug him. He laughed and then led her to the table

" Then don't think about another man. live with me here forever " he joked and she pouted.

" Can I really do that dad? she asked. Her father sat down beside her on the table and they began to have breakfast.

" So how do you feel about starting work today? " he asked her and Diane dropped her fork and stared at him.

" I can't describe how I feel about it, dad. I have wanted this all my life and I got it. I'm excited and I am also nervous because I don't want to screw things up " she told him and he nodded.

" That's understandable since it's your first day. if you aren't nervous I would wonder if my daughter was alright, I want you to be safe. I got you a little something to wish you good luck on your first day " he said and before she could register his words into her head he had passed a little box to her.

" I thought the suit was the present last week, and then last night you ironed my shirt despite my protest and now another present. no matter how hard I think about it, I really think you are just bribing me so I don't go " she said

" Since you caught on then why don't you stay. I wonder why you decided to work on your own " he said and Diane frowned and took his hand on the table. she understood where her father was coming from. All her life she had been where he could see her and protect her but now he needed to understand that she was an adult. She couldn't be his little angel all her life.

" Dad, this doesn't change anything. I love you so much and you know it " she said and he squeezed her hand too before letting it go. she opened the box and a gasp escaped her lips at the sight of the silver necklace in front of her. It was a heart shaped adorned with pearls.

" Dad, this is beautiful. thank you " she said instantly and hugged him. " I want the best for you and I'm glad you like it. " he said and patted her back before releasing her from the hug.

" I want you to be careful out there Diane. everyone won't be like your father so you have to adapt and be safe " he said and she nodded.

He was showing so much concern and he kept asking her to be safe, was he that worried about her working at a place that much. She wondered why he was nervous when she was the one who was starting work at a new place.

His phone rang and he excused himself to take the call. Diane finished her food and then was about to leave the house when she remembered she didn't pick her cell phone on her desk. she rushed back up the stairs to get it when she heard her father yell from the study. she stopped on her tracks immediately as she wondered who he was talking to and why he was doing it in that tone.

" Please don't touch my daughter, I will pay you back but just don't touch her "

Chapter 2

Her father turned to look at the entrance of the study at that moment so she left the hallway in a hurry so he wouldn't see her. She went into her room and then picked up her phone from the table. She didn't have time to ponder on what she had just seen and heard because she didn't want to be late so she shrugged it off and then got back to the dining room.

Her father was already back where he was seated and he had a calm expression on his face, it was almost as if she had imagined what just happened, it was as if he didn't just raise his voice at someone over the phone. " Oh you are back, I almost thought you left for work already " he said with a smile as he saw her.

" No, why would you think that? I left my phone upstairs so I went up to get it " she said, showing him the phone in her hand.

" You are so forgetful Diane. imagine what could have happened if you didn't remember to take it. you have to be extra caref


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