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He Had Me On A Contract

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When Clarissa Miller moved to New York, she only wanted to find her sister's baby daddy who is said to be one out of the four AJ brothers. Luckily for her, she now works as an assistant to one of the brothers, Adriel Jaime. Working with Adriel Jaime comes with lots of tasks and through determination, she is bound to take it all Through an allegation labeled on him, Jaime's reputation is about to hit a minestrone and the only way to save him is through a marriage of convenience When Jaime proposed this to Rissa, she knew it was the perfect opportunity to get closer to the AJ family and know which of them could be the father of her Niece Getting into the family wasn't how she had expected it to be, her life is about to get more difficult, with enough troubles and turmoil and how exactly will she overcome this??

Chapter 1

One thing wrong with not knowing the main person who you are meant to hold onto in this case is that each and everyone who is a suspect looks the same

I am sitting in one of the round table chairs with Jessy beside me and I cannot take my eyes off the four AJ brothers as they all spoke to different people moving from one table to another

Hands-on the jaw, face forward and unmoving I follow every direction their eyes went to and every body movement any of them makes

"Seriously Clarissa everyone will start thinking you are an assassin sent to eliminate the AJ brothers" Jessy who has had enough of my watching and glaring eye's towards them said and then proceeded to drag my hands off my jaw

I sighed

"I'm just doing what I came here for Jess. I'm not here to eat these fancy foods and smell the incredible scent of the perfumes" I look at the table, with all the expensive wines and champagnes at the opening of the new store, and know this place isn't exactly my ideal

So many people standing or sitting, wearing expensive dresses that can feed me for at least a year, they all have their hands out and their fingers twitching all the time as they show off the expensive rings as an omelet and oh we might as well just sneak in the scent of the dresses too

"You have to bring your eyes down" She caution me again and I know I wouldn't do that

I came here on a mission, to find the AJ brother that could be Zoey's father

Yes, you heard me right. And before you start judging me, Zoey is an extraordinary two year old that should know who her father is, except I have no idea

"If only Laura just told me the one then we wouldn't be here right now"

"If only he answered her emails then we wouldn't bother been here right now," Jessy said in contradictory to my words

The thing is, my sister Laura Miller had a one night stand with one of the AJ brothers, and she never told me his name except for AJ. I was excited at first, easy to find right? Until I found out they were four and all their initials are A.J(terrible Americans aristocrats)

Okay, the description might match, right? Looking at them right now

'Strong chins that makes you wish he could keep making them clutch, blue sparkling eyes that makes you feel like his watching you the whole time, dark hair that you want to run your hands on at every single minute, and the fairest skin you can imagine

You see, the thing wrong with that description is that the three of them have the same description

You can imagine how confused I was browsing through the net as soon as I came down to New York to find Zoey's father

That is exactly what is wrong with my plans

"She must have said something to differentiate him from the others" Jessy reasoned

I racked my head but I knew there was nothing significant except that very description

I turn my attention back to the brothers and watch them as they all chatted away

One of them turned and our eyes collided together

"Sh*t" I turn my eyes away suddenly looking at the perfume bottle that has been in front of me all along

Do you think he noticed someone has been watching them? I should have looked away as soon as I have their physique memorized in my head

"I need to head to the restroom," I said to Jessy tapping her shoulder as I stood up

I walked straight to the restroom and rested my head on the entrance door as I got there

Everything is happening so fast, moving to New York from Decorah, losing the library as well as losing my job and now I have absolutely nothing to do in New York

I am here for Zoey I reminded myself more as I wash my hands and reapplied a little powder on my face

After calming myself a little I started walking out of the restroom back to where Jessy is. One look in her direction and I knew she was in deep conversation with this work crush whom she never stop talking about, it is better I let them be for a moment

Excusing myself I went to the bar and settled on one of their seats

"A glass of champagne please," I said to the tender and he nodded with a smile before disappearing

"Make that two," a voice said beside me and I turned and almost yelped out of my seat as I stand side by side with one of the brothers

"Hi I'm Jaime," he said with a smile that makes him look almost boyish as he stretch out his hand for a shake

I looked at the outstretched hand and looked at his face

"Umm right I'm uhhhh Lara" I gave him the fakest smile I could mutter dipping my hand to his and taking it off almost immediately. Bad idea

He smiled at me then his hands are back into his pocket

I made sure my face is to the bar even though I know Adriel Jaime is watching me

Everyone knows Adriel Jaime just like everyone knows his brothers.

He is the owner of the perfume spray organization of A.J cooperation which he recently launched and has been doing so well that this is his second launching

He is accessing me with his eyes and looking me over, I can feel his eyes on my neck as they grow warmer

I distracted myself by taking the order as soon as they arrived. My glass in one I jumped down from the stool and made to take a step away when his deep rooting voice stopped me

"Do I know you from somewhere??" He asked

"What??" With shock, I turn back and stared at him, my eyes growing on its pace

If he thinks I look like my sister then he should be the one right??

"I mean, you have been watching me right from there" he pointed at the seat which was occupied by Jessy and her colleagues, and I

"Ohh" not knowing a word to say I press my lips together and just look down at my feet. Oh God I want to disappear right this moment

"It is creepy when people do that, look at others like they owe them something. It makes them look like serial killers"

"What serial killers?" I look up with my eyes opened in shock and defense "that would be the last of the occupation in my mind" I said in my defense

"Oh I can see" he nibbled the word "then I will like it if you stop watching my brothers and me, in that serial killer way"

"But I don't...." He turned around and with his stride step he walked away

My eyes are fixed on his back and the way his step collapse and the strength of his walk as it seems every eye is falling at his watch as he moves

The very ground looks like it is collapsing and I cannot help but watch as he walks until he disappears completely

"Oh my goodness what just happened"

I ransacked my brain as I walk as fast as my legs could carry me until I'm settling back into the seat

"I saw that, what did he say to you?" Overzealous Jessy asked me as soon as I rejoin her on the seat

"I think he is the one," I told her plainly

She opened her mouth and looked at me with confusion

"What? How do you know??" Her attention is completely on me as she asks all the question

"First of all he thinks I'm familiar with Jess and that proves it. You know how Laura and I almost look the same??" Now I'm more than determined knowing he's the one

She scoffed "that doesn't prove anything, Rissa, besides he must have caught on real quick" She nudged me to look the way she is and I turn my attention to see that he is looking at the table where we are seated

His smile is curled and cute and he raised his glass our way before I looked away from him

"See? He looks like he should be the one" I reasoned more "plus he is the partying one and the one who never stays out of trouble right? That's Jaime Adriel" I reminded her if she has forgotten

"Alright I get it but I still doubt that I'm sure we can talk about it later on" she touched my arm reassuring me before her attention is back to the discussion is happening

I try not to let my mind wander off that little encounter and why he had to approach me, I mean almost everyone sitting here is all watching him and he singles me out for what?

That must have meant something. A nudge to my shoulder and my thoughts are broken as one of Jessy's colleagues asks me a question

I know I'm going to go back to this and solve all the mysteries, I need to make sure Zoey has a home finally…

Chapter 2

"What are you doing, so late in the night" I turn my back to see a sleepy-looking Jessy moving towards me in the living room

I have a duvet draped over my body and a laptop on my lap as I scroll through the web

I force it shut removing the speck that adorns my face

"Nothing, just searching for a job online" I take the laptop dropping it on the seat as she comes over

She sighed before dropping herself beside me and then dragging her body closer until she is now hip to hip attached to me

She sighed again, dropping her head on my shoulder. With her hand, she drags the duvet across her body until she and I are now covered by the same duvet

"I know what you are doing Clarissa and it wasn't job hunting," she said

I roll my eyes looking away from her face, of course, she knows I wasn't job hunting. Even though I am seriously in need of an occupation right now in this new city I cannot sacrifice my sleep just


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